Atmos  13-June-07


What is that elusive power that everyone seeks to bring happiness and harmony into their lives. A power called love, that can nevertheless be used for self-satisfaction and is often mistaken as lust. The true expression of Love is the Oneness that sees within all the Creator essence, and allows for compassion and understanding. Love is the energy of healing and creation bringing harmony and balance. There is absolutely nothing that is unaffected by it, and it can lift people up in times of despair, and light up their lives.


Love is that panacea for all ills and problems, bringing understanding and compassion. The greatest leaders of mankind are powered by it, and attract others to them through their charisma and ability to bring peace into the world. This is something that has been sadly lacking for a long time, but the Divine Plan has allowed for changes that will address this problem. With the end times in sight, those souls charged with leading you forward are emerging into the limelight. They have been chosen because they have an inherent love for all life, and more importantly understand people’s needs.


Your politicians have by and large forgotten their sacred oaths, and serve their own interests first and last. The Will of those who would serve in a true capacity, are crushed under the weight of opinion that dictates an unerring obedience to party policies. Freedom and the exercising of rights to determine the future are put aside to leave a dictatorship in place. These may appear as harsh words, but you are one step away from losing your last remaining rights.


Amongst you are free thinking individuals who see what is happening, but in isolation their efforts to be heard are muted. However, it will all soon change and Man will back on the path that must be revealed to all people. Your rights will be restored very quickly, and the blight of centuries of war and chaos will be consigned to history. Your mass consciousness has become a powerful force that is bringing Mankind into the Light of Truth and onto a new path.


It only remains for those who are here for the purpose of releasing Man from his imprisonment, to be recognized for the qualities that they have and be heard. Freedom of speech is a basic right that has been severely eroded, and not helped by a media whose allegiance is to the last cabal. Brave souls have ignored threats against them to present the truth to the people, but they are Beings of Light destined to lead you forward in the very near future.


There is a great plan that is evolving, and emerging within the last vestiges of a crumbling society that has allowed its vision of the future to become tarnished. The dark have clouded many people’s minds, and poisoned their hearts so that they are no longer aware of their true God selves. However, given the opportunity they will respond again to the great Light that is now permeating everything. There is a last act taking place in the battle between the Light and the dark, and the victors have been chosen by Divine Decree.


The dark have had a free hand for eons of time, and have lived off the energies implanted long ago into the Earth following the demise of Atlantis. The gradual lifting up of energies has brought change all around, but none more important than in the minds and hearts of Man. The choice is there as always, but this time it is the one decision that will determine which path you take as the cycle of duality ends. You came into life with a disposition to certain choices, and for Karmic reasons have been lead into those situations that have brought you the lessons you needed. For many that part of your life has finished, and you now have total freedom to determine your own future.


Evolution into the Light is not imposed upon anyone, but as you clear away the darkness that has clouded your vision you will see it as your destiny. The reality of Earth will be seen as a passing phase that is but a minute part of your overall experience. It is a vital part, but once traveled it can be put behind you for all time. Now the gateway to absolute peace and happiness is opening, and the Light streams out for all to absorb and take to themselves. It is the powerful Light that opens the most hardened hearts, and it is the Love that knows no bounds and embraces everyone. This is what you have been looking for to restore yourselves to that state which you were before you entered duality.


In reality there is nothing else but Love, and it is drawing you ever upwards and onwards. Without it you are incomplete, and it is what you have been seeking to take you back to those realms of the purest vibrations. It is your real home that you willingly left to seek the experiences of duality. Now your journey is all but completed, and you can put aside your earthly worries and concentrate on your glorious future.


Those of the Light that have come to Earth at this time are there for the purpose of bringing you enlightenment. The final thrust will be the changes that allow for a new period of revelations to commence. A time to make good all that has brought you to this time shift, that will enable you to leave the 3D Earth for once and for all should it be your desire. The cleansing and restoration of Earth is essential, and having been your home for the experience of duality it is to be part of its upliftment. As we have often told you, those who are not yet prepared for Ascension will be lovingly and gently directed onto another path that will also fulfill their desire.


Dear Ones, I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and I come from Sirius which shall figure most importantly in your future travels. We have been linked with you for eons of time, and have never been far away. We have guided you according to the edict received from the Spiritual Hierarchy, one that requires us to oversee your evolution whilst granting you freedom of choice. Soon it will allow for First Contact to proceed, and that event approaches yet ever nearer.

We watch over you as the loving elder Brother and Sisters that we are, and excitedly await the opportunity for our first open contact. It will come very soon, and you will be equally excited by our presence, as we bring the means of your release from the dark forces and their minions. True love and peace will at last reign upon Earth.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.