Diane  15-June-06


We often tell you of the many ways in which we are similar to yourselves, the most obvious being our physical appearance. As you have found out there are other Beings who have quite a different form, but nevertheless recognisable as being a human-type. Form is just one aspect, and of course you wish to know how we think compared to humans.


There has been much apprehension amongst you as to where we originate from, and we have confirmed that in this respect we are exactly the same as you are we all come from the Source of All That Is. Even we do not know the answers to everything, but our overall understanding is in advance of yours. Because of our higher consciousness, we are also sufficiently knowledgeable about matters relating to the truth of your human experience.


We can see the error in your thinking and we understand the reasons, many of which are simply down to being misdirected. Sometimes it has been deliberate misinformation, and it has created a quagmire that you find it difficult to get out of. In recent times much work has gone into opening your minds to the truth, but it is not easy to undo the harm and entrenched ideas it has caused.


Within your midst are many people who are there to help you awaken to the truth, and they have been partially successful. However, because your Bible and other ancient books are considered the word of God, it is difficult to open up your thinking. Most certainly there are gods and many of them, and when confronted by them you had no way of knowing which were the false ones. Beings from some of the higher realms have come to Earth in the past, and for reasons of control and empowerment presented themselves as your Gods.


You might question why that would be allowed, and it is mainly because you attracted them to you. They represented a level that satisfied your needs at the time and you accepted them, and their influence is still with you today. It must also be mentioned that as a period of learning, it fitted in with your ongoing experiences of duality. Bear in mind that when Humanity reaches a spiritual peak of understanding as in this present time, it is the Higher Beings of Light that can return to Earth.


It was never intended that Man should worship or idolise any other Being. It has happened because Man has felt a need for guidance and protection, and has always looked to others for his salvation. Everything you need for developing your consciousness is however within, and it is possible to open yourself to it through your own development.


However, it is the way of people on Earth to feel safe and more comfortable in groups that are led by the teachers. This is fine providing you are encouraged to move on when you ready to take another step up. Unfortunately, many of your religious organisations wield power over you to keep you practising within their particular beliefs. We also appreciate that many of you are indoctrinated almost from birth to follow a particular path.


It is only right that I should mention the karmic aspects, as you are not in any situation unless you have agreed to it beforehand. It is all experience that is directed towards releasing you from the restrictions placed upon you. Eventually you will realise that you can develop your own consciousness, and can reach a point where you become your own Master.


I am sure many of you are pondering my statement regarding the worship and idolising of other Beings. Let me make it clear that gratitude and thanks are fine and aspects of love for another Being. Prayers are also quite a normal practise that is to be encouraged, but only when they come from the heart. The cold and unfeeling ones that are repetitive carry no real energy or purpose. The acknowledgement and respect afforded to higher Beings is as you might say, a matter of recognition and also good manners.


When the various teachers have previously come to Earth, they did so on a mission to lift you up and not to lay down teachings for all time. The development in your consciousness has been carefully orchestrated, so that it can slowly expand. Otherwise old teachings could hold back your evolution.


It is like the present period that was started some 200 years ago to bring you into the Light of Truth. You have been gently led along a path that has opened your hearts and minds. Its success can be measured by the numbers of you who now have an expanded consciousness, one that has led you to desire Ascension.


The Masters who are soon to return to Earth will address your religious beliefs, and even the lack of them. The differences of opinions about such matters as God will be clarified, and the core of new teachings will be to show you that there is a Supreme Creator from which all else has its beginning.


The Galactic Federation of which my home planet Sirius is a member, are very much in accord with each other having developed superconsciousness. It is by no means the end of its growth, and you will like us forever be creating a higher path that eventually leads back to Source. We are in a unified consciousness of harmony and balance, and have no individual egos yet remain within it as a refined version of ourselves. It is a level to which many of you are now heading, and we will soon be with you to give that final lift.

Your final test will be your ability to express Unconditional Love, and it is greatly needed upon your Earth at present.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.