Ag-agria  23-July-2007


The fact that changes are taking place can hardly have gone unnoticed. However it depends on your understanding of their significance as to what difference it makes in your life. Some simply accept events occurring around them as beyond their control, and feel little if any power over them. Others, who have recognised their power within, have directed their thoughts and actions into a focus that achieves their desires. These are not necessarily based on spiritual concepts, although many now see a path ahead of them.


The question that we find that comes up so often is one where you express uncertainty, as to your correct interpretation of events that are taking place. You wonder whether you are going about your spiritual development in the correct way. Most pressing, you want to know how you can tell if you are progressing and firmly placed on a path to your goal. These worries come up time and time again, and you often feel that progress is too slow.


After millennia of time moving around in the comparative darkness, you have seen the Light and suddenly a path has opened up for you. You want to rush along it, but it does not seem to respond and then the doubts creep in. Dear Ones, you cannot rush your spiritual development, and another souls path is not necessarily going to suit you. Whatever crosses your path should be measured in terms of how much you feel drawn to it, because intuitively you will know if it is meant for you. Follow its prompting and listen to your Higher Self, and you will rarely go wrong. What happens is that you already know the answers to your questions, but sometimes you ignore them and follow the advice of another person. They do not know the next step that will aid your evolution, but will use the benefit of their experience to guide you. It is a well meant act, but you must ultimately be true to your own inner guidance.


If you follow your intuition your path will open up before you, but be patient and realise that it takes time to penetrate the labyrinth of teachings you have stored in your sub-consciousness. You will have tried many paths often at the instruction and guidance of your peers, and it is likely that religious development was imposed upon you without choice. What it has done is to give you a background of experience that is now your measure of anything new that offers another path. The biggest change in recent times is in taking responsibility for your own evolution. If you find group work assists your ambitions by all means join in with others. However, do not feel bound by any edicts that require of you that you give away your freedom of choice.


The question still remains, as to how you know if you are progressing satisfactorily, and it brings about the doubts that often plague your thoughts. Put simply, if you are enjoying life and feel fulfilled then you are certainly following your hearts desires. It is a paradox that even when you are going through a trying period, you can still accept it when you understand its significance in your life. You find a purpose behind your experiences that gives you direction, and a goal to aim for and you know it is a necessary part of your evolution.


Achieving higher levels of spiritual advancement comes with recognition of the Creator’s Love that flows through you. The never-ending energy that permeates all that is, and without which nothing would not exist. Once you take a vow to express that love in all you do, you have placed yourself upon the path to the higher realms. From thereon life will become easier, as you forego the more human negative traits prompted by the ego. Instead, Self seeks to become one with all else in the Oneness that is God. You recognise that all is connected by the supreme energy that holds all together. You are One, and in recognition of this fact you see all others as part of you. Hence you will understand that what you do to one, you do to all others.


Your mass consciousness is the expression of Humanity, and it directs your evolutionary path. However, you can point it in another direction by your own thoughts and actions.  As more of you become enlightened, so it changes and attracts like energies to it. It grows and becomes a powerful energy that being of Light transmutes the dark energies. In finding your individual path to the Light you are also helping others to do likewise. By example you become the Wayshowers without imposing yourself on them.


Getting to that point where you can be positive that you have grown requires dedication to your chosen path. The old ways will die hard, but you will soon acknowledge how much more peaceful your life has become. Living in the Light is a way of life, and very much shown to you by the many spiritual leaders of your history. They led simple lives but ones that were fulfilling through their dedication and love of others. You cannot become like them overnight, but they can be looked upon as your role models.


No one else can really judge how you are doing and as I have told you already, the answers lie within. However, there is no time laid down for your advancement as every soul is unique, and you will have already made your plans to further your evolution. If you feel the desire to walk the path of Ascension, then it will most certainly be because you made that decision prior to coming into your present incarnation. Follow the prompting of your inner guidance at all times, and it will keep you on the path of your choice.


Remember there is not one soul that walks alone, and even if they have denied God they still have higher guidance.  Life is lonely for some of you, but in your moments of despair turn inwards and ask for the help you seek. It may not always come in the way you expect or as quickly as you wish, but your prayers will be answered. Allow time for a response, as some experiences are meant for your evolution and have to be fully played out.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, with the Galactic Federation who are soon to help you overcome the many problems that assail you and Mother Earth. We have travelled the path ahead of you, and assure you it is one of great happiness and joy. You will find your true selves again in the dimensions of wonderful vibrations of Love and Light, which permeate All That Is.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.