Ag-agria  21-June-06


Ascension is all about your inner development, to expand your consciousness sufficiently to bring the truth into your every day life. Once you have done this you can live more peacefully within your own understanding of it. No longer need you be pulled all different ways not really knowing what is taking place. Instead you take control of your life, and have a focus on your path ahead. 

Being able to stand firm when others are being buffeted around enables you to clearly see what is happening. Thus, you need only enter into outside events when it becomes necessary. This saves wasting your efforts on fruitless activities, and allows you instead to concentrate on those that will carry you forward. You will find yourself quite busy once you find your direction in life. 

Regardless of what they may say, everyone is searching for the truth. It can be elusive because there is so much misrepresentation of the facts. Until you begin to find it within self, you have no measure by which to evaluate the truth or your spirituality. Growth in understanding is usually a slow progress, and best if you are to establish a firm base for the future. 

Forget for the moment those teachings of wrathful or angry gods, and dispel this type of thinking from your mind. God is All Love, and you were made in this image and have the same potential. Any other gods are simply the product of minds that have attached human emotions to them, so as to project gods that are more human-like and fearful. There is absolutely no need to fear God or the many spiritual Beings that carry out God’s work. 

You can feel safe in the arms of God who will not let you fall into the pit of despair. Even though it may be one of your making, you will be lifted up and released from the bonds that have held back your evolution for eons of time. What you have experienced is Man’s attempt to express his life in duality, believing that it was your true reality. Yes, a true experience, but one that has reflected very little of the spiritual home you left at the start of this cycle. 

All of you at some time have experienced spells in the astral realms around Earth. These are as near as you have been able to get to the peace and tranquillity associated with the Higher Dimensions. You go to these holding dimensions between your lives upon Earth, but when you return your memories of them are normally closed. However, a number of people do have waking memories of visiting these realms during their sleep period. You also have numerous reports of “out of the body” experiences, particularly in near death. These are consistent with what it is like, and what you can expect. 

You are fantastic Beings and that is no exaggeration, and you have been in and out of a multitude of lives that number in there hundreds. This has enabled you to lift up your consciousness and rise up again, and now you face the final steps that will complete the transformation. Can you imagine what a wealth of experience you carry with you, and this will be invaluable to others who have not had your opportunities to live in duality. 

Life is about sharing, and finding a way to lift others up as you travel on your journey back to the Source of All That Is. It is inherent in your make up, although dulled by the amount of time you have spent in the lower vibrations. Your Spark of Light has glowed regardless of how many times you have been assailed by the dark energies, or fallen into their ways. The time has long arrived to complete your cycle of experience in duality, and the incoming energies are dramatically transmuting the dark and lifting you up again. 

Your future is assured, and the final acts of the last cabal will only ensure their removal very soon. Console yourselves by knowing that considerable karma is being cleared, and those at the heart of what is taking place are there out of choice. This is one concept you find hard to accept, but know that you must finish this cycle having made reparations to the damage caused by your actions. Much karma is being released having been carried forward over hundreds of years, and it is both yours and the Earth’s cleansing of the negative vibrations. 

Whilst all of this is taking place, the Light is growing in intensity and it has the effect of loosening the ties of the dark. It also helps others to “see the Light” and there is a general increase in the level of the mass consciousness of Humanity. All is part of a careful plan for the conclusion of the end-times, and it will suddenly come upon you when you least expect it. Do not concern yourselves at present with too much detail, as you will be fully informed when the right time comes. 

Go in peace about your work, and do not be drawn into the emotional re-actions that will inevitably follow the revelations about the rule of the dark. Instead help others to overcome anger and thoughts for revenge. Realise that absolutely no one can avoid having to face up to the result of their own acts and deeds. Be not judgemental, and know that there are higher tribunals than those on Earth who handle crimes against Humanity. 

No matter how low a soul has fallen, they are lovingly shown the error of their ways. They are also given the opportunity to make retribution, and helped on their way back into the Light. Many of you have known of this experience first hand, but it would not do to have permanent memories of it. It would be too much to bear, and once the lessons have been learnt, a new sheet is turned over. 

I am Ag-agria like many members of The Galactic Federation who hail from the Sirian Star System. We are so close to you in many ways, and we are very much one with each other in our evolutionary journey. You are already members of the Federation, and we have exciting times ahead. First we must prepare you and Mother Earth for the concluding period of this cycle. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.