SaLuSa  9-June-2010


Can you see Dear Ones how as each crisis is allowed to play itself out, and in doing so it is opening your eyes to what is seriously wrong with Man’s attitude to his environment, and life around him. That in turn is getting you to seek a solution that moves on from the old ways that no longer serve you. The answers may not be apparent yet, but they are held by those who have independently recognised your needs and that of Mother Earth. Their desire to help mankind has been spurned, by those who put their self-interest first above that of the masses. Soon they will come into the public domain, and nothing will stop them being introduced to overcome problems that threaten to overwhelm you. Progress cannot be halted indefinitely, and you will have a great deal of catching up to do. With the addition of our advanced technologies the changes will come swiftly and often, and propel you into the New Age.


You may feel that matters are already unbearable, but ride out this time knowing that the dark Ones are losing the battle for your souls. It may sound dramatic put in this way but for a long time you gave been trapped in your physical bodies, with little prospect of advancing any further spiritually. However, many souls have purposefully joined you for this period of time. Their role is to ensure the end time is not a signal of your demise, but instead a great leap forward into the higher dimensions with your future fully assured. Ascension is the natural ending of duality and always destined to be fulfilled.


For those of you who are aware of what is happening and have a strong belief in your future, the coming events will simply fulfil your expectations. We would ask that you put your knowledge to good use and help others understand, as the uncertainty in their minds will cause fearful reactions. The last thing we want to see is a return to panic and muddled thinking. Such help will stabilise matters until we can move openly amongst you. Some groups with their own set of beliefs hold the view that they can do without us, but that is not the case and without the help that has already been given you would not be here today. You can easily underestimate the threat the Illuminati have posed, because most of their operations have been through black operations carried out in secret. They have also been very clever at covering up their tracks but that has been to no avail, as we cannot be fooled so easily.


Nothing can be hidden from those who monitor the Earth as each of you can be read like a book. The Galactic Federation can also keep tabs on any person they wish to track down. Each of you has your own signature formed from your energy emanations, that are quite unique to each soul. It does not matter whether you are in the open or concealed away from our view, we will locate you. This information will also explain how in any form of emergency that necessitates you being lifted up, we can find you. It will not be the first time we have rescued people by doing so, and some of your Astronauts will have a few stories to tell when they are free to do so.


With the truth of what has been going on without your knowledge, you will be amazed that you could so easily have been fooled and lost out to the dark Ones. The methods that have enabled them to do so have been subtle, and carried out in such a way you would not have suspected the truth. They have also fronted their operations with people who are not truly aware that they have been used. Their favourite trick is to create the very circumstances that have you calling for them, to take the action that it was set up for. There will be sensation after sensation as the truth comes out, and some very big reputations will fall by the wayside. In the future however you will know whom you can trust, and souls will be chosen to serve you based upon their level of spiritual development.


Some of you may ask, why you could not have had all the advantages we are promising you a lot earlier. The reason is that as a civilisation you left yourselves open to the lower influences, and did not advance sufficiently on the spiritual front. If you had done so, it would have been planned that you would have been given the assistance that would have lifted you up. More souls of a greater spiritual understanding would also have incarnated, into positions where they could have moved you along. An upturn in your progress can be traced back as far as the turn of the 20th. Century, but it has been a very slow awakening. However, there was also a marked jump towards the end of the 1900’s, in conjunction with the Harmonic Convergence. Since the Millennium it has greatly increased again, and is now poised for yet another great leap forward. Since it increases exponentially, it will continue as an unstoppable force that will take you all of the way to Ascension.


Great changes are not just on the horizon, but with you now simply awaiting the right opportunity to go ahead. So when we talk of them being very near, that is exactly what we mean. Some are poised to come out within weeks if the circumstances stay consistent. However, there are many aspects that constitute the “right” time, and having come so far we are not going to jeopardise the result by being hasty. That is not our way or indeed is it necessary, as we are in any event closely working towards the final date for action to be taken. A few more weeks will have no real affect on the outcome, but ensure that all is in place for the final thrust. Our decision is one that is not confined to what is happening in just one country, and we must always bear in mind the situation across the whole world. The focus may be upon what is happening in the U.S. but it must be borne in mind, that we come with the assurance of a peaceful future for everyone in your world.


The financial meltdown continues and has yet to reach rock bottom, and its repercussions are being felt around the entire world. It has given everyone involved, the opportunity to find a more satisfactory way of handling your monetary affairs. There cannot be a return to the old systems, as they have been proven not to work in your interests. Already the required changes are being discussed and arrangements being made to introduce them.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that my approach to your concerns, has helped to inspire you with confidence and trust in our decisions, made for you. 


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.