Ker-On  22-June-06 

The key towards moving to a higher consciousness is in your understanding of the meaning of Oneness. Once you grasp the fact that you must bring it into your life, you are on the path to expanding your consciousness. It happens that even at the grass roots level, many families are at odds with each other. This is the place to start examining how you handle your relationship with others. 

Oneness often starts with recognising the freewill of another person. As with your own path in life, it must be allowed to develop according to their wishes. Man has a tendency to require others to conform to accepted ways, that are set down as a result of a general consensus of behaviour. You are here on Earth to experience, and that may entail breaking what is considered acceptable behaviour. 

We do not advocate allowance of deliberate acts that result in harm to others, and there must be ways to ensure it is curtailed. There have to be laws that establish levels of conduct that allow a society to live in comparative peace and safety. In the breaking of these there has to be a system in place that will help the offenders to rehabilitate. This does not necessarily mean incarcerating a person or mistreating them, as that will only exacerbate the situation and cause resentment. 

When you incarnate, your life plan will inevitably take you through lessons that you need to learn. They are planned knowing the degree to which you will answer for any actions that are against the best interests of others. Thereby hangs the problem, one of accepting that in duality you will have to cope with the outworking of other people’s Karma. 

How do you respond, because Humans have a tendency to judge and condemn those that have erred? This is where your understanding of Oneness comes in, and where you may aptly say “but for the Grace of God, go I”. Just as you seek love and understanding when you make mistakes, so do others and it helps make for a quicker recovery. It is in seeing the levels of acceptance that society sets for itself, that some measure is given of where they are spiritually. 

It is not that long ago that you sentenced people to death for what are today considered minor misdemeanours such as stealing. Man has to learn to take his place in society and contribute to its growth and understanding, while honouring the rights of others to express as unique individuals. The first lesson to learn is compassion and apply it unreservedly. 

On Earth, you will never know the true reasons behind events that affect you, let alone those of other people. Accept that those experiencing the dark need to be helped through it, and be assured that compassion lovingly applied will alleviate the after effects. The sentence of death for any crime is abhorrent, and you have no jurisdiction from Higher Beings to take another’s life. Those who stray from the straight and narrow path need to be taught how to be responsible citizens, and here on Earth is the place to achieve it. 

Oneness is to be found in the Source where you came from, and even though   you are far away from it now it is to be established in these lower realms. It is the recognition of your spiritual Oneness with the Creator, and your attempt to express it within a material experience. It includes each and everyone, and there is no exception. It therefore incumbent upon you to try and see others in a new light, as not separate from you but part of you in the Great Brotherhood of Light. 

These are exceptionally testing times, and all around you the Laws of God are being broken. Even Man’s Law and Order is in disarray, and additional draconian laws that are introduced do not help, as they are intended to control you and take your freedom away. 

You have a saying “that every Man is a law unto himself” and that is partly true, but Lightworkers acknowledge the sanctity of life. They work from within and understand the higher tenets, and apply them in their daily life. They work to bring peace through goodwill and understanding. They try to enlighten people without being overbearing or insistent, and acknowledge the right of everyone to their own freedom of choice. 

Lightworkers carry the torch that can light up the way for others. There work is carried out as a good example of what can be achieved with a greater awareness of the truth. They accept the Oneness of All That Is, and reach for an even greater understanding that will lift them higher. The lessons of Earth have been learnt, and while they are here bring a higher vibration to it that others can follow. 

As you begin to understand the meaning of Oneness, you will see that it applies to all living forms. They have the spark of God consciousness within, and are a creation just like any other one. All work together in an awakened society, and as you lift up out of your present one you will find this to be so.  

I am Ker-On form Venus and ask you to think Oneness, and consider how you can help to bring all of its attributes into being. Expressing Unconditional Love will become much easier when you can attain a level of awareness encompassing such an understanding. Compassion will become second nature, and you will truly be on the path to Ascension. We look to lift you up, as you enlighten others by your example. Those of the Light are often the least recognised for their work, but seek no adulation as they carry on spreading the Light. Know that all such work is acknowledged by The Great White Brotherhood, for your unremitting service to the Light. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey