St. Germain  13-June-06


You have a treasure house of experience to call upon that should enable you to overcome any problem. It is not that you can always achieve exactly what you want, but you have sufficient know-how with which to solve them. Life is a continual challenge, and your actions and those of others all come together to create your reality.


Everything is continually changing around you, and you also have a part in it that determines the outcome. Man without realising it is moulding the future, and as you experience your present existence know that you have helped it to manifest. You are not aimlessly sailing through life, although some take little direct interest in what takes place. In fact it is those who have the strongest desires who are often only interested in self, that dictate the path you take.


You should understand by now that it is the mass consciousness that has a major influence on what takes place. The dark approach it by subtle means creating problems that call for a solution. They trade on fear, and cajole you into thinking their way to achieve their aims. Clearly some of you see through the subterfuge and clandestine operations that accompany their actions. Your reaction is to galvanise a response and awaken others as to what is taking place.


Individually you may not consider that you have much power, but you start to create a thought form of energy that attracts those of a like kind. Having created the energy, it must at some time manifest itself. How powerful it becomes depends on how strongly you intend to maintain your desires. It is this powerful energy that suddenly gives sudden birth to an organisation, that seemingly appears from out of the blue.


Naturally the dark also feed off energy that follows their thoughts and actions. You have an ongoing battle between the different energies, that fluctuates all of the time. Currently, you are still in a fairly balanced situation, and the Light will continue to grow regardless of how it otherwise appears. Therefore your future is assured and we shall ensure that this cycle ends with the Light victorious.


You have broken out of the mould that dictated that you would be subservient and beholden to those of the ruling classes. These were often the Royal Houses who exercised strict control over their subjects. Through your many lives, you have spent millennia of time under different rulers. They have however gradually been disposed of, but obviously even in a Republic you still have need of your leaders.


In spiritual realms, there is no dispute as to who takes the positions of leadership. All is decided by the level at which individual souls exist, and the higher the vibration all the more authority is acceded to them. The Higher Councils are comprised of highly evolved souls decide appointments such as role of the Christ. Each level is directed in this way, and guidance and wisdom comes from above.


On Earth as Humanity, you are still guided by the Councils who decide the course of your lives. As individuals you have your Higher Self, and it will be the major influence throughout your many lives. Those of you who acknowledge this relationship, are destined to have a much smoother passage through life. Ignoring guidance that is specifically for you, will only take you away from your life plan.


It is not only your Higher Self that assists you, and as many are now aware, you have other Guides that join you for more specific reasons. They are often called up by you when your life takes a turn that calls for additional help. For example as a Lightworker you will have a Guide who will oversee your work and help you develop. As a spiritual teacher you are likely to have a number of Guides, who will overshadow your work.


You can see that spiritual contact is commonplace, even for those who do not acknowledge their Guides. As you might expect, the dark also attract many like Beings who savour the lower vibrations. However, the minute their thoughts turn to the Light they will have a higher Spirit at their side. They are not abandoned, and progress into the ways of the Light is encouraged at every opportunity.


The invisible world around you is a greater influence on you than you imagine. I stress it is an influence that affords you guidance to keep you on your chosen path. It is you who decides how it progresses, and your decision is respected even if it is against your best interests. Your Guides will always work to bring you back to the life plan you brought with you.


The Heavens abound with souls that are in service to others, and one well known to most of you is The Great White Brotherhood. There are many groupings that have their own particular responsibilities, and as a whole ensure that all is in accordance with the wishes of the Creator.


Some have power beyond your imagination, and their energy can enfold a Universe. You are familiar with the pyramid structure of command, and this principle is used from the Great Central Sun downwards. Competition for positions does not exist as you understand it, as your suitability to take on a specific role is known from your place in evolution. All operates in perfect harmony and balance within the wondrous energies of All That Is.


I am St. Germain, and I too am a Guide to many of you Dear Ones. I am just one of many that attend Mother Earth and her people. It will soon be time to celebrate your graduation, and lift you up into your true reality and welcome you to the Golden Age. Go about your day knowing that love accompanies your every step. 


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey