Diane  16-June-06


I am Diane here again, and I wish to follow on my message of yesterday. Having informed you about our relationship to you, I will now clarify some of the differences largely arising from our greater consciousness. Bear in mind that we are not directly facing the challenges that you are, but are here on a mission to help you. We are aware of your predicament and the plan for the end times, and it is our responsibility to ensure all works out satisfactorily.


Although we contact you, and have knowledge of the activities of the dark we sit outside of them. We are unaffected by the dark energies as you are, and it is rather like you watching a movie. Unless you allow yourselves to get emotionally involved, there would no reason why it should have any effect on you at all.


With our advanced systems of observation and tracking, we almost certainly have a greater awareness of what is taking place on your planet than you do. There are some dark programs of a horrific nature that are happening that we would not care to reveal, but we have to be aware of everything if we are to be in control. This does not necessarily mean that we can intervene and prevent what is happening. Our responsibilities are clear, and we abide by the orders of the Higher Councils who oversee your evolution.


The extent of our help is clearly defined, and as much as we desire to alleviate your conditions we must not exceed our instructions. If this sounds harsh, please remember that you are in duality because you wanted to experience it. Although you put out thoughts for help when you are immersed in the events taking place, it has to follow the full path that you have created.


Without understanding your status before you came to Earth and the promises you made, it is not easy for you to comprehend your own place in the scheme of things. However, if possible matters are not allowed to get out of hand, but even so we can only go as far as we are permitted.


I refer you to the demise of Atlantis, that great continent that went down into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. In the latter stages before it sank, it was seen that they had become godless and depraved and were wielding powers that could be devastating if uncontrolled. Much effort was made to avoid that ending through positive influences, including direct contact. However, it was to no avail, and your recorded history as given by Plato is an accurate account about Atlantis. It had reached a peak of development equal in many respects to where you are today. They had weapons capable of massive destruction, and through experimentation caused their own destruction.


The Galactic Federation could have saved Atlantis, but that would have taken away the experience of understanding the result of what had been created. It was not all negative by any means, and at times they reached spiritual peaks that are beyond anything you have attained. Before the final break up, many souls of Light were removed, and settled in new areas to ensure the continuity of spiritual growth and knowledge.


In this cycle your situation is quite different, as you are not allowed to destroy your continents or your planet. Unlike before there will not be mass exodus through the physical death. You are unique and will experience ascension with your physical bodies, albeit that they will refined. Obviously as those who are preparing to be uplifted absorb more Light, their complete body composition will also change and become lighter. Those who are ready will be lifted up into the higher vibrations through the Law of Attraction. This must occur, as beyond a certain point, you along with the Earth will automatically ascend. Those who were still holding onto the lower vibrations, will have been shifted to the new Earth similar to the present one. The move will allow them to stay within the same dimensional level.


In the latter stages of the period leading up to Ascension, you will already be developing an expanded consciousness. It will result in a new Human who will have left the old ways behind. You will have aligned it with ours, and many of your present pursuits and interests will no longer have a place in your life. You will aspire to higher level of interest and enjoy your new found way of life.


As humans you enjoy competing, and often that results in anotherís loss. For example many of your sports are very physical, and can permanently damage the body. Competitive instincts will be lifted to another level and be more of an intellectual nature. The physical games will be confined to Earth, and in their own way have contributed much to Manís understanding of himself. You have accepted challenges to push yourselves to an absolute limit of perseverance, and shown what a marvellous creation the physical body has been.


On board our ships, we have so much to interest us and I can assure you it is not dull. Your interests will move to a higher plateau consistent with your greater consciousness. You will have no need of the stimulation that causes your adrenaline to run. You will be in full control of your emotions, and the negative reactions so common to Earth will longer occur. Anger and hatred are damaging to your body, and are really signs of immaturity that carry with a soul that has not sufficiently developed their conscious awareness.


I am Diane and part of the Galactic Federation teams that are here to enlighten you. The more you understand about us, the easier our coming together will work out. We are a higher version of yourselves, and we shall help you all along the way to lift yourselves up. Our work is carried out with love and dedication to you who are our fellow travellers. Your true home is with us, and we prepare for your return. It will be joyous for all of us and we shall celebrate the occasion with you.


Thank you Diane.