Ela  01-June-07


Dear Ones, I hail from Arcturus a star that catches your eye as one of the brightest in your Heavens. As with every other member of the Galactic Federation, we bring to it our own special contribution. As First Contact becomes a reality for you, we shall present you with our healing expertise.


We reside in a dimension that is beyond yours, where the vibrations are high and these do not allow for the imperfections that you experience upon Earth. Our life span is therefore much longer than yours, and we enjoy perfect health. This too will be your destiny, but in the meantime you need to be uplifted and cleared of any disease and disability. As the vibrations lift up there is a process of healing as your body cells become crystalline, until you reach a point of completion. Once having done so you will no longer be subject to the health problems that have beset Man.


However, we will come to speed up your healing and it will be quick and efficient, quite unlike your traditional methods. We can create a cleansing mode that only requires you to enter a high vibrational center for a relatively short period, and the toxins and chemicals stored in your body will become transmuted. Thereafter you will not be subject to such problems, as there comes a point when your finer body can overcome such intrusions. There is therefore a combination of your own cleansing and upliftment, together with additional healing that helps speed it up.


Overcoming disabilities demands a different type of healing that effectively re-arranges your body cells, so that they conform to your original blue print. At the time of your conception there are genetic combinations that cause less than a perfect result. These determine exactly how your physical growth will take place through your lifetime. Since the outcome is known beforehand, you can be placed with parents who will birth you according to your necessary life experiences. You must know by now that nothing happens by chance, and that includes the challenges that you will face during your lifetime.


There are other factors to be taken into consideration, and sometimes defects of the human form are attributed to poisons introduced into the body after conception has occurred. We marvel at your readiness to accept whatever is necessary to your evolution, and we feel privileged to be the ones who will finally release you from the restrictions of the physical body. Man in many different ways has pushed his body extremely hard to show to what extent it can still function, and its power of recovery has indeed proved remarkable.


Each and every one of you has helped to evolve the Human form over millennia of time, and the consciousness present in your cells has a memory that can store the results. If you consider how in athletic games you have forced the body to perform faster and endure greater demands upon it, you can no doubt understand my meaning. You have without fully realizing it empowered yourselves through your strong will and intent. This applies to every aspect of your life, and those who achieve success often have an unshakeable faith in their ability to do so.


Uncontrolled addiction is again a weakness that is the result of genetic combinations, which make it extremely difficult to overcome. Those who have no such problems can ingest addictive substances without as you say, becoming hooked. None of these problems are insurmountable, and as the cleansing of your bodies takes place so the need for drugs or chemical additives will cease.


You have shown what a wonderful creation your bodies are, and their self-

healing power is quite remarkable. They are the result of genetic engineering that has taken place over thousands of years, and various star civilizations have been involved. This has not been done to enslave you, but as your Brothers and Sisters we have followed your evolution and helped smooth your progress. Even for us your experiences have added to our understanding of the physical body, and what you call “mind over matter”.


You are considered to be very special, inasmuch that you have shown how spirit and matter can come together and still hold the Light within. You may not like the idea that you are in some ways taking part in an experiment, but it has the blessing of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In the ultimate it is your means of rapid spiritual evolution that fast tracks you into the higher dimensions. You have been there before, but when you return this time you will have grown into far greater Beings than previously. Evolution never ceases, and even for us these experiences are expanding our knowledge and understanding.


What you are now going through are the end-times, and you should approach them with joy and happiness as a long journey comes to an end. It matters not that chaos reigns for the time being, it is unavoidable as the Light reaches into the darkest corners, and clears out all that has been hidden and is no longer required. It will come to an end very soon and we see that Man will quickly take on a new mantle, and bring to the surface those abilities that have lain dormant and been suppressed. You are by nature extremely loving and giving, but over millennia of time you have been led to believe otherwise.


You are drawing uplifting energies to yourselves, and shedding those vibrations that have held you down. We shall help you speed up that process as soon as we are given authority to do so. All is planned to coincide with events upon Earth that are about to be brought to a conclusion, and we will be taking part in what will be a smooth transition from what you have been used to previously.


The Arcturians have much to offer including spiritual upliftment, as we are where you are ultimately heading through Ascension. Like many Star Beings we are different to you only in our outer appearance, but spiritually We Are One. We acknowledge the Creator of All That Is, and like you we still search for the answers to the mysteries of life. We leave you with our love and blessings, knowing that our coming together is fast approaching.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.