St, Germain  15-June-2007


As you go about your daily routine, you are often remote from the greater happenings. You become engrossed in the matters of the day that often fully occupy your attention. This is why it is so important that you allow time for yourself and your own thoughts. Each day it is a useful exercise to ask what you have learnt from it. Perhaps you have been required to do things against your better judgement, or had less than desirable contact with other beings.


Wherever you are and no matter what you are doing, you are continually forced to consider your actions and those of others. It is not always possible to change the ways of others, but you can project forward ideas of your own. It is the continual changes in people’s consciousness that eventually decides their approach and attitude to others. Mass consciousness is therefore also continually changing, and it has a general effect that moves large numbers of people towards a new way of expressing themselves.


The influences upon Earth are a dominant factor, and a critical player in them is your media. You are becoming more discerning, and through your ability to analyze matters can see through the false information that is fed to you as the truth. From a higher level you are given every help to enable you to ascertain the truth, and it largely takes the form of direct influence through your Guides. In a more general manner there are the uplifting energies that are continually being played upon you from the Realms of Light. The battle of Light and dark is a personal one, but it also determines the state of your Mass Consciousness.


The value of what you are offered can be summed up inasmuch that if it causes harm to another, then it is of the dark energies. Man has levels of acceptance that have been imposed upon him, and many never question what they are expected to do. Of course, where your livelihood is concerned it is necessary to be cautious, but there are always opportunities to make a subtle point. It is talking amongst yourselves that moulds attitudes of mind, where  often the majority opinion holds sway.


People ask what they can do to change things, and there are numerous ways including the political process, and exchange of information on your Internet. With the intent to become active in this way, you will certainly find an outlet for your thoughts. You may have heard that through prayer or meditation you have a direct line to God, and this is absolutely true. Although it may surprise you it is instantaneous, and back through your Higher Self you will get a response. The problem for you at times is that you expect to receive exactly what you have requested, and tend to ignore any other response. Also, some answers to your requests require solutions that take time to manifest.


Man has always had a tendency to be impatient where the answer to prayers are concerned. Realize that your life is closely intertwined with others, and there has to be an overall consideration as to your effect upon them. There is additionally a karmic plan for your life that has been agreed by you, and although you may try to alter it you will be guided to follow that pre-ordained path. Freewill does not give you carte blanche where karma is concerned, as it will always remain as a task that you will be required to experience.


At this critical time Mankind is at the crossroads, and it would be so easy to “follow the leader”. If however you are to determine your own future, you must now exercise your own power so that decisions become yours alone. The power of thought is not fully understood, yet is operating with or without your co-operation, and laying down your future reality. Some look elsewhere for guidance, but look within where you already have the answers you seek.


Although Man loves to belong to groups particularly where you are of a like kind, often his greatest achievements are a result of communion with himself. You ask questions and sometimes answers are not always provided in the way you expect, as they can be in a symbolic form or enacted in your dreams. Generally dreams are vague ramblings of your waking mind, but every so often you will find one that clearly impinges itself upon your consciousness. Take note of these as they usually have a message for you. On other occasions you may be drawn to other people who you have been led to you, and can be instrumental in providing what it is you require.


Life is really quite simple if you know how things work, and as I have informed you the best advice and help comes from within. With the hectic lifestyles some of you have it is difficult to find those quiet moments that are essential for you. However, do try and set aside a little time every day to reflect on what you have learnt. It is also an ideal time to contemplate solutions to problems that are unresolved. When you are releasing the hundred and one thoughts that keep passing through your minds you can center on Self, and guidance can more easily come through.


Many souls are at this time are in a quandary, as they sense the changes and it makes them feel unsettled and sometimes agitated. They are often standing at the door of Truth, but cannot see that they enter it through Self. Help can be given by others, but they are also seeking their own path. By all means listen and note what appears to be sound advice, but at the end of the day – go within. You are all individuals and rarely do two think alike but wisdom can be found in many souls, and even those who do not otherwise claim to be spiritually inspired. Experience is the tool that advances your evolution, and is this not why your elders are revered.


The lessons of life revolve around the understanding of your ability to express your love towards all other life forms. When you can reach a level of expressing Unconditional Love, you will have no further need to experience in duality. Your vibrations will automatically unite you with those energies in the higher dimensions. You will have returned to levels that are the home of Light Beings. This is your natural evolutionary path and Ascension is the stepping-stone that lifts you up. Live in your love and give of it freely, and know that you are blessed by the Great Beings that are guiding Humanity back to Source.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.