St. Germain  02-June-2008


As individuals you have created so many realities for yourselves having laid down your own pathway, now coming to the final stage that leads to Ascension. Many have your own expectations as to what that will mean, yet clearly not all can be right with their particular vision of the end-times. We know that those with a more perfect understanding, are sometimes puzzled the apparent inability of others to appreciate it in the same way. Yet so many of you within your own personal belief system recognise the end-times are here, if not the manner as to how they will play out.


Dear Ones, do not worry whether others around you share your beliefs. Allow them to experience life in the way that they have chosen, and believe me they will arrive at their destination just as you will. None of you have yet reached the point of total understanding, and you will not do so until you have evolved to the higher level of consciousness. What you are about to experience is what could be expressed as “the opportunity of a lifetime” because you are privileged to be on Earth at this time. Many already knows that there will be a cleansing, and that all life forms already prepared will rise up into the higher levels of existence. You call the process by many names, but the most apt one is Ascension. You will ascend in full conscious awareness, and when you awaken to the higher dimensions you will be refined and perfected in your bodily presentation. It is not called the Golden Age for nothing, and the exhilarating vibrations will feel like liquid gold all around you.


There are of course many who have neither felt or expressed an interest in their evolution, and a decision as to their future will be in the loving hands of those who are the Lords of Karma. You can stay at any level for as long as you desire, but always there is a driving force that makes you seek the purpose of life. Freewill can be either a godsend or an anchor round your neck; it depends how it is used and your understanding of it. It comes with total responsibility for your thoughts and actions that can be of a physical or mental nature. Even self-abuse is incorrect use of your freedom to experience as you wish. As so many of you now realise, there is no one else except you that will judge your lifetimes, although your review is accompanied by gentle, loving and understanding Beings. There is no incrimination or punishment, and least of all a God of Wrath.


Your sub-consciousness carries the total of all of your experiences, and it makes you what you are today. Hence you tend to find there are so many different versions of what life is about, and certainly many ideas of what the end-times mean. Unfortunately, the past has been littered with false teachings and they leave their mark upon your consciousness. Consequently, you find it difficult to be sure of anything that you hear about your past, and what the future holds. The dark forces have had a free hand to experience just as you have, and somewhere in that whirlpool of knowledge they have placed deliberate obstacles in your path. Bear in mind that duality is a battle between the darkness and Light, and when you originally entered it you knew fully well what a difficult challenge it would be. You also knew that you would never be left totally alone or deserted, and would leave the cycle a greater Being than when you started. The experience has left your psyche damaged, but as the Light proceeds to enfold the Earth in this present time, you will be healed.


Forget those stories about hell and eternal damnation, they are created by Man and exist simply because you have empowered them by your thoughts. Do you really believe that the All Powerful Mighty God of this Universe, a God of Unending Love would treat his children in such a way. If you reflect upon it I think not as you will realise that you Are One with All That Is and cannot be separated from it, and it is an illusion to think otherwise. The energy of Love surrounds you, and if darkness is the absence of Light you might ponder where Man has gone wrong. I will tell you that he has forgotten his spiritual heritage, and lost touch with his Higher Self and become a confused soul.


Start to think positively and live your life by the highest moral standards that you can rise up to. Do not be tempted at this eleventh hour to look back and have any regrets. What is ahead of you far surpasses anything you can yet imagine. The carnal pleasures have been yours for the experiencing, but it is time to close the book on that episode of your life. There are far higher levels delights that are pure and of absolute beauty, and they await your presence as ascended Beings. Everything on Earth is but a reflection of the true design and creations of God. Of course there is beauty on Earth, and it is from deep within the memory of Man of more spiritual times at their zenith.


Since you are more powerful than you realise, please train your thoughts to focus on all that is an expressing of Love. All that is of a lesser creation will eventually vanish and cannot proceed beyond the end of this cycle. See beauty and harmony wherever you go, and help create it where it is lacking. See within all of those Dear Ones you meet or those that you pass by the same yearning for happiness and fulfilment. Help make someone’s day with a smile or a kind word, as it really does make a difference. Instead of withdrawing from those who give out energy that is disruptive and unpleasant, try extending your loving energy to them. You can do a lot to raise the energy around you by these simple actions.


I am St. Germain and I know you well, and I come to lead you home. You must not waver at such a critical time, when the dark and Light are face to face in the final confrontation. We know that you have already won this battle, but it still has to travel its path to a conclusion. After eons of time you now stand ready to take your place with us, and we welcome you with open arms. Every soul that has returned to the Light, represents a great victory for your determination and drive to rise above the temptations that have accompanied you every step of the way. It is no mean achievement and the Heavens are already opening up and celebrating your arrival. Let them begin, as you are so near to the completion of your long and arduous journey. We salute you and enfold with our Love and Light.


Thank You St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.