SaLuSa  11-June-2007


Dear friends there is a paradox upon Earth that is going to ensure that completion occurs as planned. The Light is now growing so quickly against the perception that the dark is also doing so, yet the truth is quite different. The fact is that the dark is collapsing within, whilst otherwise appearing to extend its influence further a field. They try to create an impression of still being in control, when in fact they are losing their grip upon the world. You have to bear in mind that their agenda is to extend their power to enable world domination, and anything less would be considered a failure.


The Light continues to bring out the truth, and it is noticeable that in spite of efforts to cover it up with lies it is being laid bare for all to see. Where people have gained much strength is through their belief that Man is entitled to certain rights, as were embodied in the Constitution. They are claiming back their sovereignty and rightly demanding that such claims are acknowledged.


There is an inborn knowing that you carry with you, and it is surfacing in these times of immense change. You not only see where Man has been deliberately misled, but now have that inner feeling of a destiny that is carrying you into a New Age. Many cannot see anything other than despair, and doubt that the future can bring changes to what appears to be a headlong rush into chaos.


We of the Galactic Federation and the Brotherhood of Light, have been working for quite some time to bring back the Light to Earth. Now our efforts and those of our allies are bringing success, and a Great Awakening is taking place. Without it, progress would be impossible given that our role is to respond to your will and intent. Now so many of you realize that vast changes have to be made if you are to change the direction of Mankind.


What makes our task a lot easier is that much of what is required of you comes from a deep knowing within. You are changing your reality slowly but surely and the Light is your strength. It cannot be stopped in its forward march that will inevitably bring into manifestation all that is good and wholesome. Our part is to assist you and in so doing your future is assured, and history will show that we answered your calls for help and guided you to Ascension.


Through your desires for change, we are able respond in a way that ensures they manifest. Many who are unfamiliar with our presence and our role of working with you, have no idea of what to expect but do know that life should offer something quite different to what you are experiencing. It is our allies upon Earth that will assist those who are seeking answers, until we can openly greet you and address all of the people. For many the most difficult concept will be that life abounds everywhere in the Universe.


The idea of different dimensions leading to realms of pure Light is a difficult concept, but we shall explain that in terms that will be understandable. The Masters who have lived upon Earth many times and guided you will return, and they will complete the teachings that they started eons of time ago. You have been deliberately misled in the past, and false beliefs have confused you to the point of not knowing the truth. It was not long ago that Monotheism replaced beliefs in multiple Gods, and the seeds of wisdom and truth given to you have come to fruition. Nevertheless, the truth is still distorted by teachings that have confused your minds.


Your trust is something that we will quickly need to gain, and our approach over eons of time has been carefully planned with this in mind. You have learnt that we have been instrumental in guiding your evolution for eons of time, and have visited you on numerous occasions. You will find no evidence of direct interference with your progress unless it has been divinely decreed. We are not mavericks or rebels although some Extraterrestrials act in this way. We are of the Light and have always acted out of service to you, and in no way for self-aggrandizement.


We have many friends upon Earth, and also many of our own who are knowingly working with us. There has been the outworking of a massive plan to bring you back into the Light, and that is because it is your rightful place. Duality is merely a passing phase, yet one that has proven to be so important to your evolution. Nothing is without purpose, and we who have recognized and accepted the Oneness of All That Is, are returning to welcome you back into the Light. Your place with us is assured, and all who have accepted this change of reality will already have stepped upon this path.


With freedom of choice still paramount we do not coerce anyone into following us, but everyone will still have the opportunity to understand the meaning of Ascension. Life is infinite, and it has always been your choice as to what you desire to experience. However, everything is always moving onwards because all experience is fluctuating and eventually it will carry you forward. Your consciousness has been curtailed through various reasons, not least of all by deliberate interference with your genetic make up. Your scientists are now discovering how your genes determine many aspects of your life, and already understand how they can be manipulated to order.


Many thousands of years ago in the Atlantean times, genetic engineering was a science that was fully understood and practiced. However it degenerated into practices that were abhorrent and all types of abominations were produced. Through covert experimentation you have already reached that same point, but it will be immediately discontinued with the coming of First Contact. Our presence will signal the end of many practices that are not of the Light, that have no place in the higher dimensions that are Manís destiny.


I am SaLuSa one of a team of Sirianís that are charged with enlightening Humanity in readiness for our coming. We touch upon many aspects of your lives and soon we will be able to fully explain your history, without the distortion or falsehoods that presently exist. You are in reality wonderful Beings that we feel privileged to serve, and hold you in great esteem and love.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.