Ker-On  27-June-2008


As strange as it may seem, the experience of duality is your quickest return route to the higher realms. However, it requires of you that you understand the lessons that it gives, as it is your experience of the absence of Light that brings you challenges to overcome. Duality promotes self-aggrandisement and feeds the ego so that life becomes the serving of Self before all else. Individualism is promoted rather than becoming one with the whole, and separatism becomes the normal way of life. It is not just a physical experience, and consequently the same divisions show themselves on spiritual levels. The One God becomes many, and your history is littered with wars and disputes over such differences. Yet for all this you always return to the higher realms unscathed and richer for your experiences.


In judgement of your actions you may become remorseful, and through feelings of guilt seek to impose punishment upon yourself. However, it is unnecessary in the context of karmic responsibility, as your atonement is part of every life plan. The idea that punishment is your salvation is seen to operate whilst you are on Earth, as you have Manís laws to contend with and the curtailment of your freedom is often a salutary lesson. Some will ask why you come to Earth disadvantaged or with disability, and the answer lies with the your chosen experience that allows for the furthering of your evolution.


When you can find your Light and live within it, you have recognised the Oneness of All That Is and therefore view all others as yourself. You do treat them as you would be treated, and extend the Love that you have for all creation. You have stepped upon the path that leads back to the Source, although that journey reaches far into your future. Once you have reached this point in recognition of your divinity and that of others, your whole outlook becomes more godlike. Judgement of the deeds of those around you becomes easier to put aside, as you realise that you are a silent witness and cannot know the circumstances that have brought them about. Because you are also veiled from your own life plan, you will understand that no one knows exactly what experiences they are being led into. You are truly actors on the big stage of life, and now you approach the end times when the curtain shall fall down upon duality.


If you so desire, these last few years can give you wonderful experiences. With the understanding of what is taking place, you can see the changes developing and the imminent closing chapter of the Book of Life. Like most good stories there is a happy ending and a sequel as you quickly move into the higher realms to rest in peace, and experience the Light and Love that is presently beyond your knowing. Oh yes, you have moments of ecstasy and know the feeling of joy and happiness, but you have not felt the Oneness that is experienced when all is in complete harmony. You can create the vision of it on Earth by living it to your best ability, and enjoy the uplifting experiences it will give you. As Ascension comes into your sight, you will have a foot in both worlds until you rise up and leave the old behind.


In reality you have nothing to worry about as the final years unfold the plan for Ascension. At a higher level it has already become manifest and it only remains for you to rise up into its vibrations. To this end we of the Galactic Federation will play our part giving you every encouragement to see beyond the present period, and embrace the changes that will bring us into your lives. We are holding everything in place to ensure your successful conclusion of this cycle, and beyond us are Beings of Light beyond number. Like us they also wait to greet you and accompany you on the rest of your journey.


The illusion that you live upon Earth has convinced you that you are only a physical body, and it has taken millennia of time for you to see otherwise. The heavy vibrations are lifting as the Light permeates every part of Earth, and now your eyes open to the reality that lies behind it. The Light is All That Is expressed in different energetic patterns, that give layers of creation that you call dimensions. At a certain point even you shall become a Light Being, with a super consciousness that is All Knowing. At present you have such a limited consciousness, but with your ability to draw upon the higher energies that are being sent to Earth, you are experiencing an expanding consciousness.


There are a considerable number of earthly matters that require our attention before the last years can truly get under way. They are now recognised by many of you and centre around the cleansing of Earth. As we do this we also attend to your needs so as to restore your sovereignty, and most importantly free everyone from the control of the dark forces. You are to take a quantum leap forward to propel you into the Golden Age, that will provide everything that you have ever envisaged that is pure and of the Light.


I am Ker-On from Venus and we too are part of the Ascension process, but are already at the point you are moving into. We are moving into a more refined level of energy, as are all of the other planets in our Solar System. Venus has been more of a mystery to you than most planets, as you have records of our visits to your Earth in ancient times. You see it as inhospitable for life, and overlook the existence of its higher dimensions. We like most travellers in space use the higher dimensions to travel within, and it makes it almost instantaneous. We use the same laws that control the movement of planets to control our craft, and use them for our own purpose.


What you are learning about off world life forms is more of rekindling your dormant memories. You are more than familiar with the truth of life beyond your Earth, as you are all extraterrestrials. It has taken our presence in your skies to bring such recognition back to you, and soon we shall be able to come together in a great celebration of renewing old acquaintances. As you become used to the idea nothing will seem more natural, as we are after all from the Creator, the Source of All Creation.


I leave you with many thoughts and my love, and wish you success in your endeavours to reach up for the truth because it is true that it will set you free. 


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey