Atmos  26-June-06 

Because of the uncertainty in your minds, it is necessary to confirm that you are part of a gigantic transformation of your Universe. As you will appreciate the Earth is only a minute part of it, although its readiness to ascend is vital to the whole. Until you are ready the final act of Ascension cannot proceed, and you are the very last piece of the jigsaw to be put in place. 

You are therefore the focus of attention, and in addition to members of The Galactic Federation many Beings from the higher realms have drawn close to Earth for these end times. You are on the upward path, but the necessary changes that will allow you to bring about the completion of your tasks are held up. Clearly the lifting up of the Universe will not be allowed to be put back because of Earth; neither will it go ahead without her. A Divine Decree has set a deadline for all major changes to commence, and accordingly activities on and off Earth are being brought to fruition for that purpose. 

What you cannot know yet is when the deadline will be reached. However, you are aware that there is a completion date of 2012 that will be the end of this cycle. As time continues to speed up it may be reached earlier, and nothing will prevent it occurring. It should therefore be realised that your fears and worries are unfounded, and the dark will not succeed in preventing the final outcome. They are bound by events that are yet to unfold, and you will soon see their power taken from them.

Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by the double talk of those of the dark, they say one thing but usually mean something entirely different. They reel out comforting words, but look for the action that should follow it. Then realise that they have ulterior motives, and see their larger plan to bring the world under their control. They will not achieve it, as this is one cycle that has been planned to end with victory to the Light. 

I therefore beseech you to continue visualising the next few years as ones of intense positive action, which will enable you to rapidly raise your consciousness. It is important not to let up, and be halted or distracted in your important work. Forget for the moment the preceding period of action that shall be necessary to remove the Illuminati and their minions. Let there be a continual flow of Light, as when all is revealed the reactions of those without your understanding will produce an increase in negative energies. 

Lightworkers everywhere are the core of the activities on Earth, and present a formidable force that not only opposes the dark, but also transmutes their energies. The Light is permeating the lower vibratory realms and changing them. It may cause unease amongst those who happily dwell amongst them, but it is necessary as part of cleansing the Earth.

There will come a point over the ensuing years, when those who cannot achieve a higher vibration will be relocated in a level more suited to their needs. At that time the necessity for it will have been explained, understood and accepted as part of the Divine Plan. There may still be some in denial, but even they cannot fail to have observed the changes taking place. Their needs will be administered by loving Beings whose very appearance will calm their worries and fears. 

Love is the potent force that motivates all of us in the service of the Creator. It fills our lives with joy and happiness and we wish to share it with you. Be assured that we lose nothing by carrying out the Will of the Creator, and gain everything. We remain individual souls even when our consciousness merges with others, and becoming at One with them is a most wondrous experience. 

On Earth you have been very much misled as to your true standing in the Cosmos. There are none considered as greater or lesser when it comes to sharing our Love. None are favoured above others and all have their places as part of the majestic picture, one that has been painted with the many colours from the hand of the Creator. Nothing exists that was not first in the mind of the Creator. 

You have much to learn about the truth surrounding your very existence, and few of you understand it at present. That will all change as your consciousness is raised and restored to what it was prior to your descent into matter. In a limited consciousness it is difficult for you to grasp your true potential, but you shall find it as you move towards superconsciousness. It is an inevitable step that all take who desire Ascension, and we shall guide you and help you along the way. 

Those who will soon come to you have passed this way before, and mastered the challenges that will present themselves to you. It may sound to you an almost impossible task to achieve Ascension given your present level of vibration, but you are not expected to do it completely by yourself. Many helping hands are outstretched to help lift you up, and it will be our privilege to come and work with such enlightened Beings. You make our task easier because you sincerely desire to rise up. 

It is not possible for anyone to present themselves to us other than in their true colours. We know you better than yourselves, and it will be our pleasure to awaken you to the truth. See in us your future selves, because you will be raised up to those levels. It is not without meaning that we tell you how great you really are, and that you will return to those realms of Light that are your true home. 

I am Atmos, and many of us in The Galactic Federation are Sirian, who along with our Pleiadian colleagues are closely associated with you. Our history together goes back eons of time, and it will be made known to you very soon. We have ties that bind us together in loving friendships soon to be renewed. 

Thank you Atmos

Mike Quinsey.