Ela  13-June-2008


Dear Ones you are obsessed with time, and for many it rules their lives. Of necessity it plays a big factor in all you do, but outside of Earth it has no place as all is in the Now. Linear time is most appropriate for the type of experiences you have, and for the dimension you are in actually helps you organise your activities. The thought of being without “time” is difficult to comprehend, but it is normal once you enter the higher dimensions. You have a system of looking at life and putting it into compartments, and you call them the “past, present and future” yet all exist and run parallel to each other. Time is an illusion that can seemingly run slow or fast depending on your perception of it. Currently you are experiencing what you call a speeding up of time, and it is taking you into an altered state that is part of the process of Ascension.


You can go backwards and forwards in time, and you will find that it alters the fabric of Space. It is not constant and that is not telling you anything new, and is understood by your scientists. It is now coming within your personal experiences as you centre within yourself, and in such practises as meditation where you change your level of consciousness. It has been your experience that when you leave your body and later return, your concept of time has changed. In what may be a relatively short time away from it, you seem to have been able to achieve an inordinate amount of functions that otherwise would have been impossible.


There are many aspects of your lives that are changing as you continue to raise your vibrations. Time becomes less important, and as you release yourself from its hold it is for example possible to visualise change and manifest its result more quickly. Take a situation where you have an illness or injury, and through the visualisation of it in a healed state you can reverse the condition. It comes about through invoking your power of creation, and the “thought” is an instruction to your body cells to change. Self-healing takes place more than you realise, and you tend not to credit yourself with such success. The power of your thought is increasing which is why due warning is given to you to use it wisely.


If you are one who is preparing for Ascension, what I have said so far will not be totally new to you. As you spend more time in a heightened state of awareness, so you will expand your consciousness. Through that you will intuitively understand what moving into Ascension means, and it will come very natural to you. It comes through a new way of thinking and acceptance of the Oneness of All That Is. You will comprehend the link with your Higher Self, and the wisdom and love it carries that are yours to use. This is part of the process of change within yourself, and gradually you will be in more constant touch with your higher level of being. The pull of the earthly energies will have less attraction for you, and you will spend more time working from the level of your higher consciousness.


What you are going through are vital and necessary changes in readiness for the upliftment of your consciousness. Through your intent and desire to lift up you are attracting the higher energies to yourself, and in consequence it will progress in a harmonious way. In reality there is nothing difficult in raising your consciousness, it simply comes down to where you place your focus. Let go of those thoughts that no longer serve you and intrude upon your mind. You carry much baggage of this nature in your subconsciousness, and it often comes from life patterns established prior to your present one. You have been thinking and acting from self-programming that is carried from one life to another. Now you are creating a whole new Self that reflects your higher ambitions and intent to rise up out of duality.


You are loved and revered for your tenacity and willpower that has carried you through your present cycle of experience. You have worked your way through the darkness of your soul, and found the Light to open your eyes again as to your true destiny. There is no difference from one to another except that some of you have dedicated more of your time to seeking the truth. There are many distractions upon Earth, and the dark ones would hold you back to maintain their power over you. Some feel trapped and cannot find a way out, but be assured that once they do express the desire to change help will be there.


You have never been totally alone on your journey, no matter how far you have wandered from the Light. You are accompanied all of the way, but allowed your freedom of choice to experience as you desire. There will always come a time when you become introspective, and examine what your purpose of life is and what you have achieved. It is at these times your Guides will draw near to you and try to influence your thoughts for the better. Progress must ultimately take in your spiritual growth, as it is the most important aspect of your experiences. Nothing else matters although it may for a period of time hold it back. Even in your present life you are experiencing the ups and downs of your choices, and now more than ever it is important to let go of the past.


It is usually guilt that is the obstacle to your progress, and too much time is spent trying to re-live those aspects of your life that trouble you. Take what you can from them and move on, knowing that your future will take care of any uncleared karma. It is likely that providing the lessons are considered to have been learnt, that you will in any event be released from them. God in his wisdom and Love is all caring and compassionate, and has no desire to see you punish yourself for your indiscretions. If necessary you can face the same situation again, and the odds are that you will successfully overcome it. You are the hardest judge of yourself, but when you make decisions about your future Higher Beings help you with their great wisdom and understanding.


I am Ela from Arcturus, part of your Galactic Federation teams waiting to be called upon to assist in your cleansing and Ascension. Meantime we endeavour to guide you and open your consciousness to the higher understanding. We fully know you as your true selves, and when we say you are great beings we mean it. You descended from our levels to enter duality, prepared to lose your identity for the duration of your lower experiences. Now we have come to help lift you up again to your former glory. Bless you All.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey