St. Germain  27-June-06  

Dear Ones, as you open your minds to the idea that all around you is not exactly as you imagined, it is as well to emphasise that you lead yourself into events that have a bearing on your life. As it applies to you so logically it is also applicable to everyone else. There is often an intricate weave of experiences that come together that can leave a mark on you for life. 

Whether you were directly involved in it or not, the flooding caused by the Hurricane Katrina was a human disaster that impinged itself upon your consciousness. As hard as it may be to accept that those involved chose to have that experience, that is nevertheless the case. In New Orleans you saw some people taking the opportunity to loot shops and stores, against a background of heroic attempts and self sacrifice by others to help those in urgent need. 

That one occurrence brought about mixed responses from people all over the world. Human tragedy is always something that can bring out both the worst and best in people. Standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder people reacted in many different ways, often going into the worst affected areas before the authorities responded. For you to believe that somehow all of this was foreseen, and that people were placed there for the experience is difficult to comprehend but it is true. 

Wherever you have incidents of any proportion, there will always be those who have chosen it to be part of their experience. Even those who view the proceedings from afar are involved, and their thoughts are sufficiently powerful to affect the outcome. What you are doing collectively is creating the reality that you live in by expressing your ideas as to how things should be. 

In the first place the scene of any event draws to it those who will have undertaken to be part of it. As we informed after the tsunami where many lives were lost, these people were leaving the Earth by a pre-life agreement. They were lovingly received into the higher realms and quickly aware of their position, and readily accepted their pre-ordained fate. Nevertheless, on Earth your response is nearly always one of shock where human life is lost or under threat. It often brings out selfless and brave actions that set an example for everyone else. So much is learnt when these events occur, and it is why on Earth you have the opportunity to progress so quickly. 

All of the time you are to a greater or lesser degree subconsciously noting what goes on around you. How many times do you hear yourself saying  “if that had been me, I would have done this or that” and every person has their own idea as to how things should be done. You are bringing the energies of thought into play, and these are powerful tools that mould your future. You are constantly reviewing your opinions and response to events in life. This is how you gradually evolve, and by and large it will be certain that by the time your present life has expired, you will have reached a different level of consciousness. 

I come back to the statement that everything and every person is following a preordained path. You bring those experiences to you that are important for your progress, and so does everyone else that is involved. The fact that the chance arises in the first place is because you arranged it to be so, and your Guides will do their best to ensure it provides you with the particular experience you need. There is a measure of freewill involved, as obviously you may chose to act differently to how you originally planned it. 

You are in very volatile and chaotic times, yet for all that it is providing so many opportunities for experiences that would not otherwise arise. The end times are of necessity bringing to the surface many outstanding issues that Humanity has to face. These are times when you are involved in not only clearing away your old Karmic responsibilities as individuals, but also your collective Karma. Life is one continual round of experience and it is now passing faster than ever before.  

If you accept that everyone involved in clearing their Karma is going to be found in the right place at the right time, can you now see how everyone involved is acting out their own personal role. If you can accept this explanation, you will also see that you should stand aside without judgement of those involved. It does not preclude you from having an opinion, but you cannot address the facts unless you realise how Karma is behind what you see. 

Great advancement and evolution can result from events you are involved in or witnessing. This is particularly applicable to this present period, and those who have prepared a path out of duality are able to lift themselves up and centre themselves in their Light. You do not have to be emotionally pulled into the issues that come up, but you can be a calming influence that helps others. 

Lightworkers understand the necessity to stand back and not add to the chaos, but instead send out positive thoughts for peace and love to descend in these troubled times. In so doing you are also protecting yourselves from the negative energies around you. We often inform you that you are not alone in your efforts to bring Light to Earth, and it is beamed to you from higher realms so that it can be grounded upon it. This process has formed grids of Light all around Earth, and it is slowly enabling the manifestation of the higher vibrations. 

I am St. Germain, and I am not suggesting that you sit around and do nothing to alleviate the situations on Earth. I simply ask that you bear in mind that nothing happens by chance, and for everyone involved there are lessons being learnt. It is how life progresses, and how you advance individually. Behind it are great Beings of intense Love and caring for you all, and they guide you safely out of the lower vibrations. They are there to be called upon if you need them, as I always am.  

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.