SaLuSa  8-June-2009


Dear friends, matters are reaching a level where there must soon be a response, as the need to introduce changes becomes more pressing. The old regime cling to their hopes that the old ways can still be maintained, refusing to admit that their period of rule is nearly over. Where the people have gained is because they have become focussed upon what they want to see changed, and the energy has gone forth that will achieve it. Have we not mentioned so often that power within has the ability to create, and it is bringing your vision into manifestation. Your power of thought is moving the changes along, and breaking down any resistance to them. They cannot be stopped and it is only a matter of time before you see moves taking place, that signal the beginning of the end for the dark forces. It is already too late for them to change course, and their only answer is to try and sabotage any attempt to have them removed. However, they reckon without our presence and the mighty forces of Heaven that have decreed victory for mankind at the close of this cycle.


The power of thought with the energy of love behind it, is the most potent force in the Universe and used wisely has no limit to what it can achieve. Changes on Earth can be fearsome until it is realised that with them chaos must inevitably come. That is until you see the pattern behind them, and the opportunities to take a leap forward. We note that your levels of consciousness are growing quite quickly, and that they are allowing you to grasp the greater picture. Now you see that there is a coming together of so many dear souls that are here to participate in the changes. They do not necessarily have any allegiance to other groups, and their power lies in their ability to achieve their goals and move on to their next challenge. They work quietly without attracting attention, and herein lays one of their strengths. When you bear in mind that there are millions of enlightened souls working in this way, you can see how difficult it is for the dark to stop their activities.


Keeping faith and supporting those that have taken on the mantle of leadership, is something you can do by sending them your Light and with it your desire that they shall be protected. This also allows us to join forces with you through the Law of Attraction, and we are most joyful that together we can become a formidable force for good. Our emergence into the public arena is not far away, and with our knowledge of who amongst your leaders is ready to back us, our plan for open contact is ready. We have also allowed a greater number of sightings, and it concerns your dark ones as they have no way of preventing us from doing so. They may have sophisticated weaponry but it is as you might say, child’s play to us to neutralise its effects. There is no development of warlike weapons that we do not monitor, and whilst we cannot stop you researching them we can ensure that they are not used for mass destruction. Again we must respect your freewill, but we can represent those of the ordinary folk who would otherwise be at the mercy of such weaponry.


The desire for world peace is going to suddenly break out, and will be powered by yet another rising up in your consciousness levels. The Spiritual Hierarchy does not force the issue, but allow you to bring peace into being in your own way. However, having sent out such a strong desires, they will help you create the conditions that will bring it about. Little can happen of any major importance until you have a world that is united in its quest for peace. It means having to give up power bases, and disposing of all weapons designed for war like purposes. Most importantly it means working together for the good of all mankind, and remembering that Mother Earth is also allied to it. There will be much to do in readiness for Ascension, and by your measure only a short time in which to achieve it. From our point of view time is not an obstacle as we can easily adjust our activities, and ensure that the final result is in accordance with the Master Plan for your release from the cycle of duality.


You are in the midst of the most far-reaching events that you have experienced in this present cycle, and they are of cosmic proportions. Therefore you will see this period out as decreed, and nothing will prevent the process of Ascension coming to its conclusion in 2012. Whatever you treasure on Earth will be returned to you many times over, but in its higher manifestation. No one can deny you your freewill choice to stay in your present dimension, but understand that you loose nothing but gain much by choosing to ascend. Sub-consciously you have worked hard for this very period and the opportunity it offers, but some have not progressed sufficiently to realise that the changes you face are perfectly natural. All life forms are constantly moving ever forward to make a finer expression of them. It never stops until you reach the Source Of All That Is, and even then another cycle will send you out again for further experience.


You would put your heart and soul into becoming part of Ascension if you knew what it meant for your evolutionary progress. By comparison to where you are now, it involves an almost unimaginable upliftment into dimensions that you would consider to be paradise. Furthermore, they are your true home and you already know them although those memories have been clouded. Very little at present on Earth can compare with the beauty that awaits you. Nothing can compare with the peace and happiness that is to be yours. We talk not of some vague heavenly abode, but a place of vibrancy and purpose which is the creation of those that dwell within it. Life is no longer a chore or a disappointment, but one of fulfilment and joy experienced in the Love and Light.


Those souls that lag behind determine by how much progress in each cycle is delayed, but at these end-times they can no longer affect the outcome and will simply be moved to another Universe. They will as always continue their evolution; with much help from those who serve others and do so with great love and caring. Ask yourselves Dear Ones, why are you getting so much attention, and why should other evolved civilisations spend their time nurturing the people of Earth. The answer is that we are All One, and joined by the immutable link that holds all forms of consciousness within it. We are a part of God that contains all that is within this Universe, and we share the great energy of Love that holds all together.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.