SaLuSa  27-July-2007


Dear Ones, what a year this is proving to be, and as you can see the battle between the dark and light is reaching its conclusion. It is the belief in your power of thought that has turned the odds against the dark. The peace you seek may seem elusive, but you have created the positive energies that will ensure its manifestation. By your estimation time continues to pass quicker than ever, and part of your changes are those in respect of linear time. It no longer goes in a straight line, and many of you are having odd experiences as a result. What you feel as forgetfulness is often the result of your detachment from normal time. You are beginning to live in the Now and it is leaving the old measure of time behind.


Yet, for your benefit there is the year of 2012 that is predicted as the end of the cycle. This allows you to set your sights on the end-time and you can gauge how much time you have left. Inasmuch as everything is fluid and forever changing, you may wonder how such a positive date can be set. It is more a matter of how the Lords of Time can bring the changes in to coincide with your upliftment. In other words the events taking place are fitted into the time scale created. However, it is possible for you to shorten the time taken to open up the path to Ascension, through a great leap forward in your mass consciousness into the Light. It is certainly growing extremely fast, and is a sure sign that you will achieve the goal of transforming yourselves and the Earth.


Supporting your efforts are great Beings that have the future of mankind in their hands. They determine how much help can be given, and it is measured according to your intent to overcome the dark and place yourselves on the upward path of Light. It is all about the Laws of Attraction, and your progress acts as a signal to them that you are ready to absorb more of the higher energies. They are directed to the Earth from many sources, and the most powerful come from the Central Sun. They bathe your Universe with uplifting energy, and it is finally directed to you through the sun of your solar system. It is all carefully measured to a level that is going to lift you up without overpowering you.


In your position on Earth, everything that happens may seem to be of a random nature but it is far from the truth. Your evolution and that of all life forms on and off your world, are carefully and lovingly planned to the minutest detail. Your input is minor compared to the overall plan that determines the changes that affect the whole Universe. Yet, it is so vital where your personal experiences are concerned. Within all that happens is your own contribution through the application of your freewill.


Your hearts and mind are opening to the wonders that exist around you. The panoply of life that fills all space, and the myriad of dimensions that go on into Infinity. There are many great spiritual brotherhoods that serve the Supreme Creator, and mighty Beings of Light that to you would appear as Gods. Words are inadequate to describe the wonders of the realms of Light, and beauty and colour of the likes that you have not seen. More impressive and sometimes overwhelming are the fine energies that you will encounter, leaving you feeling ecstatic and totally at peace. Deep down you have memories of such experiences, and it is only natural that they draw you back. These levels are your true home, and know that the Creator has not condemned you to live in duality forever. All of your travels constitute wonderful experiences that you have chosen, and when they are completed you naturally move on.


Knowing what changes are ahead of you, should remove any doubts you may have had about your future. Ultimately you can only move upwards and onwards through the realms of Light, and Ascension is the first step out of duality. It will come and that is certain, as it is a natural progression from the lower vibrations that cannot indefinitely hold up your evolution. Many are now of a mindset that ensures their release from duality, and once you have made that choice it must be fulfilled. Even for those who are unable to find their path out of duality, many helping hands do their best to assist them. However the key word is “freewill” and it has to be honoured at all times. Duality was not forced upon you, but accepted as a challenge knowing that there would come a time for your release. That time has now arrived, and you attract much attention and help as a consequence.


We of the Galactic Federation are extremely large, and act as special envoys to planets that are evolving and need a helping hand. We can call upon the experience of all of our members, and in your case those more directly associated with you are closely linked to your evolution. I am SaLuSa just one of a number of Sirian's that come to you, and have followed your progress for eons of time. You are more like us because we have had a hand in directing growth of consciousness and your physical body, enabling you to evolve much quicker than you would otherwise have done.


When you finally come to meet us and that occasion is not far away, it will be a most natural coming together of like souls. We are linked inextricably through the original blueprint that we share, and what we have done in the past is to restore your DNA so that you are now prepared for the final upliftment. You will not be whole until it finally comes, but when it does you will once again become great and magnificent Angels of Light and Love. Some of you feel that it will restrict you and take away your freewill options. This is far from the truth, as you will have the freedom of the Cosmos.


There will be endless adventures to thrill you, and life found in abundance. You are breaking out of restrictions necessarily imposed upon you whilst upon Earth, which in some ways has been your playschool. Soon you will accept a higher status that will allow you to return to your previous greatness. We are here to ensure that all works our as planned, and So Be It.


Our promises to you are not taken lightly, and we serve you as in time you will serve others. We are One in the experience of everlasting life, and we shall come together once more as Brothers and Sisters in Light and Love.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.