Ker-On  23-July-2008


Time just seems to be getting faster than ever for you, as you look for a way out of your present problems. Even if people are not outwardly looking for evidence of changes, they only have to look within to find confirmation. It is evident as inner feelings of peace, a lightness in your step, and a calmness about you that is unaffected by the outer events. Variable sleep patterns are also likely with the occasional long sleep that is very rejuvenating. Strangely enough, when you begin to live within the “Now” your memory seems less reliable, as you do not place the same importance on linear time. It is the effect of breaking away from the traditional conditioning that ties you to strict timing. You will find your actions become more spontaneous, and you will feel as if you have all the time in the world to do things.


You will also find that you have a stronger bond with other people, and even a warmth meeting with strangers as though you already know them. It is the coming together as the One, as your consciousness expands and you are lifted up. Separateness becomes a condition of the past, as you overcome the barriers built up over millennia of time. It is looking forward and not backwards, and forgiving those who have brought disruption into your life. Last but not least it is the forgiving of Self, as to hold on to guilt or fear of the consequences of the past, is simply going to delay your progress.


You do not sign up for Ascension, but it is important that you have a commitment to follow a path that you believe will lead you to it. In this way, you attract the higher vibrations to yourself and you will intuitively know you have found it. It will get easier as you progress as preconceived ideas and beliefs will fall by the wayside, as the Truth of your Being dawns upon you. You are a powerful soul and do not realise that you can create for your own needs. Your thoughts are energised and attract a response in some form, even if you do not recognise it immediately. You set the pace at which you awaken, and you take one step at the time, and no one forces you to go faster than you wish. It is a matter of keeping aware of the opportunities that are purposefully placed upon your path, for your spiritual advancement. There are many that lead to Ascension, and those followed by other souls are not necessarily yours. After all, you are at different stages of understanding, and you will have your own path planned as part of your life contract.


Some souls will totally change their paths, as they will experience a sudden en-LIGHT-enment and be uplifted through a quantum leap forward. It is like stepping into a new dimension of Light, and shedding the attachments that have kept you in the dark, but it happens so quickly. It is that moment when all seems to stand still, when you experience your true Self and All That Is. If you are as fortunate to move out of the lower energies in this way, you will emerge as a new soul linked forevermore with the higher vibrations. For most of you your advancement will be less dramatic, and will proceed steadily and positively in a way that is more commonly experienced.


The coming of the final days of reckoning emphasises the need to focus on what you want out of life. You decide as you always have, and have now reached that point where you are ready to put the darkness and confusion behind you, and step up fully into the Light. However, many souls continue to be totalled immersed in the lower vibrations. Once the truth begins to emerge it will challenge them to question their beliefs, largely formed over millennia of time as a result of misdirection and guidance. They have prevented their immediate recognition of the opportunities that now face them, and consequently they linger in the 3D for a longer period than necessary.


No matter what direction you now go into, it will have given you experiences that only come with the end-times. These will serve to assist you in making your pathway much easier, as no experience is without some value to you. The greatest asset you can have at this time is an open mind, and be able to examine your cherished beliefs that may be holding you back. The truth will always resonate with you, even if you initially find it difficult to accept. As time goes on and you see where Man is heading it will become easier to comprehend, particularly when our presence is confirmed and becomes public knowledge. When we openly arrive, see in us your future selves and know that we are those who have already ascended.


You have brought yourselves to this point in time through your own efforts. You have been successful in lifting up your consciousness, so much so that there is no going back to the old vibrations. We of the Galactic Federation are here to help you cleanse away the last remnants of the old cycle of duality. It is both a physical and mental exercise that will also be joined by many Masters who have been in contact with you for millennia of time. Presently you have so many dear souls working with you for your release from duality. If you apply yourselves in ways that further your spiritual evolution, you will advance very quickly. Never has your opportunity to succeed been as great as it is now.


The dark forces have unwittingly galvanised the positive forces for change, and we see so many different groups that are ready to challenge them. Thereby lies your strength as you are gradually forcing the dark into a corner, and they realise they cannot stop your progress. The energy for change has become so powerful that it will manifest the results you seek. That time approaches more rapidly and your patience will soon be rewarded. The die has been cast, and only the Creator can now change the destiny of Man.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and joyfully come to you bringing the great love associated with my home planet. You will not only wish to emulate us, but will become what you see in us. It is not beyond you, but merely waiting for you to claim what has always been your heritage. You are Love incarnate, except that you have plumbed the depths of darkness that has veiled you from the truth. However, you are now rising up, and we look forward to meeting the real you. We are One, and will forever remain so in the heart of the Supreme Creator.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.