St. Germain  25-June-2008


Sometimes in your lives you feel unworthy, and there is not a soul at particular stages in their lives that has not had such an experience. Remember that you have come to Earth to speed up your evolution, and that requires you to participate in both sides of the cycle of duality. In so doing you inevitably acquire karma, and each life is an opportunity to release it. When it is the clearing of negative issues, it often leaves you feeling regretful and depressed. This is natural, but if you view it as a lesson learnt it will lose its ability to prevent you from moving on. It is all part of the outworking of your life contract, and it has a number of different highlights that from your point of view are seen as either negative or positive. When you are successful in being able to accept such lessons as necessary, they will not need to be repeated.


The tests of life are manifold and it is to your credit that after so many lives in this present cycle, you are lifting up into the Light and leaving duality behind. It has been no mean task, but you have had considerable help to see you through the difficult periods. Not only is your life carefully planned with the assistance of Higher Beings, as it unfolds they accompany you to ensure a successful conclusion. All around you other souls are experiencing just in the same manner, and it matters not what your personal beliefs are you as have Guides that are always in touch with you. Even those who profess no belief in God and are atheistic in their thinking have the same help as others. What is it but another experience that you have chosen for yourself?


At this present important time when the majority of you are experiencing your last life in this cycle, your Guides draw closer to you and impress upon you the path you should take. They look for indications that you moving into the Light, and that your consciousness is awakening to the changes that are happening all around you. It is a matter of directing your activities towards self-assessment and seeking a higher expression in all that you do. There is so much happening on Earth that it is easy to become distracted. Your Guides will encourage you to focus on all that is positive and manifesting the beneficial changes, thus leaving the dark side to its own demise. Never before have you received such help, and it will intensify as you enter the final years of duality.


In the closing stages of this cycle great Beings will appear on Earth, as by then you too will have lifted up your vibrations making such appearances possible. This is not a unique happening as in the times past you have had civilisations such as on Atlantis and Lemuria, who reached periods of great spiritual achievement. They attracted the Higher Beings to themselves and were led by them for eons of time, until the influx of less evolved souls brought about change. You are in a reverse situation having panned the depths of darkness, and are now reaching for the Light that will lift you up out of it. For almost the last century more highly evolved souls have entered the dimension Earth, and they have since played their part in bringing even more Light to you. It is all part of the Plan for Man that is now revealing your true selves, and showing you the way home.


Everything is cyclic in nature and you were never totally bound to the lower vibrations of duality. They have now served their purpose and so the cycle closes as a new one unfolds. Life is never ending and now you can move into a position of being able to choose your next round of experience. Many have chosen Ascension yet in fact there are many time lines that will take you out of this cycle, and you are creating them all of the time. You are rediscovering just how powerful you are, and be assured that you created all of the experiences that you have had. God has given you freedom of expression, but the creations you have empowered have become your responsibility. However, they will never completely overpower you, as the Light will always ensure a balance is kept. It has now become the dominant force as decreed to bring this cycle to a conclusion.


It is time to leave all of your worries and concerns behind you, as a new day begins. One full of promise and the opportunity to leave duality for good and to fully rise up into the Light. With it comes the energy of love bringing purity and harmony in all things, and the peace that has so far eluded you. Heaven is whatever you imagine it to be, and the place of your dreams will exist just for you. Even now you are creating your next abode that awaits your presence. God is All Loving and has given you the powers of creation so that God may experience through you.


When you rise up the doors of Truth will open up for you, and not only will you fully learn of your sojourn in this cycle, but also your destiny in the stars where your true home lies. You are the travellers of Space, and the harbingers of Truth who will lead others to it. You are the Masters who have let down their vibrations so as to grow in experience, and administer your wisdom to others who are lesser evolved. Service is the keyword of your evolution and the Hierarchy that guides your lives stretch out their hands to lift you up. Great is the joy and happiness of being able to help another soul onto the path of fulfilment. It shall also be yours as Humanity realises that in all its experiences, the goal has been to help each other.


When you feel isolated or unhappy, reach out for the hand of God as it is always there and you are not beyond the Love and Light it carries. You cannot exist without your link to God and the Creator, and denial of it is only a transitory time when you have become embroiled in the dark energies. Speak your Godís name or one of the Masters such as myself, as we are responsive to such a call and will come to you. That does not necessarily mean you will become aware of our presence, although many do have that level of sensitivity. Allow us into your lives and we can come closer to you, as we would not otherwise intrude upon your right to privacy. We come not to insist that you follow us into the Light, but to merely guide you along the pathway to freedom and your choice of experience.


I am St. Germain and very much present on Earth, as you are my family in the House of God. I am everywhere and my Light presence is gathering you in for the wonderful events that are unfolding and signal your release from the dark.

Walk in the Light and give of your love to all life, as it has the God spark just as you do. Love all of the creations of God equally and bear no malice or hatred least it should harm your Light. The time of awakening is now and so much love is being sent to Earth to remind you who you really are. Feel it and draw it unto yourselves, and you will carry it to others who seek help.


God has decreed that the end times should bring you the opportunity of Ascension, so look into your heart and see if you are ready to release your lower vibrations. In the Higher Realms all is of beauty and peace beyond your imagination, and it is yours to experience if you make it your goal. Your intent will start the process of Ascension for you, whereupon many Higher Beings will show you the way. There are great souls working for you in many guises and they come under the banner of many different groups at this time. Be ready to accept those who reveal their Light and Love for Mankind. We Are All One, and should live our lives accordingly giving freely of our Love.             


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.