Ker-On  07-July-2008


Dear Ones, over the last few days your thoughts have been drawn to the celebration of Independence Day, yet so many of you know that there is a hollow ring about it. It has become so obvious to you that your freedom has been gradually eroded over a long period of time, and since the turn of this century it has happened before your very eyes. It has as you might say, been done by the sleight of hand and fooled you into accepting it as protecting your freedom. Whilst there is an element of truth in it, you have been deluded into thinking you are under a serious threat by terrorists coming from outside of your country. The truth is that the greatest threat comes from within, and from those most entrusted with your safety.


The good news is that you are awakening to what has been happening around you, and are now seeing the subterfuge being enacted against you. Without your trust the Government is doomed, and already they feel the result of your questioning and call for explanations about inexplicable events that lead back to them.  The pressure is on them, and their response is to try and impose further restrictions upon you so as to stifle your free speech. Something will have to give very soon, and we can promise you that it will be leaders of the dark forces. They do not like to look defeat in the face, and pretend they still hold total control over you. You are too many for them to handle, and the only real weapon they have is fear and they will do all possible to create a climate of oppression. Knowledge is priceless and if you look beyond such attempts to keep you down, you will see how you are being manipulated every day of your life.


You might imagine that as the end-times are already with you, the dark forces would somehow fade away and make way for the Light. Be assured that it will happen when the mass consciousness reaches a certain level, with the resulting Light dissipating the lower energies. They will no longer have the cohesion to bring their activities together, and even within their own ranks doubt will begin to creep in. The Berlin Wall stood for many years as a monumental reminder that your freedom can be taken away from you, yet it finally collapsed overnight. Do not doubt that your illegal Government and its cohorts will also be vanquished as quickly. Their cosy set-up has convinced them that they are invincible, and this arrogance will be their downfall.


There is so much potential for change in what is left of this year. Various paths have been energised that will confront the dark with the truth of their deeds, and no clever lawyers will be able to get the guilty ones off the hook. We along with our allies have worked diligently and carefully, to ensure that we peacefully achieve our objectives. We have not used our patience and yours to come away fruitless after all of the hard work put into bringing the long awaited changes about. Your contribution has been truly amazing, given that some 8 years ago we could not envisage such tremendous progress. Of course we have been behind you, and you have had the benefit of our highly technologically advanced surveillance systems. We not only know what is discussed and planned in secret by the dark forces, but we do all that is within our remit to delay or stop their covert projects from succeeding.


If you only knew how well our plan is proceeding, you would not allow yourselves to consider anything except the victory you deserve. It is darkest before the dawn, but the Light is breaking through everywhere and is an unstoppable force for good. It must be so as the darkness is destined to leave this solar system for good, as it cannot rise up with it into the higher levels. It would hearten us if we could see a grand lifting up of a greater percentage of souls, but that is decided by each individual. There should not be any sadness felt due to the choices they have made, as each one will find themselves at exactly the appropriate level that they feel comfortable in, and in accordance with their present vibration.


We know the concern within some families who fear that they will be broken up, and we wish to comfort you by saying that when that possibility has to be faced, you will all understand what has prompted your choices. You will then be grateful for the love you have shared together, and know that you cannot lose that immutable link with them. Who knows when you may again come together, and remember that throughout your hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes, you have been partnered by so many different souls. You are not simply a Human Being, but a great soul of Light that has transcended all that the dark forces have thrown at you. Your natural home is in the Light with all of the freedom assigned to a Cosmic Being. You will be able to traverse the highways and byways of Space that will provide you with experiences above anything you have experienced upon Earth.


Before you leave this cycle, you will have moved rapidly into the higher vibrations. You will experience the lifting up and dramatic rise in your consciousness. You are presently a pale shadow of your true Self, but will naturally slip into your new Light Body as though you have never been anything else. The reality is that your time in duality has been an experiment that you were eager to join. You knew that before it closed you would be given the opportunity to return to the Light, and whatever the nature of your dark experiences they would in no way impede it. You may point out that some souls are so deeply immersed in the dark they cannot possibly ascend, and that is a valid observation. We are talking about choice coupled with the Laws of the Universe, and those to whom you refer will reach the point of Ascension once again in a future cycle.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and pleased to enable you to look at what is happening on Earth through the eyes of the Galactic Federation. Our view is more extensive than yours, and we clearly see the outcome in your Ascension along with Mother Earth. Take heart and live your vision of the future now, and feel the growing love within and share it with generosity.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.