Atmos  19-June-06


The new energies are undoubtedly having an all round effect, and this is how it is meant to be.  A slow build up of the higher energies has been taking place and they are transmuting the dark energies. It has been happening for some considerable time, and they are now being emphasised because of the short time that remains before Ascension. Many more of you are linking with the higher energies, and becoming individual beacons of light that are seen like millions stars upon Earth. A beautiful sight that can be seen by those with an opened inner eye. 

There cannot be a reversal of this situation, but instead the Light continues to grow more rapidly. The overall benefit is one of a substantial increase in your consciousness that ensures victory over the dark as predicted. The changes are at last beginning to surface, in the form of movement amongst various groups that will bring results that shift you into a new paradigm. 

You will understand already that everything is energy, and in the lower dimensions it coalesces into matter. It is thought that originally moulded everything around you into form as you know it. Thought can cause many changes, and Man has done so without being aware of his powers. Powerful energies focussed in thought can evoke healing, and if the intent is not pure also the break up and destruction of matter. 

Even now as you progress you start to become aware of your latent energies, although many Lightworkers already have that awareness. It is the Lightworkers who are to be applauded for their constant dedication to their tasks. They have laid down the structure that anchors Light into matter, and have helped create a grid around the Earth. It is fed by great Beings, and immense outbursts of energy from the Great Central Sun. 

Indeed every sun of which there are millions upon millions, beams out its own energy into its immediate system and beyond. The energies ripple outwards forever, and there is a wonderful dance between them all until they gradually disperse. You are affected by these energies, as in your own way you are like a miniature Universe. Now you seek to lift your vibrations and anchor into new ones that will enable you to leave the old behind you. 

By the time you ascend, you will be able to exercise complete control over the energies around you. Instantaneous creation will no longer be a dream, but become your new reality. The dark energies will no longer trouble you, as you will have the power to protect yourselves against them. With this awesome power you will again become the Masters that you always were until the Fall. 

All of these developments beckon now as a clear demarcation line grows between the Dark and Light. You cannot help but leave the lower vibrations behind, as they cannot follow the Light any further. Be safe in this knowledge and move ever onwards knowing that you are in control of your future. The dark will no longer influence you unless you allow it to happen. 

You must accept that massive changes wait the opportunity to manifest the new Earth, and new Humanity. It cannot continue as before, otherwise they would be destined to destroy themselves. This cycle will not end in this way, and those who carry out the bidding of the Creator will ensure it is in the glory of Ascension. 

Realise that those who come to assist you through this period, have themselves already experienced many forms of Ascension. They are equipped to guide you on the path to your goal. Sometimes, individuals have ascended through their own diligent desire, but these end times are of an extremely special nature. The opportunity has been offered to everyone alike, and it is only now that we see who has stepped forward for the final thrust. 

Have no concern as to how you will achieve preparation in the years that remain. We have first to remove those of the last cabal, and their sympathisers from power all around the world. Then we can ensure that the Forces of Light can openly arrive on Earth, and immediately commence their work. There are numerous programmes that will run side by side, and speed will be of the essence. Do not forget that we have massive resources at our disposal, and have prepared for this time well in advance. 

We already have some bases upon Earth, and also the Moon where they will act as stop off points. Our enormous Motherships are bigger than some of your largest cities, and carry every conceivable piece of equipment with them. We are able to work with your energies because of our understanding of them. You too will be introduced into the ways we work, and we know you will make willing and able helpers. 

There will be new areas of tuition, so as to brief you for the work in which you will be involved. However, you will be introduced to new methods of teaching that involve the planting of knowledge directly into your mind. You will understand this if you think of how quickly you can load a programme onto your computer. You are presently much more sophisticated than they are, although we have computers that are so advanced they have a separate consciousness of their own. They are far more intelligent than anyone presently on Earth, and many of you will experience this for yourself. 

You have a lot of pleasant and exciting surprises in store. How else could it be when we share the secrets of advanced knowledge and technologies with you. We know that unlike your dark forces you will not misuse our secrets, or the knowledge they impart. Now you see why we cannot do more at this time, and require the right people to be in charge before we can act. 

I am Atmos, a Sirian member of The Galactic Federation and I feel immensely privileged each time I come to you in brotherly love and greetings. 

Thank you Atmos

Mike Quinsey.