SaLuSa  04-June-2008


It is time to draw the line under the dark activities, and ensure their leaders are apprehended and placed where their influence can no longer be exerted. We believe that once this action has been taken, that many Beings will quickly lift themselves up and willingly join the Light forces. They will break their links with those who have become the tools of the dark, and an era of increased Light activity will begin. Many feel trapped in occupations that do not reflect their higher aspirations, and desire to bring out their Light-er side. Honesty and truth will be restored so that people do not have to wrestle with their conscience.


In a world that is centred on greed and power, there has been little opportunity to express your true selves. Often you are forced into situations that are outside of your control, and this very much appertains to the armed Forces. This is why discipline and punishment are both very severe, and you become numb to what is going on around you. For those on active service such as in the Middle East, the trauma that they face is also extremely difficult and there is so much mental stress. In these cases their conscience fights for release from the conditions they are thrown into. Not least of all is the daily risk of death or injury, and the pressures are intolerable and effecting their heart and soul.


Like many overpowering conditions on Earth, wars have blighted your lives and left a scar upon your memories, and sub-consciously these fears will continue to surface. Your experiences over many lifetimes never bring you into total acceptance of the need for war; on the contrary you gradually loathe the continual conflicts and search for those who can give you peace. First may come peace of mind when you can detach yourself from negative thoughts and actions, and can find that place where it resides within self. Your concerns become focussed upon what is happening around you, without being pulled into an emotional response. You will find that as one individual, you can create an energy around you that carries a stillness and calmness that helps others. In the ultimate it will be embraced by the giving freely of your energies of love.


The more you practise holding the peace and love within you, the easier it becomes to ride the waves of life that will often toss you around. No ones life is without incident or learning curves, but you can make it a lot easier by understanding your power to create harmony and balance around you. The collective result is a bonus for Humanity as the Mass Consciousness will benefit and it adds to the growth of the Light upon Earth. It is so vital to transmute the negative energies that have become anchored upon Earth, and must be cleared away as part of its cleansing.


We will not leave all of the clearing up to you, and we will take over the main thrust to ensure a speedy conclusion. There is much we can do to heal the sick and disabled, and even the cure for mental illness is within our scope. We have long ago moved beyond your present position of medical knowledge, and our healing methods are quick and efficient without the side effects. We have ways of performing operations without harm to the body, and recovery is instantaneous. We will be allowed to give healing to everyone, as soon the karma connected with this present aspect of life no longer applies. Entering the last period before Ascension you are to be made whole again, so that you will be fully prepared to take your place in the Higher Realms.


Day by day you are becoming more powerful with your creative abilities, and also becoming less prone to the ills of Earth as your physical body is changing. In bygone times you associated old age with a breakdown of your bodily functions, and you not only expected it but also helped create it through your power of thought. Now some of you are already noticing that you can retain good health into your twilight years, and although the body has aged you can still fully function. Dear ones, all of this is to be expected, as the incoming energies are altering the very fabric of space around you. The lifting up is already occurring, and there will be no return to the old conditions.


Think healing and think love, and these energies will speed up the whole process of change. Every Being involved with your evolution is doing so, and the Mighty Ones of your Central Sun are focussing their energies upon your solar system. Ascension is a massive event affecting your Universe, and we of the Galactic Federation are part of it. The Earth is a tiny planet, but one of great significance which is why we are here to ensure its success. You would otherwise be unable to carry out all of the necessary changes without help. As you know, we also curtail the activities of the dark forces, as the destruction of Earth is not written into the script. The end-times are to be victorious for you and whatever happens at this time, your future is assured.


You have not come so far to be thwarted by those that would prevent your progress. They have had their games ruling the Earth and its people, and now it is the time for a spiritual revolution. You will take back your sovereignty and freedom, and quickly restore the Earth and life forms that are to accompany you as you ascend. Our assistance will be freely and lovingly given, as we desire to see as many of you as possible move out of duality. It is up to each individual to decide where their future lies, and as always that will be your freewill choice. You chose to experience duality to speed up your evolution, knowing that you would have the opportunity to rise up out of it. Now it is that time to leave it behind and set your sights on the Golden Age.


I am SaLuSa and I can say with certainty that the end is near and not annihilation as some fear, but a recovery and restoration of Earth to its original beauty and splendour. In fact it will even surpass that, as along with you it will be lifted into the higher dimensions. Your planet will become a glittering diamond flashing with brilliance and beauty befitting its Ascension. You have a great joy and happiness to experience as this cycle closes. It is entering your lives now and will change you forever, and you will become that great soul of total love and compassion that came to Earth in the distant past of your experiences.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.