St. Germain  30-July-2007


There was an illustrious time during part of the Atlantean period, when their consciousness was highly evolved. It enabled us to take our place amongst them, as the spiritual leaders of Man. As events ebbed and flowed so there also came another time, when the dark became all-powerful. It eventually led to the demise of that great civilisation, which sunk almost without trace.


Dear Ones, it will not be too long before we will be amongst you once more.  As before, we shall join you when a higher level of consciousness has been reached, and appropriately that will herald the last part of your journey home. There will be a subtle difference because we will come to lead you to the Promised Land, that heavenly abode in the higher realms. Although we come to show the way it will be as equals, and we will awaken those memories that lie deep within you that shall reveal the truth of your Higher Self.


Many shall come to Earth and greet you as the Masterís address their pupils. You are to us as beloved children are to their parents, and we guide and nurture you as we have done since your descent into duality. You have outgrown the kindergarten, and are now as youngsters finding their feet. Like all parents we have let you make mistakes as part of your experience, but now you have come of age and ready to take full responsibility for your life. Your graduation is by way of Ascension, and we will help all of you to prepare for this great opportunity.


We know precisely what you are capable of, and our confidence is based upon your proven ability to stand up to the efforts of the dark to deflect you from your path of Light. You are connecting with your Higher Self, and your consciousness is rising up so that you are quickly becoming One. With this advancement you are able to live in serenity and peace, already having passed through those trials and tribulations that have enabled you to become a Being of Light.


Speaking for the Masters, I will say that our task is being made much easier by your wonderful advancements that are bringing the Light to the Earth. The steadfast Lightworkers are acting on behalf of every soul who is incarnate at this time. Each one has the same opportunities to turn to the Light, and it is a freewill choice that must be made before the end of this cycle. We come as the Bringers of Truth, so that the distortions of it and false gods may be revealed. There is little time left to stand by and allow the dark to continue to confuse and misguide you. It is important that the Truth be revealed, as nothing but the absolute Truth can be taken into the higher dimensions. We for our part will be with you to ensure that your awareness is fully opened.


In truth it is not that we ever left you, as we have always been by your side. It is just that you have been so blinded by the veil drawn over your eyes; you have failed to see what has been in front of you. The Light has been ever present and although diminished, it has kept the flame of Truth alive. Now it is time for that flame to erupt into an awe inspiring show of Light, one that signals your readiness to tread the ladder of success to Ascension. No one but you can achieve it except by personal growth, and we come to give guidance and strength, and confirm that is ordained for this Universe by the Supreme Creator.


You worry and fret but try to remember that the outcome of this cycle is pre-ordained, and it will end in Ascension regardless of any attempts by others to prove otherwise. The variable that affects its progress is down to you, and depends on how quickly you can reach critical mass that will create the conditions for a quantum leap forward. We judge that Man is now awakening much faster than at anytime previously, and is on the verge of creating a great surge forward of Light. Changes will then inevitably happen and will see the start of the new Order of Light. It shall take command and lead the people out of the bonds that have held them in the darkness for eons of time.


Through your history, all of the spiritual teachers have come to give teachings that promote love for one another. However it has taken a long time to overcome the ego, that has been created by putting Self interests first. The lesson of Universal Love has not been readily accepted. It has not meant that you must not care or love Self, as self-appreciation is essential to the understanding of Self. Have we not taught that you must be able to first love Self before you can love others, as Self-esteem and belief in your abilities are an important part of your growth. Understand that you are all Gods in the making, and find that part within you that connects with the essence of the Creator, and you will find your potential for All That Is.


With your Light becoming so much stronger we can draw closer to you than ever before, and at times you will be aware of our presence. Call upon us and listen for our reply, and if you have asked for healing take the time to receive it. We are ever serious about our service to you, but often our help or advice is ignored. Call anyone by name from the higher realms, and know that your prayers are received and will be answered in the course of time. The importance of your intuitive skills have been emphasised many times, and they should be developed as part of your growth towards your Higher Self.


I am St. Germain and leading the drive to establish Light upon Earth, and ask you to remember Mother Earthís part in your souls evolution. She has provided for you, and suffered the violation of her body as Man has failed to understand her place in your lives. By creating imbalances they have brought about the possibility of major Earth changes, but these are held back to allow you time to rectify your mistakes. Mother Earth is patient, but also has to prepare for Ascension and time is fast running out. Think of her in your prayers, showing gratitude for what she has done for Mankind. Better still bring the Light to Earth and ground it for her benefit.


There are great events lined up to happen very soon, and many different souls will take part in the upliftment of Earth. They will arrive with much Love in their hearts for every soul, and a new era of Light will commence. 


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.