SaLuSa  25-June-2010


There is so much going on you could be excused for losing your way. There are Man’s attempts to find solutions to your problems, and ours that do not always follow yours. Our view of them means that we see a great deal more, than you can possibly comprehend. We oversee government officials, and anyone directly involved in decision making. We are there when covert operations are planned, and our allies and us benefit from such knowledge. It helps us avoid any major actions against you, that might otherwise have caught us off guard. As you have found out, there is nothing quite like a good intelligence system. For us the added benefit is that we cannot be fooled, and we have the means to determine whether people speak truthfully. Indeed, when face to face with you we can tell so from your auras, or read your mind. From our point of view, you can literally be read like a book. We can see if you are spiritually evolved, and such souls emanate such a powerful Light. It is this that you can feel from these ones when they come close to you.


Man is sensitive to another’s vibrations, but normally most people are such a mixture that it is only when it goes to extremes that you register the energy. Have you ever passed another person and felt shivers run up and down your spine, because if you have you will have known that they indicate something unpleasant about them. What does indeed attract you to each other, if not the energies being given off? Like attracts like, and you know that sometimes you can have an instant rapport with another person, and equally of course an instant dislike. When you rise up you will have powers of perception, but in the higher dimensions the souls you meet will have already ascended, and you will not find evidence of the lower vibrations. You will clearly see each other’s Light, and with it also be able to “read” which ray they are working on. The Seven Rays are ones that you work with now, and have a great influence on your expression of Self.


As we have mentioned before, life in the higher dimensions is very different from your experiences on Earth. For a start you are more Self-aware and know that you have unlimited power, but you will also have reached a point of understanding of your responsibilities where they are concerned. Again this is why you cannot enter such levels, unless you are of a like vibration. How else would harmony be achieved, if there were such a mix of people as on Earth? You range from the enlightened to the unenlightened, and Ascension will ensure that as the changes take place you find your right level. You have to admit that duality has pushed you to your limits, and when you can still rise up out of the darkness, you are truly one who has found their true self. Every so often due to the cyclic nature of everything you are given the opportunity to ascend. It keeps occurring until at some stage, each and every soul will have returned to the Light. That is your destiny, and it is why you do not need to worry about the progress of other souls.


 All choose how they will progress on the spiritual pathway back to the Light. The whole nature of your experiences is to evolve, and you have no pressures on you to work at anything other than your own speed. It should also be noted that there is no status connected with being of the Light. People of a lowly class or lacking education are not lesser Beings, but simply in a role that gives them experiences they have chosen. Often it places them in lives where they work closely with Mother Earth, and so much can be learnt from them. The simple life can bring you closer to the truth than wealth, which can take you anywhere and buy you anything you desire, but there is no substitute for hands on experience.


By now you will have had so many lives on Earth that you will so to say, have done the rounds and there is little left for you to experience. For many of you that means playing out the last days preparing for Ascension. You should be able to sense if you have fulfilled your life plan, as you will feel no pressures upon you and relaxed even in these times of turmoil. You are partway to the higher levels and have that air of confidence and knowing. Your peaceful mien and relaxed approach to life, is helping others calm down and look for their own safe haven. Without some place to retire to and be able to find quietness in which to meditate, the stresses of life will take their toll.


Dear Ones it is easy for us to talk about matters that are peculiar to you on Earth, but only because we fully understand the nature of your problems. We have lived them with you, and can comprehend the pain and distress that you experienced. In fact we have tried to lessen it by sending you our Love and Light, and to uplift you in your moments of depression or sadness. We absolutely admire you all for undertaking the challenge of duality, as it was known how tough it would be. The fact that all along you have received help, does not in the least take away your courage and tenacity in the face of hardships. You have fought a battle for your souls and have passed all tests, and now stand proudly at the portal to Ascension.


The Galactic Federation stands by for action and has never been much nearer to coming out into the open, in such a way that will for once and for all time dispel the doubts about our presence. The announcement confirming our benign and peaceful intentions where you are concerned, is needed so that we can immediately start to address the most urgent problems you are experiencing. Some leaders favour an approach to us for everyone’s benefit, whilst others are reluctant to give up their power and acquisition of wealth. However, in the end changes will be made to remove those who do not have everyone’s interests at heart. We must join you when there is an agreement to our coming, and already large numbers of the people are warming to the idea of working with us. Otherwise the outlook is bleak, and a total breakdown of your society will occur unless you face the threats that exist.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and cannot help feeling both astonished and sad that after offering our hand in friendship, it has been rejected. However, we know that such a refusal does not fairly represent the mood of the people at present. They would gladly welcome us into their homes, and are ready to bring pressure to bear upon their representatives to get the changes moving.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.