Atmos  06-June-2008


There are many events unfolding on Earth, and some are just being revealed. An opportunity is arising that can give our allies the chance to halt the latest plans of the dark. Although it has been generally accepted that Bush et al never invaded Iraq with the intention of leaving or withdrawing the troops, the evidence for this decision is now being leaked into the public domain. It calls to account those who can stop the permanent occupation of a country that posed no threat against the world. It is time to stand up and refuse to pass such legislation and turn the tide against those of the Illuminati, who brazenly pursue their agenda of global control. The more you allow such forces to extend their power, the more they unsettle the whole world and become a greater threat to peace than ever before.


The average person still does not understand the degree of covert actions that have been taken, and are still taking place to extend the influence of the dark in the pretext of national interests. It is by no means a new development, and has been taking place for many years. You can go back at least 200 years and find the dark influence already at work, and it has gradually extended its regional ambitions to ones that take in the whole world. Their agenda will never achieve the control they seek, but Man has to confront the issue otherwise there will be an uncomfortable period before the dark are stopped in their tracks. It is a testing time that will show to what degree you are awakening as to what is going on around you. No one can hide away from the truth, and it calls for combined world-wide action to halt the present plans of the dark.


We try not to overly influence your thinking and actions, and guide you into the truth so that you can make your own decisions. However, we see the overall picture and there is a strong movement developing that needs to co-ordinate its actions, and then freedom can be restored through the removal of the dark regime. We are behind our direct allies at the heart of what is taking place, but they would gain much strength from knowing that their support was spreading. You will move into a new era in one way or another, and we still hold the authority to act as a last measure if all else fails to bring you victory over the dark forces. How much better it would be if Man signalled his resolve and intention to finally stand up to the Illuminati and their minions, and be seen to lead the purge that will change your direction.


You are entering a period that will offer many opportunities to move forward, and the Light is gathering more people who demand the return of their freedom and sovereignty. It is a force to be reckoned with that will continue to grow exponentially, and must find its expression in the physical dimension. It is attracting like energies from the higher realms, and it serves to awaken others as to their true status as Beings of Light. With it comes a greater power to manifest a new reality, and that is why we place such great importance on it. You must project your vision of the future with clear intent, and as time continues to speed up so you will bring it into being much more quickly.


Never forget that the Creator and the Light forces stand totally behind you in your work to bring the Light to Earth. The plan has been laid down by them for the conclusion of this cycle, and regardless of any attempts to subvert it you can be totally assured of its total success. If you reflect upon what I have told you, it will be apparent to you that no mortal can hold the power to do otherwise. Therefore it will mean that your present experiences have to be played out, but there is no need to allow fear to enter your lives. You have already won the battle, and it only remains to remove the last obstacles to victory. We wait for this event to signal your release from the dark forces, and also allow us to proceed with openly revealing our presence.


Matters are deteriorating and the collapse of your old systems is inevitable. It is part of a vital cleansing that will make way for the new ones that will restore your Constitutional rights. You are seeing the pitfalls of materialism, just the same as communism imploded upon itself. Neither could expect to last without being based upon the principles of Love and Light. Your experiences of both are necessary as it was the consciousness of Man that brought them into being. Now it is time to find your spiritual self, and realise that the dark has taught you many lessons about your freedom of choice. Not least of all it has also revealed what powerful Beings you are, when you exercise your power of thought.


As you enter these last few years before Ascension, you will experience a higher consciousness as the Light permeates all life forms. With it you will find the wisdom and understanding that must come with your new found power of thought. It will not be totally new to you, as you have previously held the power of instant creation with your experience of the higher dimensions. The vibrations in those nearest to Earth, such as Nirvana are not far removed from your present ones, yet the ability to create through thought exists there. You really are so limited in the lower vibrations, which is why progress is so slow. Yet it will have served its purpose to allow your experience of Light and darkness working together.


Now you can focus on the future, and feel the energies of the Golden Age lifting you up into its beauty and grandeur. The harshness and brutality of the lower dimensions will give way to a peace that will settle upon Earth. Sever your links with the past, and know that you will take with you only that which still has a place in the higher dimensions. In real terms you will lose nothing and gain everything as you leave the old dimensions behind. The physical experience has been tiring and demanding, but out of it you have emerged a much greater Being than when you first stepped into duality.


I am Atmos of Sirius, and greet you on behalf of the Galactic Federation who are excited at the nearness of our coming together. Great times are ahead that shall deal with all of your worries and problems. We are old friends who will eventually become as One in the Light, but that is somewhat in the future. Meantime be of good cheer, and see your victory coming very shortly.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.