SaLuSa  10-July-2009


Very carefully we give information that will help you find your own truth. Often we repeat it as a means of ensuring that you take it in. Our aim is to prepare you for the immediate period, which is becoming intensified with powerful energies. Given that you have a foundation upon which to build your knowledge, we know that you will make progress much more quickly. There is certainly more information about in these times, and it is part of an intense program to enable those who seek the truth to find it. Regretfully disinformation often stands side by side with it, but that is where your ability to be discerning comes in. If in doubt leave it out, but come back to it when you have reason to re-evaluate it. You might be surprised at how often something will crop up, that enlightens you and helps find the answers.


Your Guides follow your spiritual evolution, and are charged with helping you find signposts to your pathway. There are occasions when you will be distracted, but if you genuinely desire to advance yourself, you will be guided back on track. Should you be pulled down by anything less than the truth, it is likely that it will not rest easy with you. So rely on your intuition and do not be coerced by those around you, who may try to infiltrate your mind with fearful consequences. Fear is the weapon of the dark forces, as opposed to love that accompanies those who are of the Light. Sometimes your spiritual beliefs can cause complications with friends and family, who may be fearful of them or have different ones themselves. This often places you in the position of having to explain yourself, but in some circumstances it is best to withdraw whilst making allowances for the different levels of understanding.


The truth will still be standing strong when false beliefs fall by the wayside. As you are seeing now, there are many institutions breaking up and failing to survive the Light that is revealing their weaknesses. Those that do not reflect the desire of the people will lose their support unless they are able to accept changes. This is particularly evident in the financial sectors that are rising up again. We know that the old paradigm will no longer work, and with various developments that are taking shape a totally new system will emerge. Our allies are behind the changes and simply wait for the optimum time to surge ahead. That will bring the start of many essential changes to Mankindís way of living, setting the stage for First Contact.


Be of good cheer in spite of the controlled media news, and you will lessen its ability to spread its doom and gloom. If the good news were reported it would speak of Ascension, and the changes that are taking place all through your solar system. It would tell you that your scientists know the Sun is changing, and that in the immediate years there was going to be a massive outpouring of energy. Instead, you are fed a diet of fear, hoping that you will continue to give up what is left of your freedom, and that you will lose heart and offer no resistance. Yet you the people are a tower of strength if you will only come together in a common purpose. The dark fear your enlightenment, as you will draw on your inner strength and oppose them. Indeed, it is happening now and you have already seen such instances in many countries, including the most recent one in China.


The Light and the dark rub shoulders and it is your challenge to resist those energies that do not resonate with you. Sometimes that is difficult when others do not share your understanding, but there are times when you have to walk away from them. Man seems to find it easier to drop to the lowest common denominator, rather than lift himself up. When you are positive of your own path and your own truth it will come easier to do the right thing, and not take the easy way out. People have died for their beliefs and principles, but we are not suggesting something that dramatic, but simply that you are true to your sacred beliefs.


With the increase in energies that are beamed to your world, the level of Light is reaching new proportions. It is speeding up the awakening of many souls who are beginning to respond. For some it can be an experience that makes them feel unsettled, as they are being lifted into levels that are unfamiliar to them. This will pass and suddenly their consciousness will take them into new areas of understanding. The mindset that carried them through the past is no longer adequate and found to be limiting in its scope. The Light activates their coded DNA that lifts them to a higher level of consciousness, and they are able to comprehend what is taking place. We have told you all along that everyone has the opportunity to ascend, but the decision to do so must be made by you and your understanding of the process applied.


The rest of this year will rapidly indicate that you are progressing towards a new direction, and that will encourage you to hold fast to your vision of changes for the better. When you understand them, you will also realise the significance of events that are being engineered by our allies. They are extremely busy under our direction and authority, and although we would rather have quicker results the final gambit must deliver the victory that we seek. We cannot use devious methods, and will simply achieve what we desire for you with meticulous planning and patience. You in general have accepted that situation, and we are very pleased with your response.


Over the last few years many more people have understood how their freedom has been eroded. Their response has resulted in an outpouring of Light to bring about changes that restore your rights. By transmuting the lower energies, you have weakened the power of the dark ones to continue with their plan. Be assured that your Love and Light are the weapons of peaceful people, who are changing the world in this way. Your collective action forms massive areas of Light, which become grounded within the Earthís grids. The more you apply yourself in this way; even more Light is attracted to Earth.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as a member of the Galactic Federation are about to play a major role in your future activities. We are not the only ones to have a long established link with you, but we have had far more interaction with you over thousands of years. Our love has always been with you, and so it shall remain for all eternity.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.