SaLuSa  09-July-2008


It may be hard for you to keep up with events that are taking place on Earth, as the diversity of your options to bring forward the changes is increasing all of the time. Our joint efforts are continuing to put pressure on the last cabal, and in some ways it is to our advantage that they rigidly stick to their long planned objectives. The next few months are critical to the outcome, and we fully expect to see some major turns in our favour. Our presence is putting continued obstacles in their way, and we present them with more problems than they can cope with. Our focus is on their power to wreak havoc, which is often the last gasp action of those who have no way out. Be assured that we have total control of the situation, and will not allow it to get out of hand.


At our level the excitement grows as we get ever nearer the time when we can openly meet you. It is an event that must take place and is the prelude to a great leap in your evolution. It has always been your destiny to move out of isolation, and expand your understanding of life. Your future lies in the stars where you will be more at home as a Cosmic Being. It is your true home and has always been so, and your earthly experiences are but one chapter in your desire to continue expanding your consciousness. With our help at your disposal, you will make a quantum leap forward out of the cycle of duality.


Your individual lives are planned, and you will find that the Universe is an orderly place where everything is in balance. The matrix holds the key to all diversity, and it runs in co-ordination with great vortexes of energy. They are at the centre of all manifestation through the Lords of Creation. These great Beings have incredible power and co-ordinate the plan of the Creator. Galaxies are forever being created by them, and seeded with life forms that expand their knowledge with each experience. All is in movement, and when a certain level of creation has completed its cycle, all matter is re-absorbed to be used again as desired. There is no waste and the wonderful vision of the Creator continues to dream into existence more opportunities for your experience.


We emphasise what wonderful Beings of Light you are, as many of you have no sense of purpose and feel unworthy to be on Earth. This feeling is partly the intention of those who have controlled your lives for millennia of time, and deliberately denigrated you so that you have lost your sense of self-esteem. You have in fact become so immersed in the lower vibrations, that you have lost touch with your Higher Selves. Your Light has been suppressed through draconian controls, and your freedom taken away from you. You have for too long been the chattels of your dark leaders, and beholden to their commands.


However, the one thing the dark cannot do is prevent the Light from manifesting upon Earth, and it is increasing so rapidly that you are being awakened to your true selves. It is why we can say with absolute certainty that the days of the dark forces are numbered, and why you are now rising up. The changes that you are in the midst of, have been planned right from the inception of this cycle. There was never any doubt that you would respond to the Light, but just a matter of the freewill choice of Mankind as to how it would manifest amongst you. The Light is irresistible and is sorting the wheat from the chaff, and it is truly the harvest time upon Earth. It is a perfectly natural process, and ensures that you gravitate to the level that you have prepared for yourselves.


The beauty of the Light is that once you have taken it into yourself, your consciousness expands and you awaken to the truth of its power to lift you up. From then on it is a rapid realisation of your true potential to become great Beings of Light. With it comes the power to control your lives and set your own path into being. You become the master of your destiny through freewill choice, by taking back your power. Whilst it is very much an individual action, at the same time you are also empowering the mass consciousness of Mankind. It is becoming a formidable force for good, and is brokering the changes that you need to move forward.


Light is love and its power is its ability to transform all that is out of balance. It is transmuting the lower energies and the dark have no answer to it. It is the everlasting immutable force that is sweeping across the planet, and lifting everything up. With freewill you can deny it but will eventually leave this level, as soon it will no longer accommodate anything except the higher energy. You will perhaps contemplate the fairness and beauty of such laws that exist all throughout creation.


Every soul no matter where it is seeks the path of evolution, and they are numbered beyond calculation and accommodate all manner of desires. You choose your path, and the inner urge to keep moving onwards and upwards will ensure you keep evolving. It is behind your present awakening, having realised that you must break out of the hold duality has had upon you. It is no longer the place for those who are prepared to align their Will with that of the Creator, and seek the higher levels of harmony and balance. When you are ready they open up to you, and nothing will seem more natural than to take your place within them.


There will be so much that you want to know once we can meet you, and there will be no lack of communication on our part. We have our plans in full readiness for your enlightenment, and a number of different forms of communication will be used. We wish to reach as many people as possible even in remote areas, and have the technology to do so. There are also large numbers of illuminated souls that have specifically joined you upon Earth for such an occasion. They are largely amongst your younger people, and they are already aware of their mission. They have the eyes with which to see where Man has gone wrong, but more importantly the answers to put it right.


Take notice of your young people as many are speaking words of wisdom. They are advanced souls who have come from the higher levels where your destiny lies. The Earth has little to teach them, and they bring great love and compassion to lead you out of the dark into the Light.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.