Diane  09-June-2008


Our work with you never ceases, and we continue to draw nearer to you. We see many of you awakening to your task, of contributing to the final efforts to bring total Light and Truth to Earth. First the Light comes to you from within, and then you find a strong urge to share your new found truth with others. It is a glorious and uplifting time when your search brings it to fruition. The truth is so simple in essence and based on the Creator’s Love, a love that knows no bounds and is totally unconditional. The earthly love that carries intense passion and emotions is not the same, and is often accompanied by a feeling of possessing that which is the object of your attention. Unconditional Love asks for nothing in return, and is given freely in all circumstances. It is the level of understanding that is your goal in the present time, with ever increasing energies being sent to Earth to lift you up.


What you are experiencing in these end times is an opportunity to finally throw off the bonds that have held you back. You have been tied to your own reality and it has not reflected the totality of your true being, as one who has the potential to be a Light Being. Where previously you have fallen deeper into the negativity created upon Earth, you now look for a path out of it and the way is through Ascension. If you desire to change your experiences you create another pathway that lifts you up into the higher vibrations. We and many other ascended Beings with your permission, help direct your attention to the way forward. Much of this has already been placed in your life contract, as you have come into it with that intention. Heaven rejoices each time a soul expresses such desires, and with help you are assured of success.


Those who are well along the path to Ascension find they are able to centre themselves, and have effectively created a ring of protection that saves them from the negative energies that are around them. This is truly an example of being in the Earth but not of it, and breaking the link to energies that no longer serve your purpose. Instead you are becoming a living example of Love in action, and are helping lift others in the process. In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, your presence is helping maintain a balance between the dark and Light. The effect is much more powerful than you realise and is a great contribution to bringing more Light to the Earth.


Life on Earth can be a pleasurable experience, but if it is to further your evolution it needs to be balanced by attention to your spiritual progress. Many young people have little understanding of the purpose of life, and seek satisfaction by feeding the lower senses. This will never totally bring the fulfilment they seek, and we are saddened to see that they often turn to drugs to experience illumination. They are not the panacea that they appear to be, and bad experiences are as likely as those that are uplifting. The only certain way is to develop a higher consciousness, and help will be there to point such souls in the right direction. Sometimes it is necessary to drop into the darkness of a self-induced hell, before the experience has served its purpose. It is far better to experience the highs through the joy of finding your true path into the Light.


A sense of direction is sadly missing from Earth, and few of those holding the reins of power are aware of where the Earth is heading. Power, greed and corruption are endemic, and the people cry out for a leadership that acknowledges their freedom to determine their own future. For too long it has been gradually eroded, until now you are subjected to all manner of controls. Many have been introduced through “false flag” incidents, or contrived by creating the very conditions they are supposed to protect you against. Dear Ones, you must be more discerning and not accept on face value what you are told. You are being deliberately misled, so as to gain your support for acts that are designed to limit your rights even further. It is time to signal your refusal to give up your sovereignty any further, and demand from your representatives they use their authority to support you.


As it grows the Light is empowering many people who are working to bring peace to Earth. It is also lifting your consciousness to higher levels, and with it comes a greater understanding of the truth. It will enable you to consciously direct the Light to where it is needed, and eventually it will weaken the power of the dark to infiltrate your lives. The game you play is one that is most serious, and is important to you as an individual and Humanity as a whole. It is about raising your consciousness and that of the Earth, so that you continue to prepare for the completion of this cycle. Once you understand that the simple secret of life is being able to live in your Light and share it with others, you will know beyond doubt that you are on the correct path. You will acknowledge your ability to determine your own experience, and life will become most satisfying.


Time is an illusion but part of your lives, and as you see the end times approaching it would seem there is little time left. However, the Light is becoming more powerful, and enables those who seek the truth to find it. Once you realise your true potential, you will find the power from within to control your life and move into the direction you wish to go. All knowledge is within, but by all means be guided by others who have already moved down the path of fulfilment. They can help you awaken that which has lain dormant, and soon you will be able to find your own path. Not every one has the same objective or expectation of what the closing of this cycle will bring. However, it must end and a new one will commence regardless of any attempts to create a different reality. It has been decreed by the highest authorities, and the many paths you have created must eventually lead you home.


I am Diane from Sirius, and stand by with the Galactic Federation in readiness to speed on your preparations for Ascension. You will know by now that you and your Earth must be ready to lift up, and will ascend when the final burst of galactic energies enter your solar system. It will be the time of “going through” to the higher realms, and the commencement of another cycle in your evolutionary experience. This time it will bring you totally into the Light, and the splendours of love, harmony and balance will enfold you. It will be a just reward after all of your experiences and the hard work you have put in.  


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey