Ker-On  3-July-2009


When we finally come to Earth, it will be a truly enlightening time as we have so much to pass on to you. Those questions that have remained unanswered will be truthfully and fully dealt with, and you will no longer be under any illusions about your reality. You have been living a dream, although for some it has been a nightmare, but it is about to end as you are lifting up out of the mists of darkness shrouding your Light, and with it the truth is gradually emerging. However, most of you still have a distorted view of your past, which has been a play of many acts carefully scripted by Mankind as a whole. You have gone from one play to another in a series of experiences that have led you to this time, where the opportunity is given to you to end duality and pull down the final curtain. It is normally a time when the actors appear for their plaudits, which are a measure of how well they have done. Dear Ones, you have not yet quite finished your roles as Humans experiencing duality, but already the applause is beginning to start.


You have been extremely successful in overcoming the challenges presented to you. As actors move from one play to another, so you are already preparing for your next ones. You have read and approved the script and it is quite different to the play you are in now. The old characters are just but names in the program of life, and as they don their new robes so they merge themselves into their new roles. If you can see life in this way, it will help release your attachment to that which no longer serves you. You can leave the old outworn ways behind you, and enter the new worlds founded on Love and Light. The changes are to be dramatic and move you into levels that will far exceed your expectations.


Let go of energies that you have allowed to be attached to you during your many lives on Earth. You have carried them along with you for a long time, but now their influence is waning as you move more into the Light. Look at where you are on your evolutionary path, and decide exactly where you wish to go from here. That choice is yours, and the more you visualise what it is you will attract the higher energies to bring it into being. Sit down in quiet surroundings and ask yourself what it is you want from life, and you will draw the answers from your Higher Self. When deciding what it is remember that material possessions have no value, as you are evolving souls that will have the power to create exactly what you need. We know that for some it is hard to release what you have worked hard to accumulate, but wealth is something peculiar to the lower dimensions. When Humanity learns to share its spiritual wealth, then you shall see that all other needs are taken care of.


We are trying very hard to help you see what lies ahead, as if you can create a vision of what it means to you and work towards it, many of your problems will be solved. Have faith that the Creator desires that you have all that you need, through your upliftment into the higher dimensions where they can become manifested. You know inwardly that it is true, as you have been this way before. Ascension is the pathway that is opening up for you, and is the freedom trail that releases you from the lower vibrations, to enjoy and savour the fruits of your success in becoming Light Beings.


It would be wonderful if many of you set your sights on Ascension, as it is quite a natural development in the course of your evolution, and to be welcomed. It is going to completely uplift you into the higher vibrations, where the trials and tribulations of duality do not exist. Where your life is enhanced by the beautiful colours, and the harmony of all life forms that co-exist for each other. Of course you have your moments of happiness on Earth, but they are usually brief compared to the permanent state of the higher realities. Perhaps best of all from a personal point of view, is that you change to a perfect body composed of crystalline cells. One that is not affected by disease or ailments such as you experience on Earth. Also aging is no longer an issue, as you maintain a young and mature form for as long as you desire.


As a Venusian and with the coming of Ascension I am also moving with my planet Venus, although it is presently in a higher dimension than yours. Even as it is now vibrating on a higher level, it is more like the new Earth you will ascend with. It is paradise compared to what you have now, and if you could just glimpse what that means you would have no hesitation in setting your sights upon Ascension. The big game you play on Earth is coming to an end, and it will be a joyous occasion for all concerned. Yes, even those who wish to stay in your present dimension will be assured that it will continue for them. However, the choosing brings a separation that is inevitable, and your paths will become wider apart as those that are ready must now move on. So you can see that the events that are getting nearer are not just confined to Earth but are in fact of Galactic proportions. You are not of Earth as your real home is elsewhere, and your true families will rejoin you at some stage. Some of you may in any event wish to return to your home planet, whilst others will stay with us and join in our missions.


We can if required travel to the outer limits of space, and inter-dimensional journeys make it possible in the shortest time. We can spend the equivalent to many of your lifetimes aboard our ships, as we do not age and can retain our present body for 1000 years or so if necessary. It may sound strange, but the Motherships in the Galactic Federation are really like floating cities in Space. They can cater for all of our needs and we want for nothing. What you would conceive as work is a pleasure, and in no way laborious such as many of your jobs are. We have ample time for personal pursuits, and what you would call entertainment. However, in no way does it promote war or such negative subjects, as nothing of a low vibration has any place with us. Your interests will certainly change, given that we have technologies that would for example allow you to study life on other planets. You would see it reproduced as holographic images as it was actually taking place. You could also study the Suns and their planets in a similar way, and they would in a manner of speaking be brought to you. You may like the arts and music, and could talk with Mozart and discuss his compositions to pursue your interests. Life will be so different, and most importantly the Love and Light will return to it.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.