Ag-agria  4-July-2008


There are times when you must find those quiet places where you can unwind.  The rushing around and continual pressures to meet your commitments, are causing you stress. Unchecked it can lead to ill health, and is not conducive to achieving the peace within necessary to bring about a higher state of consciousness. You must try to release your tension, as otherwise you may find it difficult to control your emotions. Part of your experiences are intended to help you understand the value of holding them in check, but you need to accept that they can be controlled. You will find that you cannot lay blame elsewhere for any lack of control over them.


Emotions out of control cause so many difficulties, even to the loss of life. To be able to stay calm in the face of provocation is not easy, but the sooner you take this stance, the sooner you will feel safe and secure within your own space. Referring to the matter of your health, it is affected by the poisons produced in your body through continual stressful conditions. When it leads to such emotions as anger, you are in danger of damaging your most vital organ, your heart. Of course there can be other contributory factors, but for the moment I am concentrating on causes that are under your immediate control.


What is so important is that when you have spiritual aspirations to raise yourself up, it must be accompanied by self-control. It extends even further as the ego has to be addressed, as it is often the instigator of reactions that are not of the highest order. There comes a time when you realise that you are responsible for all of your thoughts and actions. You will come to realise that you have programmed your ego, to respond to the mind-set that you believe is the real you. Consequently you lose sight of the fact that you can change it at any time, if you have the will to do so. You and your ego should become as one, working to the highest principals you know.


Ego is the holder of your pride and measure of self-importance, but it must be tempered with caution that you do not place yourself above others. As your spiritual understanding grows, you will realise that you must be humble and accept each persons right to their own place in society. Not only that but also understand that it takes a multitude of people, each providing what is necessary for the evolution of your mass consciousness. At present you are just beginning to establish a new level, and the awakening is leading people to the truth of their existence. More importantly it is also revealing their purpose for being on Earth.


The old paradigm is no longer suitable for souls that are finding a need for enlightenment. There is a great movement of Lighted ones that are linking in a common purpose to bring peace and truth to the Earth, and it is resulting in the divide that will continue growing as it lifts you into the Ascension process. Eventually there will be two groups working along side each other, but moving in opposite directions. One will ascend, whilst the other one will move into another place prepared so that they may continue their present level of evolution. Their new cycle will be the continuation of their chosen experiences in the lower dimensions, much like those on the Earth at present.


The end times are to be the crowning glory for those who have made Ascension their goal. The pathway has been opening up so that its coming is known, and many messengers have come to Earth to make people aware. It sometimes leads to confusion, as there can be different expressions of the manner in which it is to be achieved. However, the details should not deter you, as it is the goal that is all-important and Ascension will take place regardless. Nothing can prevent it from lifting you up into the higher vibrations, as firstly you will have prepared yourselves for it, and secondly you have planned it as your final experience as you leave duality.


As an ascended Being you will enter the realms that hitherto were not accessible to you. Your higher vibrations will only allow you to ascend as far as the level that resonates with them. That may sound as a restriction but in fact you are entering the Light realms, and you will find that they stretch out into Infinity. There will always be that urge to move ever forward, and you will gradually find yourself in even more refined realms. In your present cycle that urge is responsible for your quest for the truth. It has hitherto been concealed from you, because being in the lower vibrations has restricted your consciousness. Your Light cannot however be extinguished, and has come to the surface as you have risen out of the Dark Ages.


Now the Light is in the ascendancy and is linking enlightened souls together. As a powerful force of Light and Love you are transmuting the dark energies, and they are breaking up and their hold on you is being released. There may be darkness still around you, but it cannot touch you any longer unless you allow it. Providing you take responsibility for your own creations, you can clear any old karma quite quickly and it has never been easier than at this time. Intent is the word, and carefully note the experiences you have, as therein is the message for you. Dispatch those wayward thoughts that come into your mind, do it with love and tell your ego that they no longer serve your higher purpose. You and your ego must work in harmony together, until you are able to dispense with its services and become One with All That Is.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and we continue to cover the subject of your Ascension, because that is the ultimate aim of everything we are doing for you. We are your Guardians, and First Contact is to provide massive help in matters that you could not otherwise handle. All must be made ready for Ascension, and the divine plan is in its final stages waiting our open contact with you. The Earth must be restored in a way that is respectful to that great entity called Mother Gaia, who like a mother to her children has sacrificed much at your hands. That has been her loving approach ever since you first stepped foot upon her surface. Now it is time to honour that great Being and return the love she has shown you. You are immutably linked with all forms of life, and it is the energy of Love that holds it all together. Be of the Light that brings love into everything you do and touch with your thoughts.   


Thank you Ag-agria.

 Mike Quinsey.