Atmos  02-July-2008


You are anxiously awaiting the culmination of numerous events, which you have been made aware of for quite some years. We refer to the messages that have come from us and other sources, that serve the contacts made by various off-world Beings. Ones who have an interest in these special times, and your advancement from duality onto Ascension. All through your history you have been visited, but it has not been until recent times that you have understood our relationship to you. We are not casual visitors who call on you out of scientific interest, and neither have we exploited your planetary wealth. It has however happened in the past, where certain minerals have been essential to the needs of some civilisations. Generally speaking no one planet has the complete table of minerals but some are more rare than others.


Our interest has always been in your spiritual progress, and guiding you to the final stage of this cycle. We have followed you along your pathway through centuries of development, as you have climbed out of the spiritual darkness into the Light. Where permitted we have been able to impress you with ideas that have speeded up your evolution. All is carefully planned even down to which souls should incarnate and bring with them knowledge and wisdom to advance your understanding. The explosion of knowledge over the last few centuries has seen you experience the Industrial Revolution, and firmly move into the scientific era. It now has to be tempered by a similar spiritual leap forward, so that both can be brought together.


Man has become too material and bold in his scientific analysis, ignoring the basic concept that all life is connected and divine. God has often been left out of their reasoning, and that omission has held up their progress. The immediate future holds the promise that both will come together, and then you shall see a quantum leap occur. One cannot move into the New Age and all of its marvels and technologies, without the other. Our coming under the banner of the Galactic Federation will help bring that amalgamation about, as we can supply the missing links that are needed. Already the search for spiritual understanding has become more of an individual quest, and you are encouraged to seek for yourself. You have the knowledge within you, and the truth will resonate in such a way that you will know what to accept.


Spiritual evolution is normally progressive over a slow period, through which your experiences teach you by example. Now the whole process is speeding up, and as you receive more Light into yourself so you are able to expand your consciousness. The result is that in so doing you become more spiritually aware. Try to put aside any beliefs that have moulded your early days, as it has been the practise to teach you theological doctrines when you have been at your most impressionable. It is when you become insulated against all other views that your options become stifled. Be open to new ideas, but always come back to an understanding that fulfils your needs. Remember to walk before you can run, and know for sure that once you find the truth it will be a foundation that you can build upon. Suddenly you will awaken to even greater truths, and there will be no stopping your rapid progress.


Deep within your subconsciousness you carry so much experience with you, and it stays there until further ones bring it back to the surface. Then you can assimilate all knowledge and know your truth. There are variations of it because no two of you have exactly followed the same path. However, you will be sufficiently close to other versions to know that you have the correct spiritual understanding. With the coming of First Contact it will grow even faster, as the Masters and we will broadcast to the world so that all may hear our message. We are your mentors and bringers of the Truth, whilst at the same time we shall perform our duties to God, and fulfil the divine decrees that will ensure your successful Ascension. We see you as our equals, and will conduct ourselves so as to create happy and harmonious conditions.


We can have fun and laugh with you, as in no way are we pious or pretentious. We are not however drawn to the lower vibrations, and you will not find us with the coarseness that often accompanies your humour. This is just a simple fact and our comments bear no judgement of you, except that you should be aware that we are very evolved Beings at present on a different level to you. We are pleased to tell you that in a short period of time, your advancement will be so fast that you too shall reach the same levels. You are Beings of Light, and your vibration of love will not allow you to fall back into the lower ones, and you will purify the whole essence of your being in readiness for Ascension. Have no fear about the challenge you face, it only sounds daunting because you do not yet have total freedom of expression.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and we know there is so much you want to do, that is stifled by your need to work a considerable number of hours just to exist. You are slaves to a monetary system that is manipulated and used to keep you in the chains of need, so that you cannot become independent of it. That will change with the release of the abundance program and the re-distribution of wealth. Then you shall have ample time to follow your own pursuits, and release talents that have lain dormant for a long time. We remind you that you are sovereign Beings, and happiness and fulfilment should be your natural state all of the time. You have really forgotten what it is like to be free as a bird, but the cage of darkness cannot contain you any longer. You are breaking out and will soar into the skies where you shall meet us, and we shall unite with our own.


The Creator is Mighty and All Powerful, and represents all that is Love and it is shared with all life. Such a concept may be beyond your present understanding, but that simply reflects the dark period from which you are just emerging. Your Universe is well advanced in its preparations to ascend, and Earth will be the last planet to take up its place in readiness. Your future does not lie on the Earth as you know it but in the stars, and we of the Galactic Federation will be there to welcome you. As we have told you before, we are your future selves. The vastness of Space and the different realms will be yours to explore, as ambassadors of Love and Light.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey