Ag-agria  06-June-2007


Many avenues are being explored, that will provide the opportunity to increase our options when it comes to removing your last cabal. They know that they are vulnerable, but in a misplaced belief in their impregnability their arrogance may yet be their downfall. We impress our allies with the need for an approach that does not breech your legal framework, but it does not prevent us from playing them at their own games. It is obvious to us and also them that the ultimate time of retribution cannot be put off for much longer. If Man cannot soon come up with the final answer, then we shall ensure that with our participation he does.


Overriding all of our activities is the goal set by Divine Decree for the final commencement of changes on Earth. The scene is set for the accomplishment of our aims very soon, but everything is always in a state of flux and the unpredictable is always a factor. However of all the parties involved in your future, we have by far the best overall understanding. Within reason we can predict the outcome of most activities, and are therefore well prepared in advance. Our desire is to see Man take the helm and lead the way, and we will be along side with him.


Meantime, the dark forces are prepared to risk a major confrontation by further alienating other countries. The secret services are well aware what is happening behind the scenes, and you may be sure that the major powers are well informed as to what is planned. No country will accept the domination of the world by the U.S. and soon there are likely to be alliances formed that go against them. Unless commonsense is seen, the whole world will be forced into two camps and come perilously close to a major confrontation.


However, as we have informed you many times now we will not allow a nuclear war, and your governments have been informed of this decision on numerous occasions. There are more pressing problems upon Earth, and global changes are high on the agenda for discussion. It is a test of Man’s responsibility for his home, and whether he is prepared to put aside national differences in the interests of everyone’s well being. The “war” you should be fighting is the one that threatens the stability of your planet. Sweeping changes are taking place, and the world must address the problems that unchecked could ultimately cause great distress and chaos.


We look to your leaders to take the initiative, but self-interest still prevents the correct solutions being followed. The “man in the street” has a good grasp of what is happening, and often has a more positive re-action when confronted with the facts. Intuitively there is an understanding of what is needed to halt the continued pollution of your environment. The priority is seen as reversing the effects upon your Earth, and the curtailment of military activities so that the energy and resources can be better used. The utter waste that is for example caused by the Middle East wars is totally unnecessary, and the people would welcome a change of leadership that puts them first.


There are so many contrived situations and criminal activities that people are waking up to, and they no longer trust their leadership. The most powerful nation in the world was meant to be the innovator of changes for the good, and a guardian to all other countries. Their power has been usurped by the dark forces, but it is not an irretrievable situation. The Galactic Federation places their full support behind those who work towards change, that will put Man onto a different path. However, it must be achieved peacefully and our allies are chosen for that very reason. You would learn more about their activities except that your media exercises a bias against them, because of the controlling power base of the Illuminati.


Have no fear in spite of how matters appear as the forces of Light are gradually coming to the fore, and ready for a final thrust to remove the last cabal. Changes will then speed ahead and the meticulous planning we have made will swing into action. Swiftly and efficiently the first changes will involve the appointment of an interim government in the U.S., and then you shall see the fulfillment of their responsibilities to the other nations of the world. Their energy resources and capacity to manufacture needed equipment and machinery will be fully utilized. However, new ideas and methods will be introduced that will be technologically far superior to anything previously seen.


The major changes will then take place in the Utilities and ensure that everyone has the energy resources they need, and these will be free from charge. Health care and all associated matters that concern each individual’s quality of life will also be at the top of the list. What saddens us is that on numerous occasions your leaders have refused our help, and you have been seriously held back in favor of the Illuminati plan for world domination. It will be distressing for you to learn of how you have been manipulated and used as pawns in their global power games. However, the bonds are being cut and your release from their hold is nearing fruition.


What a wonderful feeling of release will settle upon Earth, when you realize that through your divinity you have infinite life. That life abounds everywhere in Space and it is all connected. There are many different stories of creation, but the underlying fact is that you are carried within the energies of the Creator in which All has its existence. The answer to life is simplicity itself and  All is God in its every manifestation. The Light of Truth will rise up on Earth, and the revelations will remove any misunderstanding about your evolution.


I am Ag-agria a Sirian and member of the Galactic Federation, and we are at the ready to commence out tasks to enable you to make up for lost time. You will be prepared as will Mother Earth, so that you are placed firmly on the path to Ascension. There is no force or coercion used, it is your choice but this cycle must end in accordance with the Divine Plan. It all revolves around your opportunities for evolutionary advancement, as you return once more towards the higher dimensions from whence you came. A great energy of love accompanies you, and it is for you to draw unto yourselves.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.