Ker-On  25-July- 2007


We can register all of your emotions, and understandably there is an amount of despair concerning the time taken for the changes to come in. We re-assure you each time that all is well, but from your perspective it would often not seem to be so. The dark dominate your media, and their object is to continually create the conditions that keep you focussing or thinking about negative conditions. That in turn creates fear, and as you know by now they feed off such energies.


What you cannot see is that all of the time there is a balancing of the energies, that ensures the dark cannot succeed with their plans. In fact, they are forced to come into the open by taking more risks, and their purpose is there to see. No more can they hide their intentions, or indeed do they care who knows. Their only objective is global control and they use whatever means necessary to achieve those aims. People power has its limitations in the face of the dictatorial attitude of your leaders. However, it is answered by us quite legitimately, as we of the Galactic Federation have been given the task of protecting you by the Spiritual Brotherhood.


Our response ensures that you may be tested by the ploys of the dark, but at no time will you need to concede your right to them to determine your own future. That choice is yours alone, and many are seeing through the contrived situations that have brought about an oppressive regime. By standing your ground you are creating a wall of Light around you, and it links in with similar energies thus forming an impenetrable barrier to the lower vibrations. If you can hold fast within such protection, you can safely walk your path. On the larger scale some occurrences are meant to overwhelm you with their ferocity, but we are allowed to intervene and have done so on many occasions.


The great drama upon Earth which you have all had a hand in, must be played out but we can lessen its effect. We have permission to bring a halt to the ambitions of the dark to destroy everything in their path. If that sounds too strong, be assured that the negative energies have been accumulating for eons of time. It is now that they must come out in full force so that they may be cleared. This is where the Lightworkers have excelled by negating such energies for once and for all time. The end of the cycle allows for a special dispensation to keep the path of Light open, and it will ensure that adverse action from any quarter will be overcome.


Present wars are very much the outworking of Karma, and they illustrate just how much negativity is in need of clearing. Understand that the souls directly involved in such confrontations, are the very ones who have brought those energies about. There is no judgement upon them, simply an opportunity to experience their creations through which they will have learnt a valuable lesson. Even those on the outside as observers are involved to the degree that they can either prolong the issue, or bring Light to bear upon it and diminish its power and break the cycle of repetition. Your series of lives are arranged so that you have to face up to your creations. This is ongoing until at last you have no further need of such experiences.

A great achievement for Mankind is the recognition of each souls right to determine their future. However, the dark have no such understanding, and set out to use draconian measures to exert their will upon you. They carry the seed memory from eons of time ago, and are still under the influence of the reptilian masters who stand for conquest. However, they have more than met their match through the Galactic Federation, and the activities of the Ashtar Command who stand in the Light.


You are playing out the last stages of the illusion of separateness, and you are withdrawing from the hologram that has held you in its power. The realisation that you have been living an illusion is the first step to accepting that it represents your creations and not those of the Creator. Anything less than perfection has no place in the Source of All That Is. You are therefore transmuting your creations and re-creating them in a higher expression. This is leading you onwards to the Golden Age of glory and wondrous beauty.


Spend no time worrying about what is happening around you. It cannot last much longer and soon the changes will get under way. They will be marked by the removal of those that stand between you and the return of your sovereignty. Those who refuse to recognise your rights, and the sanctity of life. Death and destruction are the tools of the dark forces, and they have led Man for too long. It is time for a change of direction that leaves the old ways behind.


Now the concentration can be on your individual future, without the interference of those who fail to recognise there own light within. Many cycles have ended in destruction, and there are many for which no records exist on Earth. However, they still exist in the Higher Realms for Manís future enlightenment. When you rise up so much will open up for you, and then you will at last understand your real place in the Cosmos.


Keep the promise of the future in mind when the pressures upon Earth overcome you. Find your strength in knowing that even now your new Earth exists in the minds of those Higher Beings who have created it. It is manifesting now and nothing can stop you taking your place upon it. It is your divine destiny and will close this cycle with a grand upliftment that has no equal.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and bring much love and encouragement for those who tire. Look ahead at all times, and let everything else become a distant memory as the Light is unveiled. It is only the Light and Love that can accompany you into Higher Realms, and all else will remain in the Human Matrix for those who still desire such experience. The battle is won and victory is yours, and it only remains for you to claim the victorís cup that overflows with love.   


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.