Ker-On  22-June-2007


Dear Ones, there is a great movement towards truth that is threatening to bring the full facts of 9/11 into the open. Already many individuals and groups are compiling information bringing out new revelations, that are squarely placing the blame upon your Government. It means that more strength and resolve is being put into efforts to bring the guilty parties to account for their actions. It will certainly signal the end of their political careers, and could yet bring down those who have operated behind the scenes. The cover-ups only serve to reveal those who give their assistance to the dark forces.


The energies for change are building up, and as you may notice a number of movements are poised ready to break out with their findings. Once the public get a taste for the truth there will be no stopping the floodgates from opening. The shock and horror of how much has been concealed from them, will soon be replaced with a sense of freedom and relief. People now talk more openly, and are no longer afraid to voice their criticism of those who hold power. The clamor to end the illegal war in Iraq is also gathering pace, and the public will increasingly continue to demonstrate against it.


In reality there is so much that is poised on the edge of bringing about dramatic changes. It is the snowball effect, and it will start the peaceful revolution that will firmly place Man’s feet on the path to Ascension. Regardless of any attempts to delay it, it will proceed as planned. It is now simply a matter as to whether the extent of the changes, will enable the plan to commence. The shaping and manifestation of the path to Ascension is ongoing, and proceeds well as the Lightworkers carry on with their work that is creating an ever-expanding pathway of Light.


All is by our reckoning proceeding as planned, although we would have liked to have commenced our part much earlier. However, it is easy enough for us to accommodate changes, that will still keep the plan on course for completion in the time scale given to us. All the time progress is being made you are getting nearer to a major breakthrough. Currently we see July as a most important time period, and expect the first of many noticeable changes that will signal the end for the present cabal. The Light is unending in its power to transmute the dark energies, and it is gradually weakening the ability of the dark to continue hiding the truth. They are being assailed from all quarters and they are in reality having a torrid time.


When you have to lie and resort to subterfuge to cover up your true actions, you become vulnerable and inevitably are exposed and responsible for your own downfall. The only question is how long it will take those people who deny the truth to wake up to their self-deceit. The whole institution of governance is falling apart, as it can no longer operate without the strength and purpose of the original Constitution. There have been many sad days, when those who have no scruples or true allegiance to the people have ripped apart the very backbone of an upright and loyal society. This will change quickly, once true and sincere officials are able to replace those who have perpetrated the many dark deeds against Humanity.


A most important development concerns people’s attitudes to each other, and the racist tendency and condemnation of those that are “different” has to quickly cease. For our part we will open up your history books and show you where the inaccuracies exist, but most importantly will reveal the Oneness of All That Is. You are not separate from each other except that you have created those differences yourselves. All through your numerous lifetimes you have experienced many different cultures, and held seats of power or lived in poverty. You have experienced it all, and through it you should have an innate understanding of other people.


You are in fact very much benign beings who seek only to live happily and in peace. To pursue your life plan and enjoy whatever challenges are presented to you. Deep inside you know that you are on a path that furthers your evolution, and it is inherent in your nature to help others along. You can never extinguish the Light that you carry, and it will surface and remind you of your divinity. It is only that over eons of time the dark have brought confusion and chaos into your life, in the hope that you will forget your true identity. You are Gods that have slumbered too long, and now is the time to awaken to your true selves. You are powerful and creative, and as you gather the new energies it will become apparent to you once again that you are capable of determining your own future.


You need fear no one or anything, as your path is before you and it will continue to open up and reveal all the wonders and beauty of a New Age. Our part in this is to hasten your evolution, and remove any doubts from your minds as to the truth you are uncovering. Claim your sovereignty and walk tall with confidence, as you are a tower of strength and your Light is part of the lifting up. We of the Galactic Federation know who you really are and do not keep it secret, as the times of doubt and disbelief are almost past and you can step back into the Light. Every soul can make that step up if they wish, and opportunities will be given them so that they can make a freewill choice.


Your real home is not on the present Earth, but is on the one that is emerging from the darkness of ages past. A glorious new Earth that reflects the perfection that once existed eons of time ago, when life forms were first introduced. Like you the Earth is on the path to Ascension, and the changes must start to speed up. All is delicately poised and we await the call that will tell us that great changes are about to take place. The pace of change will be tremendous, and you cannot yet conceive of how quickly events will move on.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and feel so much your love and Light that is not just changing the very atoms of Earth, but your complete bodies. You are part of the new energies, and we ask that you continue to bring them to Self. You can heal the hurt that Mankind feels, and also help Mother Earth to recover from Mans centuries of misuse and rape of her body. Love is, and always will be the key to recovery, and is a power that you will yet come to fully understand.  


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.         

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