SaLuSa  15-July-2009


Dear Ones, there are good reasons for us to believe that many of you have now risen above the lower energies. It is the result of your upliftment into the higher vibrations, from where you are able to throw them off. Those of you who are of the older generations, can undoubtedly look back over the years and can positively identify a time when you were not so enlightened. For us that proves how far you have travelled in a relatively short time, and it was to be expected because of the heightened energies since the days of the Harmonic Convergence. It means that the plan for your release from the dark forces is proving to be successful. Your progress is much like the snowball rolling downhill, that the further it goes the bigger and faster it gets.


Those of the Light are instrumental in carrying others forward with them, and that is speeding up the transformation of Humanity. The power of the people has grown to wonderful proportions, and they can oppose the dark ones without raising a finger. The Light you are spreading all around your planet, is lifting you up and gradually out of reach of them. The truth of many covert incidents is waiting to come out, and a society so armed is best able to combat any future attempts to confuse them. I talk not necessarily of recent events, but throughout your history you have been mislead and deliberately kept in the dark. History is in most events    written by those who have the most to gain, and even the Bible has been prone to alteration. It is nothing new, but had more impact in times when people were largely illiterate and had no means of finding out the truth themselves. It will be seen in time that those who were respected and in whom faith was given, were often the very ones who were manipulating the truth for their own advantage.


We have often told you that the truth must come out, as without it you will not have a complete understanding of your past. That information is vital for your advancement, as you need to understand why you have been subjected to certain experiences that have held back your evolution. Without that knowledge it would appear to you that you have been at fault and responsible for them. You need have no guilt as you have falsely been coerced into many situations beyond your control. The many wars that fill your history are one such example, when often you were conscripted into battle. However, no experiences are without some gain, but it has taken a long time for you to desire an end to the needless slaughter in your name.


We reiterate that you are One with each other, all on the same journey which can be completed much quicker when you all work to the same end. Now in the years remaining before Ascension, you will have the opportunity to understand each other and there will be closer links made. This will be particularly evident after our coming, when peace shall descend upon Earth. They will be joyous times when the Human Race will put away its lifelong differences. Happiness will spread around the whole world, and eventually the language barrier will be overcome with translators that we shall issue to you. Also with technologically advanced communication systems, no distance will be beyond contact. Then shall Oneness truly arrive and great friendships develop between everyone.


It saddens us to recall that much of what we will bring to you, has already been known but suppressed in the name of big business. You should by now have been far more advanced and not beset by the many problems you have. This is very applicable to the energy crisis you are experiencing, and many years ago you should have moved on to free energy sources. Instead the profiteers have refused to move     from an oil-based market, so as to keep their industry afloat. It has perpetuated the rape of Mother Earth, with all of the pollution that results from processing the crude oil. Let us make a simple but telling statement “without water you are dead” and it is so obvious, yet it is looked upon as a commodity that although taken freely from the Earth is sold for gain. Dear Ones, it should be freely available to everyone as the life force it is, and with our coming there will be major changes ensuring that principle becomes law.


Your governments are beginning to understand their responsibilities to you the people, but lack the impetus and willingness to change the many unfair laws that are deliberately intended to put you under their control. They represent you and should listen to your needs, but instead allow themselves to be cajoled and even threatened to carry out the plan of the Illuminati. By and large the governments do not control your destiny, but the dark forces do and rule by force. However, they reckon without the higher forces who are guiding Man to a resounding victory over them. The Light and Love marches on and is gathering in those of you who are on the path to Ascension. Your day will surely come before too much longer, and there is absolutely nothing that will prevent the completion of this cycle as decreed.


Your daily problems tend to bring you down to Earth with a bump, but there is no reason why your faith in the future of Mankind should not carry you through any final moments of hardship or despair. The inquest into Man’s experiences over the last 100 years or so has already started, and from that will come many of the changes that we have previously mentioned. It is time now for those Beings of Light to emerge, and take charge of matters that concern your immediate future. As the dark ones are removed, so they can take up positions of authority and be ready for First Contact.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can say that the Galactic Federation are well aware of what is happening on Earth. It is therefore possible for us to look ahead and assure you that our coming is rapidly approaching. Certain factors are always going to determine exactly when, but First Contact even if a precursor to a full arrival will be high on our list. We know that there are some people we have to win over, but once we can address you on a worldwide basis our objectives will become clear. It will be seen that we come in peace, and offer the services of our Federation members to serve you in the name of God the Almighty. We are the bearers of Light and Love come to lift you up.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.