Ela  14-June-06


Dear Ones, as time has progressed since our contact with you started, we have given you the best descriptions of what it is like to be in the higher dimensions. It is difficult to give a realistic impression because mere words are inadequate. Furthermore, you will need to visit them to fully appreciate their magnificence.


The higher realms are what you dream of when you contemplate perfection in its various expressions. Sound, beauty and colour impinge upon your senses in a way that takes your breath away. These can only be partially visualized with your present experience of balance and harmony. However, when the range of colours are beyond those that you are familiar with, it becomes impossible to appreciate their full impact.


Everything you would see merges with all else around it, including the light emanations from temples and buildings. Crystal that is freely used sends out scintillating colours, that glitter and swirl in an active inter-play with other energies. They can be intense, but are never overwhelming and always remain gentle and uplifting.


This brings me to an aspect of energy that is the most difficult to describe. It is how it “feels” to be in the higher vibrations. There is little that it can be compared with upon your Earth, but there are nevertheless times when you can reach a certain level of attainment when you are in a state of ecstasy. The higher you can raise your vibrations, the more sensitive you become to the energy around you.


Which words can describe a feeling of utter contentment and of a great peace, that also makes you feel both at One with everything around you, and also energetically alive and godlike. Try to imagine meeting another soul of Light and how your energies would merge together, and you become One in a single consciousness. Perhaps two souls in love occasionally share fleeting moments like it, but not continuously.


Move into the 7th dimension and higher, and you will find them alive with positive energy. Nowhere is there an absence of life, because it abounds everywhere. Holding everything together is the pulsating force of All That Is, the very energy that comes from the Creator Source.


The magnitude and vastness of the Creator’s influence is beyond mortal comprehension. The Creator’s thoughts continually manifesting all that ever was, is and can ever be. Space seeming to be infinite and having no end, and forever changing as the Creator breathes in and out. Dimensions refining and merging their Light, until all that exists is Light itself.


In your earthly pursuits how can you not yearn for something greater than you have already? Some do of course, yet others seem to be totally unaware that they need not be trapped in the illusions that you all helped create. You have allowed yourselves to believe that separation is your natural state of being. How can we guide you to a new understanding when you cling to your outmoded beliefs.


In the past you have been held in awe of those who have taken your powers away, and installed themselves as your mentors and leaders. However, much effort has been made to reawaken you and bring you out of your slumbers. It is time to remember who you really are, where you came from and where your journey will now take you. You no longer have to live in the ways of the past, with no realization of your greatness and majesty.


We come to jog your minds and clear the dust from your eyes, as deep down you can recognize your true selves. Cast away all that no longer represents your highest image of yourself. Be bold and take back your power, and let no one keep you down any longer. Rise up and claim back your rightful freedom in the Creators name, as you are not the chattels for those who make you subordinate to them. You are the peacemakers and are bringing Light back to Earth.


It is time to reverse the roles of the dark and Light, and the Light is now leading the way. The dark has all but finished with its distractions from which the souls of Light have suffered. However, the dark will continue their headlong plunge into the chaos of their own making, and it will be their downfall. Their reign is closing, to make way for the path shining with the Light of millions of souls that are in readiness for Ascension.


For you who are ready are to reclaim your true identities as Angelic Beings, and we shall be on hand to help you through this transition. We move ever nearer to you now, as our coming together is decreed by the highest Councils of the Heavenly Realms. As we do so, we lift up your vibrations and you will feel our immense love energy surrounding you. Soon you shall know the truth of all of which I have spoken, and the mysteries of life will be no more.


I am Ela of Arcturus, and I will come with The Galactic Federation and their fleets, as your final release from the dark is achieved. Allow yourselves to already open up to the new ideas we project to you. We are real Beings with your future in our hands, and we will not let you down. Let our love carry you along, and know it is a power that is both your protection and salvation.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.