SaLuSa  25-June-2007


The point is being reached when the dark can no longer cover up their tracks. People have become much wiser as to the ways of those who pot and plan for their own benefit. Respect and trust has all but vanished, and the probing and questioning that now takes place is revealing the true agenda of the Illuminati. This period of uncovering their deeds against humanity will continue, and as it does so more of you are becoming better informed. Knowledge is power and the thought forms of those seeking the truth are gathering energy, and helping expand the consciousness of those who are only just awakening.


Lightworkers are the silent yet not invisible army holding the banner of Truth. No laws or any form of intimidation can stop their movement that is growing by the day and gives strength to others. Realize that respected and honest people have at times been hoodwinked into serving the dark. Now that the truth is being revealed they are stepping forward with determination to tell of what they know. Once an individual takes such steps there are inevitably others who will follow.


The world watches and listens, and other major powers and their leaders are beginning to speak out in support of world change. This is an encouraging sign as the more countries that open up to the truth, the more easily the greater plan for Humanity can be manifested. The focus is on America because of the important role they will have to play in the future. They hold the reins of power, but as their authority has been tarnished by the actions of the dark, so their leadership has been questioned and openly challenged. However America will rise up out of the ashes of ruin resulting from covert actions, which have altered people’s perception of their ability or right to lead.


The nation that leads must be known for its honesty and truthfulness in its dealings with others. Without respect and trust it will fall just as other great ones before it. Built into laws are spiritual tenets that are intended to guide Man in the right direction, and in America that took the form of your Constitution. It will be restored once again to reflect a new found path, and the journey to Ascension will be competed in accordance with the greater plan.


It matters not how hard the dark try to destroy the Light carried by so many souls. It is indestructible, and will always overcome the adversity and oppression that is deliberately perpetrated by the dark forces. Every soul carries the Light and Love regardless of what happens outside of it in the physical realms, and it will always continue to grow from within. That has been the message of your enlightened teachers, and Man’s evolution is destined to continually go forward.


Soon the purpose of life will become clear, and those who have been confused and mislead by others will find the dross cleared away. This will enable them to awaken to the truth of their purpose in life, and clear the dark shadows that have blighted it. The upliftment of the energies upon Earth is bringing about subtle changes within the psyche of people, and they are recognizing their own divinity and oneness with all life. These are times of great revelations that will be hastened by the coming of the Galactic  Federation and many great souls of Light. You have heard the expression that “when the pupil is ready the Master appears” and that time is upon you. The whole of Humanity will be given the opportunity to carry its evolution forward, by learning the truth and purpose of its journey through duality.


Many individuals already have an understanding of their spiritual self. You are not your physical body, and that part of you that lasts for infinity is your soul. It is an aspect of your Higher Self, your true Self, and will travel on through various experiences as part of your evolutionary path. All experience adds to your understanding, but from your time in duality you will have taken a great step up unequalled at any previous time.


The Earth is a great school of learning that results in your rapid evolution, and when the Master’s return they will put the final piece of the jigsaw in place. Before you ascend you will be fully aware of the truth, and the memories of your battles in duality will soon fade into oblivion. You will take with you a new understanding, and no one will be in any doubt as to their spiritual heritage.


This time is ripe with opportunity for everyone, but your focus needs to be on the expanding Light opening the eyes and hearts of so many souls. Forget the trauma and chaos happening upon Earth, it will pass by and was never intended to bring about the end of this cycle. It is the clearing and cleansing of energies that have held you back, and plunged you into the continuing cycle of confrontation. That energy is being transmuted, and in its place is a wonderful pure energy that can lift you up, and will carry you forward.


Keep your thoughts on all that is positive and will bring the Light and Love  into being. As a collective of Humanity it is your place to change what is not of the Light. Help is given, but you are the instruments through which it is grounded upon Earth. You are the vehicles that carry this energy wherever you go, and aiding the transmutation process. It is such a special time and you knew this to be so when you incarnated, although for many this knowledge still lies within their subconsciousness. However, the combined efforts of Man are bringing about a glorious awakening within your soul.


Serving all others through love for your fellow travelers, is inherent in your consciousness and the driving force behind you. Extend your love beyond your own family and friends, because you are All One in the Family of God.


I am SaLuSa and I bring the great Love and Light that is a feature of my Sirian family from the stars, and we love you as our own. I bless you all for your endurance at a time when you are being sorely tested to the utmost limits. I am just one of many waiting to come amongst you.  


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey                  

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