Ag-agria  20-June-2008


Our plan for your release from the dark and upliftment goes ahead regardless of any attempt to stall the proceedings. As you enter this halfway stage of your year, so shall the energies upon Earth receive another boost. There is nothing dramatic about it and it is a steady flow that affects all life forms. It becomes yet another input of energy that brings the changes nearer to manifestation. This has been happening for many years, but at this time it carries more power and will remain anchored upon Earth as part of the Ascension process.


The whole objective of our work is to insure that you do not lose sight of what is happening, and that your focus continues to be on your own development. The greater plan involves us and our ability to monitor what is happening on Earth, and keep it in a state of readiness for the final preparations. These cannot take place until the last cabal has been removed, but once they are we will speed ahead with far reaching changes. There has always been an optimum date by which we must fully enter your lives, and it looms large. Our plans can be quickly adjusted to accommodate change, and we have repeatedly done so in the latter years.


The dark forces also know the nearness of our coming, and they try to divert your attention away from us. Disinformation is used to confuse you, but anyone that uses their intuition will know when it is dubious and unlikely to have come from a reliable source. Beware however that the dark can be very clever by mimicking true sources, but if you “feel” uneasy about any information it is best to set it aside. Time will be the proof of anything placed before you, and events predicted often change in the light of other developments. Those to be wary of are ones that were given long ago, and had a true potential for manifestation at that time. The path of Man has changed considerably in the way in which the end-times are to be played out. Now we see that there will be less occurring that will cause major destruction. There were many possibilities foreseen with some resulting in massive Earth changes.


That events have changed from what was predicted is in part due to your upliftment in consciousness. You have stabilised the movements of the Earth and although the cleansing must be completed, it will cause less damage and loss of life than it may otherwise have done. The dark are allowed to have a degree of freewill, and will continue to use their weapons to destroy parts of the Earth. For our part we lessen the impact and extent of the damage. It may not seem so when you look back at the man-made earthquake in China, but be assured it would have been far more extensive if we had not intervened. You ask why we did not stop it and as we have often pointed out, there is a limit to how much we can override the freewill allowed to your civilisation. The whole reason for your experiences is to learn from your own decisions. You may not now consciously support the dark, but over millennia of time you have been part of the energies that have dictated the path you have taken.


Deep within your subconsciousness you hold memories of past times and it has moulded you into the Being that you are today, as you have experienced both the dark and Light. Now it is the time to put it behind you, and move back fully into the Light and continue your journey in the higher realms. Duality is simply another experience in your evolution and was never intended to trap you in the dark indefinitely. Some souls however have found it difficult to release the bonds that tie them to dark activities, and although they inwardly look for a way out they are unable to find it. Be assured that there is a way for them to find their Light once again, and there are many advanced souls who spend their time helping them do just that.


God gave you freedom of choice to walk your life as you wished, but you were also assured that there would come a time for your release. That time is here now although it is through choice that you would have placed yourself on the path of Ascension. All of you have known this and came into your lives with that knowledge, although you may not have a waking memory of it. In other words, you will have already made your decision as to whether you would lift yourself up in readiness. In the annals of time it is recorded that Man will ascend, and eventually all souls will move back into the Light.


Coming down to Earth as you might say, you are involved in a tug of war that will determine how quickly the Light emerges as the victor. The Light continues to grow and the dark become fragmented and weakened. It is just a matter of time before you witness their complete collapse. Our allies are fully versed as to what their role is and will bring an end to their heinous regime. The net closes in even as we give this message, and there is assuredly no way that they will escape. Justice is another matter, and every soul is responsible for its actions whether it comes under God’s or Man’s Laws.


The revelations of what has been taking place upon Earth through the agenda of the dark forces continues, and it is gradually filtering into the area of general knowledge. However with the tight media controls that they have put in place it is a slow process. Our arrival will signal immediate changes in this respect, as it is clearly imperative that people understand the reason for it. It will become a lot easier to convince the sceptics, once we have been able to show the undeniable truth of the dark’s plan to enslave and imprison you on your own planet. You believe you still have freedom yet it is still being taken away from you by false means.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation ask you not to despair or lose faith, as we are going to restore the rights of very Man and Woman, and fairness and equality will be reflected in all that we do. You will quickly receive abundance, and lack and need shall become words of the past era. A seemingly impossible challenge for us will be seen as one we have been fully prepared to handle, and changes will accelerate as soon as we can tackle the problems together. The new energies are around you and many feel their upliftment, and they will continue to grow. You are Beings of Love and Light and are helping to permanently bring it to Earth. You are beautiful souls and beacons of Light helping bring the changes into being. 


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.