Ker-on  29-June-2007


Remain calm and focussed whatever may be happening around you, with the assurance that all will ultimately work out for the betterment of Mankind. The Spiritual Brotherhood has not accompanied you on your journey so far, to be denied the victory that is yours. You have been watched over and guided for millennia of time, often without any indication that we have been with you. Whether on an individual basis or as the Human Race, we have walked with you and marked out your path. Help and guidance is always there, and will continue more so as you move into the higher realms.


Imagine what you may have experienced in your many travels upon Earth, yet here you are now seemingly none the worse for them. Indeed, you have absorbed the lessons of life, and now you stand ready for another upliftment of great importance. Whatever has happened in the past, you have carried forward an understanding of its spiritual meaning, and lessons once learnt do not need to be repeated.


There is always an understanding that as you rise up you hold out a helping hand to others. Service is the key word for those who understand the path of evolution. As we have informed you, it is impossible to stand still as everything around you is in a state of flux. The Mass Consciousness of Humanity affects you, and it is continually changing your concepts and ideas. There are subtle energies at play the whole time, that are creating or re-creating your future. However, this all happens within the Creator’s greater plan for Man.


With the ending of the cycle in sight, great importance has been attached to ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to understand what is taking place. Certainly it will become more apparent that the end times have arrived, as more people sense the changes that occurring. As you see them these are chaotic times, but you will come to realise that much of the activity is the falling away of that which is no longer required. It will become apparent that there is a purpose in all that is happening, and it will be highlighted by major events that are about to occur. The pieces will fall into place, and the hopelessness that many feel will change to one of great expectations.


Our role as the Galactic Federation is very much concerned with your enlightenment. For a long time now we have contacted you and informed you of our mission. From warning you of your path to destruction, we have moved forwards and in latter days have informed you of our impending arrival. There are those who have relentlessly pursued a policy of cover-ups to keep our presence secret, but that has been to no avail. Now we have increased our sightings as deliberate acts to allow more people to become aware of us.


Within your Mass Consciousness now lies a mental picture that allows for our presence. There are very few people that have not seen our craft firsthand, or know someone who has. This has created a general feeling of acceptance of us, and we can say that the Galactic Federation has never been involved in what you know as abductions. These actions are almost entirely carried out by the Greys, and are not necessarily in the category of kidnappings. Most people involved have agreed to allow such experiences; in the interests of helping the Greys secure their threatened future and survival of their species.


Many revelations will be brought out following our arrival upon Earth, and will shock you but the truth of your history must be told. You have been living under false beliefs that have caused to you to become lesser Beings. You have lived repeated periods of oppression that go on until this day, and held back from the realisation of your true selves. Your power has been usurped many times by those who have used you to fulfil their own agenda. It has gone on for so long, you have come to believe you are subservient to those who rule. You are sovereign Beings who should be creating your own future.


Dear Ones, you are great Beings of Light and to your credit have continued to follow your higher understanding of the purpose of life. Now we see many who are taking back their rights, and making a stand against those who have taken them away. These brave souls are deserving of your support, and you will find more of them coming out into the open. You have said loud and clear many times that you desire an end to conflict, and that it is the time for people to come together in a common cause for peace. Your cries do not go unheeded even if your leaders turn their backs upon you. Your pleas have reached the realms of Light, and it is decreed that you shall have your peace.


What may seem an impossible task for you is one that could easily be enforced by us. However, that is not our way, and our help is offered in many ways that bring you enlightenment and encouragement to take matters into your own hands. We advocate peaceful action, and have vowed not to interfere with the natural progression of other souls. We will by all means offer love and guidance, and that has been behind our direct approach to your leaders on many occasions. Our help has been refused because it would have meant their loss of power over you, and a completely new path for Mankind.


By example we have shown that we come with peaceful intentions, although even now your leaders plot ways of showing otherwise. That will not succeed, and we shall turn any such attempts to our advantage and reveal those behind them. With our superior technology you may wonder why your dark forces are allowed to proceed with their plans, but that is because of the very reasons of non-interference that we follow. We cannot, or would not impose ourselves upon a sovereign state, as you have created your reality for your own experiences.


However, there is now a time decreed for the conclusion of this cycle, and in this we have been granted authority to ensure that it is brought about peacefully. There is no conflict involved and very soon you shall see great steps forward that bring about the first changes, that shall act as a trigger to all else. Our motivation is your release from the dark, and even so you shall see it will be carried out in loving consideration to all who are involved.


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.