Diane  20-June-2007


The mighty wheels of time are turning, and events planned to move Humanity onwards are reaching their conclusion. You are playing a much bigger part than you realize, and indeed what is happening revolves around you all. It matters not whether people are aware of the greater plan, as all have an input that determines how your future takes shape. However, the pathway to change has been laid out, and this is why we can with some certainty give you a fair assessment of the way forward.


Many dear souls who have grasped this opportunity to help give impetus to the changes, and are those who have lifted themselves up and have prepared for what is to come. They are part of the movement that brings Light and understanding to the planet, and they are creating a firm link to their Higher Self. Consequently more of them are able to receive intuitive messages that relate to what is about to manifest upon Earth. There has never been such a time when so many of you have found this ability. We caution you to remember that most messages are interpreted in such a way, that they carry a personal touch that reflects the consciousness of that person.


There have always been people that have been inspired, but now there are many more and sometimes it results in confusion. Very few are out to convey false information, but it does become more difficult to determine which of them are coming from the highest sources. We would ask that you take what you are comfortable with, but do not totally reject what is left. Time will tell which ones can be relied upon, and these should help you understand the essence of the messages being given to Humanity.


You are being primed in readiness for the greatest happenings ever to occur upon Earth since the demise of Atlantis. Higher Beings come closer than ever to you, and they inspire you to become carriers of the Light energies that are needed to lift up your mass consciousness. The secret as to how quickly the changes happen is largely bound up in this development, and should it suddenly take a giant leap forward you would experience an exceptional lifting up. There are always continual fluctuations that are brought about by the daily happenings on Earth. Manís emotions are tugged this way and that depending on the news that is received. Happiness and joyful expectation one minute, and then gloom and despair the next.


The Lighted Ones upon Earth are in a minority, but their power to bring about change is far in excess of their numbers. Light increases exponentially and is therefore rapidly growing all of the time. There is a level reached by individuals that lifts them out of the daily pressures and concerns, and they can view all from afar. This is your goal and there comes a point when regardless of what happens around you, you can walk through it unaffected. These are the true champions of the Light, who understand that the dark energies cannot touch you unless you are open to them.


After millennia of time being at the mercy of your emotions, you now have the golden opportunity to change and bring them under your control. Many a dark deed has been carried out through allowing your emotions to rule. However, with a deliberate intent to place them under your charge, there has never been a better time to succeed. Mans perennial problem has been his ego, and you will all know how easy some people can feel offended. Your ego can be your friend rather than your master, and you should cultivate a relationship where you are in charge rather than the opposite.


Become a person who is foremost one who can live in peace and harmony regardless of what is happening around you. This way you can enter the maelstrom of chaos without being personally effected. Instead of becoming part of it, you bring Light into it and calm the waters of confusion and turmoil. What we ask of you is not impossible, and you will need to set your sights upon a goal that steadily lifts up your consciousness.


Unseen help abounds around you, and in addition to your Guides there are streams of Light being beamed to Earth from all parts of the Cosmos. As you raise your own vibrations, so you will attract even more Light and your upward progress is assured. The energy that holds all of this together is Love, and you will become a beacon of Light that attracts others to you.


It matters not wherever you are and whatever you do, everyone has the same potential for growth into the Light. Indeed, your succession of lives is planned so as to promote it as part of your daily experience. It is slow but sure, and you will eventually realize that the energy of Love is your password to Ascension. It is the melding of your lower consciousness with your Higher Self until they become one. This would be seen by us as quite natural, and is your return to a state of being that you always existed in prior to dropping into the lower vibrations of Earth.


Cycles of experience such as duality must come to an ending, when opportunities to move on are given to each and every soul. Ascension is your choice alone, and no one is permanently left behind as the next cycle in this dimension will bring it around again. Although it may not seem so, all progresses in an orderly manner and greater minds than mans oversee the plan of the Creator. When you were sent out to experience, it was always with the knowledge that unlimited help would ensure that you would return to the higher realms. The Light and Love has never been absent for Earth, but soon will be seen in action as the epoch of the dark is brought to an end. 


I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and a Sirian with a particular love for the people of Earth. Your time for concluding your cycle of duality is upon you, and we are charged with ensuring that is achieved in a way that leads to the minimum of disturbance and upheaval. Our orders come from the many councils comprising of great Beings who permanently live in the Light. You would see them as Gods, and they in turn carry out the bidding of the Creator. All is magnificently organized, and you are assured of your continuing progress that will lead you into the Golden Age.


Do not despair if you feel you have not yet reached the level you desire. There is still immense help coming your way, and it is never too late to rise up. The vibrations are increasing at a rapid pace, and as the dark energies are subdued so the Light will bring a great upliftment. Manifest your love from within and give of it generously asking nothing in return, and it shall be returned to you tenfold. I bless you all in gratitude for your commitment to rise up in Love and Light.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey    

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