SaLuSa  23-June-2008


Many souls are experiencing trepidation at the events taking place on Earth, and the prospect of them becoming more serious. My Dear Ones this is a time when you must be most discerning and awake as to what is occurring before you. It is never exactly as you imagine, and fear is generated purposely through the media and sources of disinformation. The dark are desperately seeking ways to hold on to their power, which is gradually slipping out of their grasp. Measure all that comes before you intuitively, and if it does not resonate with you place it aside for the time being. As individuals you are at the mercy of a multitude of different sources that profess to tell the truth, yet many are simply outlets to further the ambitions of the dark forces.


These are important times for Humanity, and you are at the last hurdle before great events commence that will indicate a major change of direction. It has to come as prophesised, and nothing will be able to prevent an outcome that signals victory for the Light. However, there is still darkness to be experienced before the final closure of the cycle of duality, and in the midst of it all the Light continues to engulf the dark and prevent it from overwhelming you. Sit tight as from a greater perspective we see the outcome is assured, and give of your Light where you find it is needed.


Humanity as a whole is drawing together as a force for good, and is forming various units of Light that are stemming the advance of the dark. We are most delighted with your understanding of the need to join forces, and in so doing you are applying yourselves in the best manner according to your abilities. It is often only pure thought that is required to curtail them, and your visualisation of an outcome that embraces the Light is most essential. If you are unable to find a group to join up with, your individual contribution will still help and you can meditate on any situation that would benefit from the Light. For example, if you see individuals that need Light protection see them on your minds eye, and visualise them cocooned in it. Send it with love and you will have carried out an act of giving that will make a difference.


Never feel that you are unable to help as even without going through a specific approach such as meditation, you can send your thoughts out at any time. Remember that they carry energy through which they manifest the intent that accompanied them. Your role as a Lightworker may be more clearly defined, and some will have already directed their interests towards becoming healers. You may be doing work that cares for others and their needs, particularly the underprivileged. No matter how you use and express your Light, you are contributing in a positive way that is also moving the mass consciousness onto a higher level. Whilst the activities of the dark are fragmented and in disarray, the Light continues to become stronger and focussed on lifting Humanity up.


There is no going back to the old ways, and already the visions of living in peace and happiness are having an effect. What you express using the energy of Light must manifest according to the Laws of Attraction. With our help to back you up, we are adding our Light to your desires to bring the changes about. Instead of allowing your frustration to surface, look at the impact already made by enlightening you of First Contact. Now more than ever people warm to the idea of our coming and correctly see that we have the means to take you into the future, and bring an end to the machinations of the dark forces. Our help has never been far away from you, and we have quietly worked alongside you for millennia of time. We have not come this far to be denied the victory that is yours, and it will come in the very near future.


What you achieved in such a comparatively short time is quite remarkable, although not entirely unexpected. We have seen the sudden growth of your consciousness, and the dark forces far from preventing it continuing, have by their actions opened your eyes to the insidious plans that they were carrying out. Your consciousness having reached a certain level, it will not return to where it was before and continues to expand quite rapidly. We see your efforts to bring change accelerating the process of awakening, and you will find people more receptive to the ideas of a New Age. The patterns of the past are now seen for what they were, as simply a means to keep you in the power of the Illuminati. Professing to lead and guide you for your betterment, whilst entrapping you in a grip of iron by taking away your rights.


You are breaking free from those who still try to rule with force, and history shows that they have never been able to totally subdue your innate desire to the right of freedom. Insomuch that your opposition to the dark is recognised they plan to restrict your right to free speech. It is something they cannot do, and you must in all events maintain your position of free expression at all times. They desire to control your use of the Internet and as many foremost “free speech” sites have discovered, interference often takes place. However, the Light leads and you always you have the advantage that they do not know where you will next appear. There is a wonderful network of Lightworkers with a sense of purpose and occasion, that know they are on Earth at this time to bring Humanity the truth and lift them up.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and say to you that you are taking the Light to the dark and they have no answers in the face of such a powerful energy. We of the Galactic Federation along with Mother Earth are working with you, and we represent an unbeatable force that will achieve victory without bloodshed or violence. Our ways operate within the Laws of God and we come to re-establish Love and Light upon Earth. There is so much inequality and many unjust practises that must be changed, so that your sovereignty can be returned. It shall take place soon, and like a breathe of fresh air you will be invigorated by your freedom to bring peace and joy back into your lives.


The future is golden and will remove everything that cannot exist in the higher vibrations, and only the pure Light will remain. Your Heaven will manifest with the dissolution of all that is opposed the Light. See beyond today and the bright future that beckons, and wrap yourself in the Love that is being sent to Earth for all of you.  


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.