Atmos  18-June-2008


There is so much evidence for us that at last Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness, that is bringing about a distinctive move towards peace. One that is very desirable to prevent any further chance of escalating the Middle East war. Many souls who have become trapped in the lower energies are lifting up and see a way to permanently leave them behind. With it has come the realisation that Man has for too long accepted wars as a way of settling disputes, and how easy it is to cause incidents that provoke them. At a time when there is so much turmoil throughout the world, it is the Light of freedom that is being lit. The old ways are being seen for what they are, as stumbling blocks to a new era and preparation for the end of this cycle.


You came into this last phase of experience in duality with enormous karma to clear. It carried with it the distinct possibility that you would fail to avoid the ultimate destruction of Earth, and its people. Fortunately, you moved into a state of consciousness near the end of the last century that moved you beyond it. For a while you seemed to be in a stalemate position with the dark always threatening, however you have patiently worked at bringing more Light to Earth, and it has suddenly increased in frequency. It is continuing to grow exponentially, and there is now no way that the dark forces can recover and they engage in a futile fight that they cannot win.


Nothing gives us more pleasure than to be able to report your continuing success. The platform that the dark use to exalt themselves is creaking, and before long it will break up and they shall lose their foothold. Even now you are seeing more evidence of resistance to their plans, which they insist upon proceeding with in spite of it being a losing battle. We of the Galactic Federation have supported you in subtle ways of which you would be unaware, and we continue to do so. We are allowed to contain any situation that would throw the Light out of balance. You do not need the methods used by the dark forces, as you are the Legions of Light that have volunteered to come to Earth at such an important time. Your weapons are of Light and Love, and your banner is for Truth and Freedom and you are gradually unfurling it for all to see.


You are the unsung heroes that neither sing of glory or seek it, but quietly go about your work spreading the Light. One day soon you shall realise how important your role has been, and your reward shall come from the knowledge that you helped lift Man out of the Dark Ages and into the Light. In helping others you have also furthered your own evolution by raising your vibrations. All of the time there are greater forces than on Earth, also playing their part by beaming great pulses of positive energies to you. Everything revolves around the movements of energy, and it shall bring the time of Ascension to you that will end this cycle. Many are ready for it and it will start yet another journey into the higher realms, that offer all the beauty and peace that you seek.


As you stand today you have little or no recollections of your past. Yet you have had literally hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes, going back thousands of years. It is as well it is this way, as you would not wish to carry the full burden of memories of your past lives. This is why in your present one you have little waking knowledge of your recent ones, as they could be distracting. You need your undivided attention on what you set out to do in this life, and you are guided to take opportunities that take you in the right direction. Each one is planned to bring you a certain level of advancement along your evolutionary path. It is also the release of Karma whilst furthering your awakening to the truth of who you really are, and your reason for being here.


Life is not a random experience that meanders along without real purpose. It is everything but that, although many do not identify with any particular pattern of opportunity in their lives. If you change your direction in life you may be sure that it is for a particular reason, and it is a time to be very aware of what is happening. Life may not always turn out as you wish or intend, but it will be leading you to highlights that are going to be very important to you. So much is arranged through Spirit, and that applies to everyone’s lives regardless as to whether they work in the dark or Light. Both have Guides to ensure as far as possible that each life fulfils the plan that they brought with them to Earth.


We see All as through the eyes of God, and know that you en-act your parts in the grand play of duality that is peculiar to Earth. Without each side, there would not be the same opportunity for learning about these opposing forces. They present you with a multitude of chances to lift yourselves up, and in a way that is quicker than in any other type of situation. The whole object of your experiencing is for your spiritual growth and evolution. It will continue to do so as you move through the various dimensions of Light, and in ways that you choose. The coming changes are a wonderful opportunity to leave all of the old behind, and set out on new ventures that you will have decided upon. You will most likely move into a group of souls of a similar vibration, and experience the Oneness that it will bring you. There are also those who have awaited your return and are your true family in the Higher Realms.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and when we arrive on Earth, we shall identify with many of you who have come from civilisations that are part of our Federation. Some of you already know your links with us, and from our point of view it will be a great homecoming. However, there will still be plenty of work to do, and we cannot emphasise sufficiently what an asset you will be to us. Ours is not a fleeting visit although our projects will be completed in short time. We shall travel with you and meet again on equal terms, as you regain your higher status as great Beings of Light. You have forgotten who you are as you have had your consciousness enveloped in darkness, but your Light has always shone through. We come to reveal the truth of your being and help lift you up again, to where you can be the true Light Beings you always were.


Look for the signs that will reassure you of victory, as they are becoming evident. Soon we will address you in person, as the day of our coming looms nearer. Link with our energies that carry the Love and Light we hold for you. We shall help pave the way for your successful conclusion to this cycle.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.