Atmos  20-July-2007


The upliftment following “Fire the Grid” is being carried forward, and it is a milestone in your efforts to bring a new reality to Earth. Your general awakening proceeds at a pace that is consistent with the levels required, to bring that elusive peace that so many now seek. It is coming and will break upon the scene without any difficulty, as it will fulfil the yearning desires of a world that has tired of continual wars and confrontation.


The place of Lightworkers is to continue bringing the Light to Earth, and thus maintain a balance that does not allow the dark to extend their control upon it. Indeed, with the awakening that gathers speed, the Light has brought doubt amongst some of those who have unquestionably supported them. They are beginning to see the broader picture, and that the future of the Human Race is dependent upon the vision held in the mass consciousness. The ravages of war and the curtailment of your freedom, has brought out the realisation that your leaders do not any longer reflect the desires of the majority of the people.


The dark are clever at getting your attention, and take away your focus upon the new path for Man. The Light as ever comes into being without hardly being noticed, and continues it’s cleansing and revealing of the truth. It is vital that you are open to new ideas as the answers to your problems are all around you. The first step is the coming together of people with like minds, and often the smaller groups can achieve a lot more than the larger ones. They can carry out their work relatively unnoticed, and as the links between them grow so their power to bring changes becomes more potent.


We never tire of telling you that all proceeds well, but do understand your frustration while you wait for some tangible signs that the changes are about to manifest. The fact is that everything is set for the final showdown, and it is vital that it occurs in such a way so as to satisfy those people who are not so well informed. At first the removal of the Bush administration will cause widespread shock and disbelief, and a degree of fear as to what will take its place. This is why we have plans that will take care of the need to enlighten people as soon as possible. Fortunately, on Earth communications are now worldwide and instantaneous and it presents no problems at all. By using our own technology along with yours, we shall present a clear and precise report as to what has occurred. More importantly we will take time to fully explain why we are here, and how we shall work together in the interests of all people to bring worldwide peace.


Your needs are many, and the first requirements are to create an environment that is healthy. Secondly, to ensure everyone has their most basic needs covered to overcome the lack of adequate housing, and the comforts that should go with it such as food and water. In a world of plenty there is sufficient to provide everyone with what they need to exist. We shall go further and bring you up to a higher standard beyond what most people presently enjoy. No task connected with this plan will take very long, and we know that once you are happy and contented we can proceed with your spiritual well being.


There is much in your beliefs that is holding you back, and causing friction between the different groups. This relates to your personal understanding as to the purpose of life, and equally important the history of the Earth and your place in it. You do not have any responsibility for not having realised how the truth has been manipulated in the past. It has been deliberately falsified to keep you under the power of those who have served themselves, by preventing you from finding the truth. It is your sovereignty that has been taken from you, and with it your loss of freedom. You are now sufficiently intelligent to see through the intentions of those who historically have suppressed the truth for their own gain. Not only that, they have implanted their teachings deep into your sub-consciousness, so that they would seem to be your own beliefs.


You can see that your awakening is not just of a spiritual nature, although that is most important to you. Without knowing your true past, it takes away a link with your journey through time when you were Higher Beings of the Light. Your existence is not by chance or some natural progression from a single cell. You originally came through the dimensions from the levels of pure Light as a fully evolved Being, spending your initial time in the etheric realms of Earth. It was your choice to move into the lower vibrations and experience physicality, and you were given the freedom to create your own path. At the point when you became completely absorbed by them, you attracted the attention of lesser Beings whose influence you have been under ever since.


You may ask why you were allowed to be misled, but that is because of the Law of Attraction and it is immutable. The same Law now allows for Higher Beings to come into your dimension, as you have lifted yourselves out of the lower vibrations sufficiently to complete this cycle. It is no wonder that we totally admire what you have achieved, without knowing the truth about yourselves and your Oneness with All That Is. That is now changing as you become more receptive to the truth, and have broken out of a belief system that held you captive.


It is a wonderful time in your evolution, and as you have lifted up you have grasped your ability to determine your own future. You have found your power through recognising the love within; the energy that is Light and the creative force of the Universe. All truth is within, and when you can quieten the mind and link with your Higher Self you are becoming whole once again. You are returning from whence you came eons of time ago, and your days in duality are numbered so that this cycle can be completed according to Divine Decree.


I am Atmos and from Sirius, and ask that you let no one distract you from reaching your goal, it is your destiny and we of the Galactic Federation are soon to arrive amongst you to fulfil our role in helping you do so. You may not always be aware of the immense love that is accompanying you on your journey, but be assured it is there for your upliftment. Let us all become One in Love and Light, and our joy and happiness will have no limitations.  


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.