St. Germain  04-June-2007


Dear Ones I am St. Germain with you on this final stage to Ascension. Along with many members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, your steps have been guided so as to keep to the path of enlightenment. Your path has been revealed to you over eons of time, and now it is time to fully recognize the wonderful opportunity that is presented to you. This is the lifetime that will exceed all expectations, and finally lift you up out of the lower vibrations into the Light.


We come not to impose ourselves upon you, but to show the way to those who have expressed a desire to complete their journey with the closing of this cycle. We have directed Manís evolution, and been the inspiration that has carried you through the darkest periods in your history. Now there is a grand awakening that gathers an unstoppable momentum. You are being released from the patterns of thinking that have held you back. Step into the Light and leave behind that which has no place within it.


It is noted that there is an awakening of Humanity not just to the truth, but how you have been trapped into thinking that your present reality is the limit of your experiences. Now many find that they are able to release themselves from the old Matrix, which has kept you in acceptance of conditions imposed upon you by the dark forces. You step back from world events and see the futility in continuing with wars of aggression, and even when so-called peace is declared see how cold wars are contrived to keep the war machine alive.


Rarely does the common Man instigate war or agree with its objectives. However, whereas it is necessary to defend yourselves against an aggressor, Man is not just cajoled but also forced into believing that it is his patriotic duty to support unprovoked attacks against his neighbors. There is no just cause for starting wars, as even the most vitriolic exchanges can be overcome with goodwill. The problem has been the cunning of the perpetrators of war, that has led to the creation of circumstances to justify it in the eyes of the public.


As the truth comes tumbling out so the trust in your leaders is evaporating very quickly. Now you read between the lines and anticipate their actions, and their response is to grant themselves sweeping powers that override any existing laws. They seek to silence your criticism and take away the right to free speech. Lies are resorted to as a means of deflecting your questions, and the more you probe the more they hide the truth. Fortunately, although the forces of Light and dark are standing face to face, it is a fight to the end and is one that can only result in a complete and utter defeat of the dark.


The truth can be tested and will be found not wanting, and despite threats against those who champion such a cause, brave souls find strength within and trust in those Higher Beings that monitor the affairs of Man. Be aware that if you have come to Earth to be a leader of the movements for truth and peace, you will have an unseen force of Light Beings working with you.


You will know if you have found the true Light within, as it will resonate with you in such a way that you will be in no doubt at all. The Light is your strength and your protection, and you will be able to hold onto it no matter what is thrown at you. Your greatest leaders have all had a belief in God, and that he smiled graciously upon those who went about their work in Love and Peace. There is a charisma and almost magnetic appeal about those who are thus inspired. They will stand out amongst lesser mortals because their Light will attract many souls of a like kind.


We sadly note that some groups who demonstrate against the activities of the dark, cannot restrain themselves and keep to peaceful action. By acting in a violent way you simply play into the hands of those who support the dark. They paint you as subversive and left wing regardless, and this gives them cause to create even greater powers for themselves. These are both delicate and critical times, and we encourage you to conduct yourselves in a manner that upholds and amplifies your intentions. Peaceful actions are essential, otherwise the public are mislead as to the true reasons for them, and violence begets violence and has never provided any lasting answer to your protests.


There are wonderful individuals and groups that quietly work away at changing things upon Earth. Collectively they are an Army of Light that gently and positively works toward their objectives. They will succeed because they are helping create the necessary changes. Whereas the dark forces only hold sway and power whilst they can keep you in fear, and their weapons and methods are always destructive. Light creates, and there has never been a time when so much is being generated upon Earth. Accordingly, it is also a special time because it is attracting even more Light to Earth.


It is a beautiful sight to see so many of you awakening to your true selves, and understanding that you already have the power to effect changes upon Earth. The Divine Plan has taken into account your drive and intent to bring them about, and assistance is being given where appropriate. You are fulfilling your own life plan to be part of the Light forces, and many are just realizing their own responsibilities. In spite of all the drawbacks and attempts of the dark to prevent your aspirations being manifested, it is a great time to be present upon Earth. Nothing will compare to the great joy you will feel in eventually knowing that you have contributed to the lifting up of mankind.


You are becoming so much more aware of your potential that many are exercising their power of creation to contribute to the changes. Visualization with a firm intent is bringing about a speeding up of the promised manifestation of the new Earth. Out of the seeming chaos the phoenix rises in an aura of brilliant gold, and truly the Golden Age has commenced.


Feel the new energies as they seek you out, and embrace them so as to allow them to become part of the new you. All is in a state of change and it is you who will decide how far you go, as the path to a glorious future opens out wide before you.


Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey.