SaLuSa  13-July-2009


Most of you seeking the truth read a number of channellings each week, and you cannot fail to have noticed that there is a considerable amount of information that is confirmed, one to the other. They may be influenced by the vocabulary of the one channelling, but the underlining message will be very much the same. It would therefore follow that if there were messages seemingly at odds with the majority of the others, that they should be carefully noted for later evaluation. Clearly, if various channels chosen to do their work have a clear link with the source of them, you should expect to get acceptable and reliable information. As we have previously advised you, your intuition is going to be your best method of deciding what to accept. You will find that spiritual messages that are of the Light would not normally be judgemental or condemn people. It is certainly not the practice to denigrate the individual who does the channelling. However, it is sometimes necessary to expose what is happening where the dark forces are concerned. It means speaking about matters that can be proven, or where evidence already exists.


No source of information would exist unless it had been brought into being through the Law of Attraction. It means that there are souls for whatever reason that need to link with like vibrations. They come into life with a mindset formed from previous experiences, and have to follow it through until they come to anther conclusion. Bear in mind you have freedom of choice, and it is not given for another one to prevent souls from following their beliefs. As has been said many times, in the end only the truth will prevail and anything less will fall away. So be ready for change, particularly at this time when so much Light is being sent to Earth. Certainly weigh up your beliefs with others, but in the end make up your mind as to what it is you personally believe.


Messages from the Galactic Federation have opened your minds and hearts to the greater truth, but in essence have hardly scratched the surface. Allow for the spectacular and most astonishing revelations that are soon to break upon Mankind. The Truth is within you, but struggles to surface because you have been indoctrinated for so long with false information. It is as though you have been locked away in a cave without light, and have had only your own thoughts to reckon with. However, as the darkness is replaced with Light so you rise up and gather even more Light, and suddenly you awaken. The truth cannot then come quick enough for you, as without any difficulty you begin to understand what you are being given. It requires an open mind, so that you can allow for your truth to be uplifted to your highest concept of it.


Remember also that your Earth is the reality you have created and whilst it may reflect the Light as you understand it, it is nevertheless a poor reflection of what it truly is. Think God and imagine the reality that would originate from God’s mind, in all its beauty and perfection. That would give you an idea of what your potential is, and before long you will have returned to those higher levels where it exists. The Earth is not your natural home, but one placed before you to play out your life games. To experience duality and find out whether you can bring out your Light, and transform the dark energies. At last you are waking up and see the shortcomings of what you have created, and how you have allowed others to lead you onto their pathway to destruction. You have awoken just in time to avert a catastrophic end to the Human Race and Earth. Suddenly the tables have been turned against the dark forces, which miscalculated your ability to rise up against them. With victory in their grasp they been stopped in their tracks, and instead those of the Light have stolen a march on them.


Dear friends it is your turn to lead the way, having broken with the hold that the dark ones have had on you. You are creating the opportunities for the Light to manifest your dreams, and sure enough you shall see some interesting indications of the degree to which you are successful. There is turmoil, yet arising from it there is the phoenix that bears the name of “Peace”. It is what you have yearned for and prayed for, and you shall see your victory transform your civilisation. It will also allow us to openly come at last, and speed up the changes that will lead to Ascension. The higher vibrations are being lowered and meeting yours that are rising up, and when they do shall come the sudden change leading to a dramatic upliftment.


Our allies move forward with greater assurance, and have established themselves where they can best help you. It may seem at times that you fight the dark alone, but be sure that we are alongside you and have everything under our control. That does not mean that we can do as we like, as karma must be allowed to work its way through. However, we do monitor all earthly events and control them as much as possible for any after effects. On another level great Cosmic Beings control the affect of the energies coming from various sources, so as not to overload your Solar System. Everything is energy, but it follows the Laws of Attraction that ensures there is balance throughout. In the event of imbalances caused by wrong use of the energies, there is always a counter balancing effect. Mother Earth is a beautiful conscious Being, and like you will throw off that which is out of harmony, and such occurrences often manifest as earthquakes or similar activity. Where you are concerned, your body often passes through a period of illness to achieve the same result.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we watch your progress very intently, cheering you on as you come together and grow in your strength. We see that our efforts along with your intent to find the true purpose of your existence have been rewarded. All around you there is evidence of change, no more so than in individual souls who have found their Light. With such strength of purpose and knowing how you can bring this cycle of reincarnation to an end, and you are creating your pathway out of it. No longer are you beholden to others who are being used by the dark forces, and you have broken the link that has held you back. You have found that you no longer necessarily need others to guide you, and that you have the innate wisdom and love already to find your own way forward. The Creator welcomes his Children of Light back into the realms of purity and everlasting life, and surrounds you all in a great outpouring of Love.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.