Ag-agria  18-June-2007


We find the growing awareness and understanding of the truth to be very encouraging, as it was not very long ago that you were held in the spell weaved by those who took you ever deeper into the darkness. You are by nature led by the group consciousness, and it has been difficult to break out of that set mode of thinking. Now there are far more individuals who have become independent thinkers, and are a strong breakaway group that is gaining recognition and a reputation for trumpeting the truth.


With our ability to continually monitor the levels of consciousness upon Earth, we are continually surprised at how fast the vibrations are changing. Indeed, they have gathered amazing pace since the Millennium, and we find the new Man is one who is becoming a free thinker. Not only that, you are showing by example how it is possible to take responsibility for your own creation, and re-shaping your reality. Now we see that the pioneers who gave strength to this move towards such changes, have gained immense support.


Humanity is being divided into two groups, and it was inevitable that one would evolve into the Light. The other one that is still bound by its old belief is shaken by the revelations that are coming out. Many cannot grasp what is happening, and are still unaware of the reason for the upheaval and chaos upon Earth. That will change in the course of time, and everyone is finding that their particular beliefs are being challenged. This is a natural development, and fully expected at a time when such immense energies are reaching you and transmuting the lower ones.


Now there is no going back to the old paradigm, as it has served its purpose well and no longer has a place in your lives. Even for those who cannot give themselves to the changes, a new one will start another period of evolution. These souls will not lose the benefit of their experience through this closing cycle of duality, and therefore in future will evolve much quicker than previously. No one is considered a lesser Being than another, but since they have freewill their choice as to whether they move out of this dimension is honored. There is no choosing except that you make this decision yourselves.


For those who desire to lift up out of this dimension, there are unending streams of uplifting energy reaching Earth. These are measured so as to enable you to expand your consciousness, and as you do so you are loosening and breaking your links to the old vibrations. What satisfied you previously has no longer an attraction for you, and you will find that you are already leaving the old Earth behind. It inevitably means that you become remote as some people would understand you. This is unavoidable as you are developing a higher level of consciousness, and you desire that which is pure and unadulterated by the lower levels of thinking.


The changes are bringing you into alignment with our level of consciousness, and it means that we can stand together as One. It is not that we would be affected by your present vibrations, but if they were too low such Beings would feel uncomfortable in our presence. It is perhaps a strange concept for you to understand, but it is because each of you naturally gravitate towards levels of your own vibrations where you feel at ease. Now many aspire to take the opportunity to prepare for Ascension, as they reach for those higher levels where harmony and balance exist that are beyond duality.


Soon there shall be momentous happenings that signal a great change, and the final vestiges of duality will gradually disappear. The cleansing of Earth will commence and all that has no place on the new Earth will be transmuted. As the natural cycle of birth and re-birth continues, so some Beings will have completed their time in this present one and pass on to levels that will hold them until a new one commences. With this memories will veiled of the nature of previous experiences, but the level of consciousness will remain. All of the time there is a continual going forward, that ensures all souls reach a final point of upliftment, and this is decreed by the Spirituality Hierarchy.


There should be no fear or apprehension as to the future, as it will always carry you upwards. No one is condemned to stay in any particular level forever, and in fact it would be quite impossible to do so. Evolution is a natural consequence of experience that will always take you onto higher path, that will always be testing but give the opportunity for further upliftment. All fits into the greater plan for Man, and is guided by great Beings who with their wisdom and power can ensure its successful conclusion.


Help and guidance has always been available to Man. However, over eons of time he has been led to believe that the truth has been the prerogative of those who set themselves up to lead others. Now there is an expanded thinking and understanding, it is seen that the truth lies within and all experience can be measured in this way. Take nothing unless it feels right for you, and do not worry about making mistakes as that is the nature of experience. They are not held against you, except that you acknowledge them and understand why they were made.


Sometimes the impression is given that mistakes bring punishment, but this is totally untrue. There are lessons to be learnt that can be repeated if necessary, and you choose how these are applied. You willingly accept the consequences of past actions as part of your evolution. Away from the pull of earthly vibrations you can see the truth more clearly, and with wise souls who guide your life plans there is no judgement at all.


I am Ag-agria a Sirian and also a member of the Galactic Federation. We are at those levels where we have gone beyond duality, and live in the truth of our real selves. You are reaching out to these same levels, and when you achieve them will be welcomed to join us. It is your destiny to do so, and is leading you back to those higher levels where you really belong. These are beautiful realms of purity where balance and harmony abound, where Oneness exists. All exists in the limitless energy of the Creator’s Love for infinity.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.

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