St. Germain  16-July-2008


My Dear Ones, these are times of much soul searching for the truth, and it is not just finding it but being at that stage of understanding so that it does not pass you by. There are a multitude of beliefs that are forever changing, and many have a strong religious flavour. It is a jungle of words, the Interpretation of which is not easy to find your way through. Your drive and purpose is in the search for God, the Omniscient and Omnipotent energy of All That Is. It has been traditional for Man to seek outside of himself for his connection with God, and worship the idols and images of God that are placed before him. This has the means of focussing your minds on the object of your thoughts and devotion, and as a consequence you will often create God in a human like form.


In the West Jesus is your icon and images of him abound wherever you find a place of worship. This also helps focus your thoughts and prayers, on a Master who walked the Earth as a World Teacher and the Christ. His energy was solidly and permanently placed on Earth, and has continued to be there and attracted to those who have lifted up their vibrations onto a higher level. He came to save the World from itself and its abominations, but your salvation as always remains in your own hands. The way has been signposted by so many enlightened Beings, but the path for you comes from within. It is your choice that determines your experiences, although very few of you realise that you are fully responsible for al of your thoughts and actions.


The Truth is simplicity in itself, and not bound up in edicts and creeds that are beyond your understanding. Each of you has to have a basic belief in your purpose of life, and even non-believers experience growth and expansion because of them. After all, each life can be quite different in the challenges set up for your experience and evolution. Yet placed together they will paint a picture of one soul that has a chosen path with a specific goal in mind. It is the upliftment of Self, and the letting go of all that no longer serves your higher purpose. Few realise that there are connections with their previous lives, that drive their search for the Truth. It is the finding again of your link with your Higher Self, whilst putting aside all of those outer influences that do not resonate with you.


Man is travelling on a journey back to the higher realms, ones that lead to levels that are quite familiar and from which he dropped down into the lower vibrations. It is therefore a journey back into the past, but this time you will be far greater because of your experiences. No lesson is lost on Man, and you cannot help but learn from your time in the cycle of duality. By its very nature, duality has allowed false gods to emerge and take you to the doors of Hell, but not the one depicted in your religions. Hell has been created on Earth, but now the Light is shining into the dark recesses of your minds. The opportunity has been given to you so that you may see a lighted pathway out of it. The ultimate destination is the higher realms through the process of Ascension, and no more will the dark energies be able to impinge upon your consciousness.


You attract what you have created for yourself, and that is the just and lawful way that you experience. It is an important lesson that teaches you a responsible approach to your own creations, and it is essential if you are to regain your greater powers in the higher dimensions. What you are rapidly coming to understand is that your creations go with you, and no one but you is responsible. The criterion for successfully using your power, is that nothing you create should cause harm to another or usurp their freewill. If all thoughts, actions deeds are for the highest reasons, and carry the energy of the love vibration you will have no reason to be concerned about the outcome. It is the most simple advice, yet you seem to have so much difficulty in bringing it into your lives.


To state that Man has lost his way is an understatement, and compassion and love for his own kind or indeed all life forms is sadly lacking. Manís inhumanity is legend and your history is written in blood and death. Now you stand at the cross roads of your evolution, and a wonderful period of opportunity presents itself so that you may leave the old ways behind. First comes the desire to lift up out of duality and the darkness that has accompanied it. Greed and selfishness have to be replaced by fairness and sharing, and unconditional love the motivation for all you do. Whatever you believe about your personal God, know that there is only the One God of your Universe who epitomises everything that is Love and Light.


Changing your habits of many, many lifetimes does not come easy, but once you declare your intention to step into the Light there are great Beings that will accompany you, including those from the Angelic Realms. Call on them in your prayers or meditations and they will be at your side instantly. Call on any of the Masters including myself, as our lives are in service acting as conduits for the unending Love expressed through God. Call on God and be sure that you will be heard, and allow for a response that will not always be as you expect. Remember that you do not fully know the nature of your life contract, and that is intentionally closed from you. If you were to know, you may be distracted from other aspects of it to your detriment.


Your Earth may is going through a trauma at present, but that is unavoidable as the great cleansing is beginning to peak. Energies that will have no place on the new Earth are being brought into the open for transmutation, and as the Light does its work so their ability to continue affecting you will diminish. Duality will always exist at the lower levels of vibration through the Laws of Attraction, but has no place within the Light. This is why we encourage you to spend time focussing on all that is wholesome and in harmony with it, and help raise the vibration upon Earth. You are in a most important period of evolution both from a personal point of view, and as the collective of Humanity. You have the ability to speed up the changes by bringing the higher energies to Earth, and the more of you that do so the quicker you will see the end of the dark regime.


I am St. Germain, dedicated to the release of Man from the darkness that has veiled him from the truth for eons of time. I bring the Christ energy for each and every one of you and invite you to partake of its essence. As ascended Beings the Christ consciousness shall be yours, and you will return to your former glory as great Beings of Light. Do not fear change as it was set in motion by you from the time you ventured into the lower dimensions. These are not your true home, and that is in the Light where joy and happiness abound. Take heart my Dear Ones, your journey on the old Earth is nearly over, and Heaven has opened its doors to your god selves. I bless you with the Light and Love that ever streams from the Creator of All That Is.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.