Diane  06-23-06


The challenge to Humanity over eons of time, has been to experience and let go of that which does not serve your higher purposes. There is no doubt that slowly but surely you have been able to lift up out the lower vibrations. Your level of consciousness is now sufficiently developed, that the prospect of entering another global war is seen as an appalling possibility. 

It has taken countless wars and talk of war, to make you see how futile such a  waste of time and energy can be, let alone the cost in human lives. Over eons of time it has been Manís natural instinct to fight to protect his life and property. With the development of each country and growth of the political structures, you have however turned over the matter of your security to the armed Forces. You could have been forgiven for believing that your protection was assured, and that as a peace loving society the roles of your Forces would be one of defensive duties only. 

What you have not realised until now, is that most wars have been contrived for gain. The agenda of the Illuminati is such that they will continue waging them, until they have brought people to their knees and ready to capitulate to their demands. The establishment of Global Government Is aimed at bringing the political powers and the world resources under their total control. This insidious plan has been cleverly disguised as one for the best outcome for your civilisation, and in reality it is the worst thing that could possibly happen. 

Yet for all that has occurred over millennia of time, your repeated exposure to the dark energies has resulted in an awakening of the people. Trying to alter the path of Humanity has been no mean task, given that the rank and file have no way of forcing change. However, the recent moves away from the intent of the dark, arises from understanding their motives. Eventually the rise in consciousness has demanded action, and where it may not have been answered upon Earth it has been recognised in the higher realms. 

The response to your ever-increasing call for change is subtle and yet powerful. The Councils of Light are bound to act according to Universal Law. Without using force they have used the intentions of the dark to bring about their downfall, You may not necessarily see that they are on a downward path into chaos of their own making, but be assured that there is now no escape for them. It is only a matter of time before our allies will be able to bring about the removal of the dark from power. 

Meantime it is clear that many of you have been successful in leaving the dark energies behind, and you are the vanguard for the Forces of Light. Now you can see that the real battle is being fought on a number of levels at the same time. This is why we can say unreservedly that it has already been won, and it only remains for the last acts to be played out. The dark have used covert tactics to bring you under their control, and the Light has openly revealed their purposes and you have responded positively. 

It is all very well for we of The Galactic Federation to assure you everything is going to plan, and we know that understandably you look for some tangible evidence of our success. View our increasing contact with many different people as one sign, and also our ability to channel our messages through more of you than any time previously. More importantly, know that our increasing presence in your skies is intentional and has been duly noted by you. We know that our existence is now acknowledged by millions of people, even if they do not necessarily know as to the reasons why we are here. 

The Galactic Federation is not a military force, but more of the nature of a Cosmic Police Force. It is orderly and controlled by Higher Beings who in turn act on divine orders that ensure they are carried out. In the concluding period of your present cycle. Know it is not intended that you should succumb to the dark, or that they will achieve the aims of their hidden agenda. 

It is now the time for the Light to emerge victorious, and so shall it be. Unlike many previous cycles this is the end time, and your experiences in duality are being brought to a close. Through it your evolution has gone forward at an enormous pace, and where once you were almost overcome by the dark, you now stand in your own Light. It is heartening to see how it grows daily, and there is no going back to the ways of yesteryear. 

A new dawn has started, and Man stands at the door to the higher dimensions. Your long and arduous journey is all but over, and we celebrate your achievement as you emerge from the dark of ages past. You have learnt that the only path to contentment, peace and fulfilment is through expressing your Godself whilst on Earth. If you could but see it, you would know that the energies of Love are transmuting everything around you. It is lifting you up out the morass of dark energies that have held you down for so long. 

The minions of the dark strut around the Earth pretending to still be in control, trying a last gasp attempt to subdue you. Their leaders speak with no sincerity and pretend to be concerned with your freedom and liberty. They do so while planning your total obedience to their control through the diabolical measures they are introducing. Be not afraid, as they are at an end and very soon they shall be stopped in their tracks. 

The Creator is not mocked, and the power of the Light will ensure that the end time comes about in a glorious show of unity and cooperation. It has never been previously experienced in your time since this part of the cycle began. Love will abound and Humanity will reveal what it has always been capable of by lifting up into the Light.


I am Diane from the Sirian group, waiting to openly visit you with eager anticipation. We will be handing you back your freedom and sovereignty, and we know you will use it for the good of All. We shall go forward as one great body in Universal Light and Love.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.