SaLuSa  11-June-2008


The net closes more tightly on the ones who are refusing to concede to the Light, and allow the intended changes to manifest. There is a time beyond which this situation will no longer be tolerated, and intervention by us will take place. However, you are making great strides on more than one front to remove those who stand in the way of progress. There are a number of options that can have a bearing on the outcome, and we are confident that you will achieve success mainly through your own painstaking endeavours. Since we do not use or support aggression and solve problems by peaceful means, it is an unavoidably slow process.


We know that many of you sense the nearness of victory over the dark forces, and very soon we expect to see some firm indication as to how it will take place. The unremitting work of our allies is about to reap its rewards, and we fully anticipate that it will pay off before the end of this year. This is our objective, but there is always a degree of uncertainty, as the response of the dark may yet again temporarily stall the final outcome. One thing is for sure and that is the final capitulation of their leaders, who will eventually have no other way out. It will be a period of great celebration as the people are released from the hold of the tyrants. Even for those who are not so well informed, the truth of recent events will be readily accepted. The required evidence will irrefutably back criminal charges against those involved, and they will be legally removed from their positions.


Your world is in turmoil for many reasons, and the cancer of darkness has carried it to the edge of the abyss. The lack of spiritual guidance and leadership is lacking, and those with personal ambitions have taken over most governments. The military junta in many other countries rule by force, and in consequence millions of people are suffering at their hands. Through the changes that will commence in the U.S. will arise a constitutional model for similar ones elsewhere. It will become a leader again by example and bring the world into the New Age of peace and prosperity. That looks to be a long way off in view of the collapsing economies everywhere, and hard times will be experienced before the new systems can be fully incorporated.


Try to keep your minds and focus on the future, and see any hold up as a challenge that can be met. The promises made to you will materialise, and our part in bringing them about will ensure a speedy conclusion. In retrospect the waiting you are now experiencing will seem well worthwhile, as once we can start working with you the results will be clearly seen taking place. We will be working together, and many of you have come to Earth at this time for that very purpose. For many, many years you have had spiritual guidance aimed at bringing in more Light and understanding. As you stand now you have never been so well informed, and it has removed the hold of those who would keep you in the Dark Ages.


We are not coming to set up another religion, but will bring the absolute truth of your history so that the various ones that now exist can find a way of uniting together. There has been nothing but war and conflict between those of different beliefs, and there has to be a coming together by setting their differences aside. There is only the One Truth, and it has gradually infiltrated into your consciousness and allowed for a reappraisal of your beliefs. Some will not let go as they fear the consequences of change, but given time the majority will accept the truth and wisdom of what will be presented to you. Much to some peoples chagrin, they will find that their religion does not put them in a superior position. There are no such groups as the “Chosen Ones” and in God’s eyes all are equally loved and cherished. Separatism is something born out of the differences between them, deliberately encouraged by those who have sought control over you.


We have told you so often that “You Are One” and over the last century the barriers between you have been gradually broken down. It matters not which identity you pin upon yourselves, in the ultimate you are all souls experiencing duality in your own chosen way. Therefore accept that others desire to travel a different path to yours, and allow them to experience just as you are by your choice. The problem for Mankind has been the use of power to enforce others to follow a different creed, and it has resulted in many wars and bloodshed in the name of God. God is the Love and Light in everyone’s life, and you are as Gods Children in one great family and loved beyond measure.


The Golden Age beckons and will raise those dear souls up that are prepared in readiness for the process of Ascension. Duality will seem but a bad dream, and be quickly forgotten as you step fully into the Light. Already many can put its influence aside, as they become centred within and connect with their Higher Self. You are merging to become as the One, and return to that level of higher consciousness when you were All Knowing. You will become once more the Angels that you were in distant times before the beginning of this cycle. Some find this idea difficult to accept, but with time it will become apparent to you that you are not just your physical body, but also a grand and beauteous Being of Light.


What is happening as this cycle closes is for some unbelievable, and just as you are completing your experiences of duality the dark forces must now also complete their tasks. They are evolving just as you are, even though they have virtually subdued their spark of Light. Be compassionate in your thoughts about them, and hold no malice or desire of retribution against them. The Universe is perfect and God accepts those souls that have gone astray, every bit as much as those who have stepped into their Light. It is not given to you to know the evolutionary life plan of others, but simply know that they have chosen their path as you have and also contribute to the whole.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are one of the principal groups very much attached to you. To you we are as human in appearance, as are many civilisations that comprise the Galactic Federation. There are others less human as you would see them but all are ascended Beings with much love for you and Mother Earth, and we are One together on this great journey


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.